Trump and The Republican National Committee Colluded? I Think So.

Beloved, this article reveals the possible collusion of not just Donald Trump and Putin, but the entire Republican National Committee and Putin’s Russia. I broadcast a few days ago a revelation The Lord Jesus gave me about 24 House Republicans who are “Trumps” meaning they got elected in collusion or with help from Russia. I find this article consistent with everything Christ has been saying to me.

Why would the RNC collude with Russia. There can be only one possible explanation, Demographics and White Supremacy. The Republicans have not won a popular vote for president in 6 of the last 7 presidential elections. That means there are more Democrats than Republicans nationally. It means, the Democrats if left unchecked would dominate the Federal government for the foreseeable future. That means non whites will have great power to advance their agenda, some of which I object to myself. It means white power may be a thing of the past.

Beloved, consider this also, there are 34 Republican governors and about as many Republican led State legislatures. Yet there are more Democrats than Republicans in America today as is witnessed by presidential popular votes. How could there be so many Republican governors and Republican led State legislatures when the nation’s demographic is predominantly Democrat. Something is fishy.


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Mary McCord, the lead Department of Justice Attorney responsible for investigating Trump’s Collusion with Vladimir Putin and Russia to get himself elected in 2016, is leaving her post for an unexplained reason.

This begs the question, is the Trump administration which includes Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions attempting to obstruct justice in the investigation of Trump’s collusion with Putin?   If so, it’s not the first time Trump has done whatever he could to stop this inquiry.  You recall his denial of the entire Russian hacking scandal.  You recall he denied he and his campaign/transition team had anything to do with Russia.  You recall his deflection toward Obama wiretapping him.  You recall Devin Nunes nervous breakdown as he tried to rescue his beloved illegitimate president from the House Intelligence Committees Probe into Trump’s Collusion with Putin.

Also, Trump promised to have “his people” study and write a report on the Russian hacking scandal within 90 days of his inappropriate inauguration.  Apparently and reportedly that study/report has not been started.

The LORD Jesus Christ said to me Trump did collude with Putin to get elected.  They were not confident it would works so the backup plan was to undermine the integrity of America’s electoral process by claiming election fraud (3 to 5 million illegal voters).  Trump won and then claimed election fraud anyway by saying Hillary Clinton won the popular vote because of 3 to 5 million illegal votes.

One thing is for sure, Trump’s base of support is very small as his inauguration crowd proved.  The Republicans don’t really like him and the Democrats loathe him.  He is America’s first illegitimate President and a Russian operative.

My critique would not be complete today without offering a solution.  Stoke the fire of public outrage and then REPEAL and REPLACE the entire Trump Administration for Election Fraud!!!!!!!!!  Impeachment is inappropriate for a man who colluded with Russian Active Measures and the Leader of an Adversarial Foreign Power, one Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, to get elected.  This amounts to HIGH CRIMES and MISDEMEANORS.  It’s TREASON!

An unprecedented change of plans is coming to America as a result of Trump’s collusion with Putin. Hillary Rodham Clinton has pure grace to be the President of the United States!

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Donald Trump is hoping success in limited scale war in Syria or full scale war in North Korea will bring favor to his presidency.  Trump is hoping to distract America from the more serious concern of collusion with Russia in the election of 2016.  Nevertheless, not even victory in war will deliver Trump from the criminal charge of collusion with the Russians.  Vietnam did not save Nixon, and North Korea, Iraq and Syria will not save Trump.  The FBI doesn’t overlook criminal activity.

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The Lord said the following to me in December 2016, “Communist cell.” I am not absolutely sure what He is referring to but I believe the Trump Administration may be a communist cell in the White House of America. Trump is contemptuous of America, our institutions, people and way of life. There can be no doubt about this. Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin in the election of 2016 according to The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. Trump is the enemy in the White House. Pray and say it.

Proverbs 12:3 KJV A man (TRUMP) shall not be established by wickedness: but the root of the righteous shall not be moved.

The Lord Jesus Christ reaffirmed Trump colluded with Putin to get himself elected. Astonishing for you and me. King Jesus Christ will deliver America from this puppet of Russia.

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