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THE ORIGINAL! Thus Says The Lord Jesus Christ, “Trump Will Resign!”

Beloved America, in the game of chess, when you are placed in checkmate, you have no other choice but to RESIGN. Thus Says The Lord Jesus Christ, “Trump Will Resign.” When, you might ask? When it’s checkmate. How do we get to checkmate? Only Christ knows. If I knew, I would probably tell the world. Obviously the Lord is going to do something great to save America and the world from Trump’s Nazis Party.

In the meantime, The Pentagon’s global covert eugenics program has been exposed by revelation from the Lord Jesus. The program began around 1910 or so to solve America‚Äôs pesky Negro problem. The program includes gene editing, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, food aid, illegal drugs, alcohol, civil war, mass incarceration, gang warfare, organized crime, benign neglect, etc, etc.

Also, The Lord has revealed that White Supremacy is the Fourth Beast of Daniel chapter 7 and the first Beast of Revelations chapter 13. The second Beast of Revelations chapter 13 is Darwinism, Evolution and Eugenics. The second Beast causes everyone to worship the first Beast. HUA.

Pray and Believe in King Jesus Christ, The Saviour of the world.


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