THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s BIG RUSSIAN DEAL To Be Revealed! There Is Collusion says King Jesus. (First Posted on July 24, 2017!)

Could the proposed yet failed massive Trump Tower in Moscow City be a means to END TRUMP’S FAILED PRESIDENCY? Lock him up!


THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s Organized Crime & Money Laundering Ties Begin to Leak Out! Also War w/ Russia!

Apparently the FBI has known about Donald Trump’s organized crime and Russian ties for years.  The FBI is conducting a sting operation against Trump and his associates for colluding with Russia to get elected.  Trump’s Administration is going to have to be repealed and replaced.

THE ORIGINAL! Reported Link Between Trump & Putin Through NY Jewish Chabad!

Based on this article, Trump is connected to Putin directly through the world of Jewish Chabad. Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Kushner are combined too. In the early days of organized crime in America, there was a crime family in Detroit that went by the name of “The Purple Gang.” The Purple Gang reportedly killed each other off, but they really combined with the Italian Mafia in Detroit and are now a part of The Detroit Partnership or Detroit Crime Family headed reportedly by Don “Whackie Jackie The Kid” Giacolone. One of their street bosses is a man named Peter “Specs” Tocco. Peter Tocco may be responsible for “Peter’s Anomaly” in Michigan during the 2016 Election. In Michigan, 75,000 ballots did not register a vote for President on November 8, 2016. Donald Trump won Michigan by about 11,000 making the 75,000 ballots significant.

The bottom line is, The LORD Jesus told little ol’ me that Trump colluded with Putin to get elected in 2016!!!!! Case closed. Repeal and Replace Trump as soon as possible!

Read the POLITICO article below and view the following video:

THE ORIGINAL! The Illegitimate President of The United States of America is a Mob Associate!

How many reports of Trump’s mob ties do we need to get the point?  Let me help you with this issue.  King Jesus said, Donald Trump is a mob associate.   End of story.   Will we allow America to be lead by a mob associate?   I say no. Pray about it.  Prayer changes things.

THE DAILY BROADCAST! American Leftists have waged war on US Intelligence. Trump is one of them!

The Lord said the following to me in December 2016, “Communist cell.” I am not absolutely sure what He is referring to but I believe the Trump Administration may be a communist cell in the White House of America. Trump is contemptuous of America, our institutions, people and way of life. There can be no doubt about this. Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin in the election of 2016 according to The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. Trump is the enemy in the White House. Pray and say it.

Proverbs 12:3 KJV A man (TRUMP) shall not be established by wickedness: but the root of the righteous shall not be moved.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s DEEP THROAT is Coming, and is Jared Kushner America’s First Oligarch?

The Lord Jesus Christ has informed me He is going to push Donald Trump’s button in some way and fashion.  Jared Kushner may be on Christ’s List too.  Christ does have a LIST! You don’t want to be on Christ’s Judgment LIST.

THE ORIGINAL! The Lord Jesus Christ Confirms Trump Colluded with Putin to get Elected in 2016!

Donald John Trump made a covenant or agreement with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to work together to exalt Russia and undermine America and Europe by getting Trump elected.  Putin delivered on his end of the bargain using information warfare, propaganda and fake news.  Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager and confidant is a key player in this treasonous plot.  Trump and Manafort are worthy of DEATH for the crime of TREASON!

Trump has been delivering for Putin by undermining The State Department and The Intelligence Community as well as beginning the process of deconstructing the administrative state or American democracy.  King Jesus is not going to let Putin and Trump succeed.  Give King Jesus ALL THE GLORY for saving America from American traitors and our arch enemy Vladi boy.