“King Trump to outlaw inner racial marriage!”

“King Trump to outlaw inner racial marriage!” by Steve Ashford https://link.medium.com/zcDr6DvjmU


NYTimes: Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq

The Lord Jesus said Pat is a Russian Intelligence Agent. I am not certain The Lord is talking about acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan.

Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq https://nyti.ms/2E4t6JK

Watch “THE ORIGINAL! War-Russia-CIA. AMI-LIE.” on YouTube


Beloved, The Lord Jesus Christ said War, Russia and CIA. Later He said AMI Lie. What does He mean. I am not exactly sure. A few months ago, The Lord said world wide war and world wide worship is coming to the earth. Therefore I believe war means a shooting war. I can only speculate where the war will take place. Right now, US troops are in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and the US border with Mexico. Venezuela is a possibility along with Iran. Could America invade Mexico to stop the flow of immigrants to our country? A far fetched possibility.

Russia has about eighty thousand troops in Crimea stationed along the Ukrainian border. Therefore, Ukraine, Belarus and the Balkans are possible war targets.

I believe The Lord is saying double agent Gina Haspel, current Director of The CIA, and Putin’s Administration are colluding in some fashion on the coming war. Maybe America is trading Iran for South Korea and Japan at this time as I prophesied previously. Maybe America and Russia are trading Iran for Ukraine. May America and Russia are trading Ukraine for Venezuela. Maybe America and Russia are working on a US Civil War. We will have to wait and see what happens.

The AMI LIE is yet another mystery tonight. I believe it relates to American Media Inc. owned by Trump’s friend David Pecker. There are several possible lies that may be coming from AMI. THE most plausible lie would be related to Jeff Bezos. Other lies might deal with Pecker’s buying exclusive rights to scandalous Trump stories for the purpose of squashing those stories. We will have to wait and see what comes of these mysteries.

Stay tuned.


Please watch the video below.


“The Western World’s White (WWW) Boy Revolution Rolls On! Taking Back CONTROL Of The Globe.”

“The Western World’s White (WWW) Boy Revolution Rolls On! Taking Back CONTROL Of The Globe.” according to Steve! https://link.medium.com/vjgqEi458T

The Pending Arms Race May Simply Be Sino-phobia & US-Russian Collusion!

Beloved, my guess is the US Russian Alliance fears upstart China . China is far behind the US & Russia as far as nukes are concerned but they are emerging unrestrained by TREATY! Trump’s INF treaty withdrawal is probably in collusion with Putin!