From CNN: White nationalists celebrate midterms as a win

“This changed history. It cleared away any of the remaining fog of confusion about what exactly we are dealing with in this country,” Daily Stormer founder and publisher Andrew Anglin wrote. “This is a race war. Period.”

White nationalists celebrate midterms as a win


Trump, Macron agree on defense after “insulting” European army spat

The Donald is going to kick Macron in the butt and tongue kiss Putin while in France! Lol.

Category 5 Hurricane Michael Is The Wrath Of Christ Because Of Torture Of Prisoners Of War By Trump & Gina’s CIA And Immigration Policy Sins!

Beloved America, we can thank in part illegitimate President Trump and lying Gina Haspel, CIA Director, for Hurricane Florence and Michael. The Lord Jesus recently said Gina lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee when she said she would not use torture or intense interrogation technique if she were confirmed CIA Director. Gina lied says The Lord Jesus! She lied! The Lord Jesus has been saying for weeks, POW sin. He has been saying POW sinning. In laymens terms The Lord Jesus is saying someone is sinning against Prisoners Of War. Coupled with His Word which said Gina lied and you have a revelation. The CIA is torturing POWs somewhere on Christ’s green earth and Christ is watching the proceedings.

So what you might say to yourself. Terrorists are not worth worrying about right. But what does the Bible say. Love your enemies. Do good to those that hate you. Pray for those that despitefully abuse you. Bless those that curse you, bless and curse not.

You might say to yourself we will never get information from prisoners if we treat them like the Bible says. The CIA is trying to save lives using torture right. I suspect the CIA can get information from prisoners without torture.

The result of ignoring Christ’s commandments is, America may end up losing more lives than we save. Enter Hurricane Florence and Michael. Michael is the strongest Hurricane on record to hit the panhandle of Florida. It is a category five hurricane says The Lord Jesus. The eye of the storm hit near Panama City and Mexico Beach today.

The words Panama and Mexico are interesting when you consider our nation’s Latino immigration shame under Trump’s leadership. Latino immigrant kids are still in concentration camps with inadequate facilities in America today. Trump has forgotten how America welcomed his grandparents from Germany and Scotland back in the day.

The Bible says in Proverbs 14:34 “Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach or shame to any nation.” The Bible says in Psalms 9:17 “The Lord turns the wicked into hell and ALL the nations that forget about Him.” Will torture cost America more lives and property damage than it saves. Will Trump’s failed immigration policies cost America more than it’s worth? The answer is yes apparrently.

Sincerely yours,


Hurricane Michael Live Updates: Category 4 Storm Makes Landfall in Florida

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