ThinkProgress: The walls are closing in on Jared Kushner

ThinkProgress: The walls are closing in on Jared Kushner. 

Donald Trump has two weeks to go before we begin to Repeal and Replace him via federal court for criminal conspiracy to defraud a US Presidential election.  Congratulations Madam President.


THE ORIGINAL! The Russians Were Not Trying To Penetrate The Trump Campaign, They Were Communicating With Them Often In Various Ways!

Beloved, today’s Russian leaders grew up in the days of the Union Soviet Socialist Republics. The USSR government was founded based on communism. Communists believe in a planned economy. They plan everything. They are planners. They have a five year plan, a ten year plan, a twenty year plan, and a fifty year plan. As such, the Russian plan to interfere in the 2016 US Election was planned for some time. It was probably initiated in 2012 or so after President Obama won a second term, and the Congress passed the Magnitsky Act. The Magnitsky Act threatened the established oligarchical order in Putin’s Russia. Putin and his oligarchs are greedy men. They love money and they need to be able to hide their money outside of Russia.

Donald Trump is a key cog in the Russian plan to interfere in the 2016 election. Without Trump, Russia could not have sown as much chaos. Without Trump, Russian active measures would not have been amplified as much. Without Trump, Russia could not divide America as much. Without Trump, Russia would not have had a candidate who was willing to abuse Hillary Clinton as much. Without Trump, Russia may not have had as much influence with the RNC. Trump was perfect for the job. No accident in my view. I believe Trump’s criminal collusion with Putin was planned several years ago. Putin wanted chaos in America. He wanted to decapitate Clinton’s presidency. To his utter surprise and joy Trump won! It turns out Trump’s win will cause the fall of Putin and Trump.

We have about two more weeks of Trump/Pence and then Clinton! Pray for her safety. Congratulations Madam President!!!! I salute you. Christ requires a number of things of you. Obey Him. It’s hard to kick against the thorns.


Will Hope Hicks Be Able To Recollect As She Talks With Mueller’s Investigators? Lol. Keep Hope Alive!

I have a feeling 29 year old Hope Hicks may suffer an alarming set of memory lapses when she talks to Mueller’s investigators. While saying you don’t remember when you do remember is a lie, it may be hard to call it perjury unless you know that she remembers.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump Fantasizes About Being A Legitimate President In The Midst Of A Cascading Failure!

The Lord Jesus Christ said Trump colluded with Putin. It is coming out sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time. Stay tuned.


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