THE ORIGINAL! Have The Russians Given Billions of Dollars To The Republican Party? I Think So!

Beloved, reportedly a key person in Trump’s orbit made a contribution to the Republican National Committee. We learned this from Paul Manafort’s notes taken at Trump Jr’s meeting with Russian spies, a hacker and a money launderer. Aras Agalarov was a key player in the background of the Trump Jr meeting as was Yuri Chaika. Yet, Trump has many wealthy associates who may have contributed to the RNC in this instance.

The key player may have been an American, but King Jesus brought up Aras Agalarov before anyone knew his employee Ike Kaveladze attended Trump Jr’s meeting. If an American contributed to the RNC it would not be a crime. If a Russian billionaire contributed to the RNC we have a major scandal.

The Lord Jesus also brought up Analytics with reference to this meeting. I assume voter registration data analytics was involved in Trump Jr’s meet.

Beloved, I am concerned The Republican Party may have come off its’ hinges in a quest to take their country back after eight years of President Obama. I am concerned the Party resorted to the “by any means necessary” doctrine of Malcolm X. If the Republicans have consorted with Russia, as clearly some within their ranks have, and if they have accepted monetary support from Russia to help take America back, we have a monumental scandal with far reaching and long term impact. Our nation will be shaken to the core if my assertion here is proven to be true. Our Democracy will be damaged and our social fabric disturbed. My assertion in this article would explain a lot of queer Republican behavior recently.

If Republicans are in bed with Putin, they probably did it to retake the country politically and to reassert white hegemony over the nation at whatever cost. In my view many of them are not above it. We can see their callousness in their efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare. They have forgotten that King Jesus resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. Truthfully, White hegemony over America did not fail under President Obama.

Stay tuned and pray to King Jesus without ceasing. Ask Him to turn America back to Him.




WATCH the video and then read the following New York Times Article published today.

THE ORIGINAL! Did Aras Agalarov Make A Donation To The Republican National Committee In A Quid Pro Quo I Believe So!

Beloved, reportedly a key player in Trump’s orbit made a donation of some sort to the Republican National Committee during or after the Trump Jr meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya the Russian lawyer with Kremlin connections. Could that key player be Aras Agalarov, the Trump of Russia? Irakly Kaveladze represented Aras Agalarov at the meeting. Why was he there? He is reportedly a coordinator of money laundering for Agalarov and others in Russian. His presence may have been required to facilitate cash flows to Republican operatives or to the RNC. We know the RNC went soft on Russia with respect to Ukraine one week prior to the 2016 party convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Was this unexpected move by the RNC a quid pro quo? I hope Robert S. Mueller III is looking into it.

When the New York Times first broke the story of Trump Jr’s meeting with four Russian officials, The Lord Jesus said two things about the meeting at separate times, “Aras” and “Analytics.” The Lord spoke prior to the media revelation that Ike Kaveladze was the eighth man at the meeting. Ike Kaveladze represented Aras and Jared Kushner was Trump’s data operations man. Also, The RNC had three data firms in 2016, Deep Root Analytics, Data Trust and TargetPoint. Jared Kushner, Brad Parscale and Cambridge Analytica probably interfaced with the RNC data firms in some way concerning voter data. Finally, US officials are concerned Russian trolls had help from Americans to properly target American voters via social media with fake news ads during the campaign.

Stay tuned and pray to Christ without ceasing. Ask Christ to draw America back to Him.




The Republican Congress is doing as little as possible to unearth the truth of Trump Russian collusion. Adam Schiff, vice chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said Republican committee member Trey Gowdy acted like a defense attorney for Jared Kushner during the Committees closed session examination of Kushner recently. In my humble opinion, no Congressmen should try to defend a man who admittedly tried to set up a covert communication channel with Russia using Russian Embassy Communication equipment. Then there is Devin Nunes, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, who has repeatedly attempted to slow down or stop the House investigation of Trump’s criminal collusion with Russia. Nunes got so far out there he had to recuse himself from the investigation for a while, at least on paper.

The question arises, why are career politicians so hot to save Donald Trump’s administration. Trump does not like Republicans or Democrats. Trump is a white nationalist kleptocrat. Republicans are not deceived by Trump. They are trying to cover their own tracks in this unfolding scandal.

The Lord Jesus told me twenty four House Republicans were aided by Russia to win elections in 2016. Republicans have been in survival mode since President Barack Hussein Obama won in 2008 and again in 2012. Republicans want their country back, and they apparently have accepted help from Russia to do so. They have apparently accepted help from America’s number one enemy.

Putin pretends to be a global white supremacist. I believe he is just a crook and a murderer. White supremacy is a business model for Putin. Putin is purely a kleptocrat. Putin loves money, and the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

The Trump Jr meeting may turn out to be a pivotal point in the scandal because reportedly a “key player” in Trump’s orbit donated money to the Republican National Committee. The RNC was headed by Reince Preibus in 2016. They had data firms with a voter registration database covering nearly all American registered voters. The database was left unsecured on Deep Root Analytics website for weeks during June 2016. US officials are concerned Russia may have received help from Americans to micro target America voters with fake news in 2016. It is at least possible the RNC and the Trump campaign helped Russia to target American voters and spread harmful propaganda during the campaign. There is no doubt Russia helped Trump and twenty four House Republicans win election in 2016.

I think the Republican Party has consciousness of guilt in the Russia scandal. We witnessed the Republicans go soft on Russia with respect to sanctioning their illegal occupation of Crimea. We learned that Republican Congressional leaders rejected President Obama warning of Russia interference in the election. This course of behavior from Republicans is out of the norm for them. Something is wrong.

My theory is Republicans have learned that America’s demographic is against them on the Federal level for the foreseeable future. I suspect this revelation caused base survival instincts to kick in within the Party. Trump often says he wants his country back. Back from who? Back from those other people? I theorize the Republican Party have gotten their hands really dirt to regain and maintain power in the land. In order to regain power, they accepted help from Russia. In order to keep power they are going to have to end American Democracy as we have now it for the last 52 years.

Pray for America to Return to King Jesus Christ. A mountain of TROUBLE is upon the land from Mount Zion, Christ’s heavenly home. It is judgment day. Riots, ten years of war with Russia and civil war are coming to America because of American Pride with respect Christ.