Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Putin Will Release An Incriminating Recording Of Heir Trumpf! Collusion!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Putin Will Release An Incriminating Recording Of Heir Trump! Collusion!

Beloved America, The Lord Jesus Christ said Putin will release one recording via RT (Russia Today) that will incriminate our illegitimate President Donald John Trumpf Sr. I believe it will prove there was collusion in 2016 between Trumpf and Putin. Putin may wait until House Democrats clear Trumpf of all wrong doing.

The cover up of Trumpf’s collusion by Republicans, Democrats and Special Counsel Robert Mueller may blow up in the government’s face. The integrity of our government is at stake. Serious damage to the credibility of our government may result when Putin drops a bombshell on us related to collusion. It seems to me federal government official have been distracted and took their eyes off the master KGB spy Vladimir Putin. If I were Putin, I would have recorded every contact his administration had with the Trumpf campaign for leverage purposes. How could Putin resist such a massive opportunity to shake America.

If Putin only recorded a conversation with Trumpf on one occasion, it may still blow the collusion cover up out of the water. The US government has become vain no doubt because of all the killings of foreign leaders. The Lord said the CIA has killed twenty-five foreign leaders in the last seventy years.

There was and there is ongoing collusion between Trump and Putin. The cover up was about racism and ethnic cleansing of people of color in America. The cover up is a massive opportunity for Russia to drop an audio or video bomb on America. SMH.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting to late. It’s Judgment Day For Dear Old America. Sha has filled her cup and Christ is pouring it back out double.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! The Pentagon & Kremlin Trade Iran For Ukraine, South Korea & Japan! HUA.” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! The Pentagon & Kremlin Trade Iran For Ukraine, South Korea & Japan! HUA.

Beloved America, The Lord Jesus Christ said in January or February 2019 that an evil war is coming. It seems America’s manufactured crisis with puny little Iran may be such an evil war. Iran clearly doesn’t want to fight America and our Allies after witnessing Iraq’s humiliation. The Pentagon is picking a fight with Iran and everybody can tell. Iran’s foolish bravado in times gone by have sealed their fate mostly likely. Iranian clerics may believe total chaos will hasten the coming of the Muslim Mahdi. Unfortunate.

The Pentagon and Kremlin must have agreed to the fall of Iran in exchange for a geopolitical wish or two of Russia. We know Putin wants Ukraine. The Lord Jesus Christ said the Pentagon and Kremlin aka Donnie and Vladi, are exchanging Iran for South Korea and Japan. Wicked.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting to late.


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The Lord Jesus Christ Said Trump Colluded With Putin To Get Elected In 2016!

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THE ORIGINAL! Trump And Putin Meet Again In Danang In Their Ongoing Relationship Of Collusion!

The Lord Jesus has been saying there is ongoing support of Donald Trump from Putin and Russia.  Christ does not lie.  Publicly, Russia has distanced itself from Trump, but privately support continues.  Propaganda support via the media and social media is ongoing to prop up America’s first Russian-backed illegitimate President.

Trump and Putin will exchange sweet nothings in Danang, Vietnam on Friday, November 10, 2017.  It has been one year since Putin delivered the US Presidency to Trump so Trump could help make Russia great again for millions of bloody rubles.  The cyber coup continues for a little while longer.  I believe Christ has shown me both Trump and Putin are going down in flames as a result of colluding to defraud American voters.

Stay tuned and continue to pray to King Jesus so America will Return to Christ.  It’s Judgment Day in America.  King Jesus is striking us over and over again because of three generations of sin.  The souls of far too many Americans delight in our abominations.


The Truth Is Powerful And Prevails. The Trump Russia Dossier Will Be 100% Confirmed Some Day Says The Lord Jesus!

The Lord Jesus has been telling me allegations in the Trump Russia Dossier are being confirmed on an ongoing basis. The public is not hearing about these confirmations because the FBI and Mueller Investigation are tight lipped. Nevertheless, silence about confirmation of the Dossier’s allegations should not lead us to believe the memos are fake news. To the contrary. the allegations that have been publicly confirmed lend credibility to Mr. Steele’s work. Keep in mind, Mr. Steele as a great reputation with American Intelligence Officials.

The revelation that the Dossier was funded in part or whole by the DNC and Clinton campaign makes a lot of sense since Mrs. Clinton was running against Trump. It is interesting to note Mrs. Clinton did not use any of the allegations in the Dossier during the campaign as far as I am aware.

On the other hand, the Dossier correctly alleges Trump and Russia had ongoing information exchanges during the campaign. Trump Jr’s meeting with four Russian agents being one of them. Peter W. Smith’s attempts to get Clinton’s emails from Russian hackers with help from Michael Flynn, Trump’s campaign adviser, would be another. Cambridge Analytica’s Director’s email to Wikileaks requesting Clinton’s missing emails would be another. Paul Manafort’s offer to brief Putin on the progress of the Trump campaign via Oleg Deripaska would be yet another. Also, we have knowledge of more than twenty and approaching thirty contacts between Trump campaign aides and surrogates with Russian officials like Sergei Kislyak (Ambassador), Sergei Gorkov (FSB & banker), Konstantin Kilimnick (GRU), Natalia Veselnitskaya (Russian agent), Rinat Akhmetshin (Russian Agent and Coordinator of Computer Hacking), Irakly Kaveladze (Russian Agent and Money Launderer), etc.

The Dossier also correctly alleges the role Paul Manafort played in the collusion. The Department of Justice has threatened to indict Mr. Manafort as a part of Mueller’s investigation. If the Dossier is truthful with respect to Mr. Manafort, would the allegations about Michael Cohen’s role be amiss. Not according to The Lord Jesus who said Michael Cohen did go to Prague Czechoslovakia in 2016 to meet with Kremlin surrogates. Reportedly Cohen went to Prague to discuss plausibly denial payment mechanisms for computer hackers and to develop contingency plans to cover up the scandal. Like the contingency plan that Cohen was at a baseball camp with his son instead of in Prague.

More salacious than Trump’s collusion with Russia is the collusion of the RNC with Russia. This scandal is too salacious even for liberal media to touch. We have only a sliver of public evidence at this point. Paul Manafort’s cryptic notes taken during Trump Jr’s meeting with four Russian agents reportedly tell us there is “Active Support” for the “RNC” from someone. It is reasonable to assume the support comes from the Russian government whose plausibly deniable representatives were meeting with Trump Jr, Kushner and Manafort when Paul typed meeting notes into his cell phone. Who else could the support come from, Rob Goldstone, Emin Agalarov’s publicist or Anatoli Samochornov the interpreter? I suspect Aras Agalarov may be acting as a surrogate for Putin to slip covert funds to the RNC. Reportedly, Paul Manafort called Reince Preibus shortly after the Trump Jr meeting. Salacious as Hades.

The Lord Jesus said Russia has slipped billions of covert bloody rubles to the RNC in recent years. The Lord also said 24 House Republicans got help from Russia’s Guccifer 2.0 to get elected in 2016. Wicked as Hades.

Why would Republicans receive help from Russia, our former enemy, to win elections. Apparently there are slightly more Democrats in America than Republicans. In other words, the demographic. Republican’s have been having trouble winning the White House and majorities in the House and Senate. So they have teamed up with Putin, a pseudo global white nationalist and kleptocrat, to take their country back. Wicked.


THE ORIGINAL! Trump & Putin Prepare For War Over North Korea To Boost Arms Sales & To Distract From The Collusion Narrative!

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin always seem to work toward the same objectives. Putin used social media to further polarize America. Trump seems to further polarization of America also. Putin has been egging on North Korea to engage is disrespectful and threatening discourse concerning America. North Korea seems to be threatening war with Putin’s backing and support. If North Korea has nuclear weapons, we will not be able to ignore Kim Jong Un’s threats. Trump said talking to North Korea is a waste of time, which may be true, but talking before open hostilities break out is always smart. After all, Trump would have to send other people’s children, siblings, spouses and parents to their deaths in the event of war. Putin has amassed some of his troops on North Korea’s border with Russia as an apparent deterrent to American invasion of North Korea. Reportedly Putin said the world is going to have to live with a nuclear North Korea. Yet a nuclear North Korea coupled with arrogant hostile threats aimed at America seem impossible to tolerate. Kim Jong Un mentioned he wants to test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean with a fly over of Japan. It will be very difficult for any nation to accept such a thing from a hostile adversary. So it seems like war is the likely result of the position Trump and Putin are taking.

The question is, in light of the fact that Trump and Putin colluded with one another to get Trump elected president, is the posturing they are doing contrived or organic? I am skeptical. I believe they are working together. They have been tracking together since the 2016 campaign. They have work together to a degree in Syria thus far. Paul Manafort’s cryptic notes taken at Trump Jr’s meeting with Russian agents on June 9, 2016 suggest the possibility the Russians have committed to “Active Support of the RNC.” Financial support apparently has been offered and received from Russian born Americans. There are surely other support mechanisms as well. If the Republican Party colluded with Russia along with Trump, what are the chances the collusion is ongoing. I would say there is a good chance the collusion is ongoing. In fact, The Lord Jesus said Jared Kushner’s back channel to Russia was about sharing American trade data with Russia covertly. So Trump desires to maintain the collusion. Also, Trump has continued to echo Russian actives measure as our illegitimate President. I am therefore greatly concerned for the security of the land of my recent forefathers.

Let us agree to pray for America to return to Christ quickly. The Lord is striking America because of three generations of pride against Him. The only solution is to return to Christ on His terms. Let us pray for the wounded and broken in Las Vegas tonight.


THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s BIG RUSSIAN DEAL To Be Revealed! There Is Collusion says King Jesus. (First Posted on July 24, 2017!)

Could the proposed yet failed massive Trump Tower in Moscow City be a means to END TRUMP’S FAILED PRESIDENCY? Lock him up!