Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Trump Was A Taxi For The Hidden Valet Melanie Knavs The Slav!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Trump Was A Taxi For The Hidden Valet Melanie Knavs The Slav!

Beloved America, Melanie Knavs became a US Citizen in 2006. She married Donald Trump Sr in 2005. As a result, it is fair to say she used Trump as a proverbial “Taxi” to transport her into America citizenship. In addition, Melanie is a Slav. Vladimir Putin is to I believe. There is such a thing as Pan Slavism. So Melania is tied to Trump in marriage and she is tied to Putin by blood.

Last week The Lord Jesus Christ said “Taxi.” About six months ago He said, “Hidden Valet.”
Putting the two revelations together I come up with Melania Trump. She rode Trump to US citizenship and she is his wife. A wife often function as a valet of sorts because she serves her husband.

The question arises, what is going on with Melania Knavs Trump. She appears to have great patience with Trump’s infidelity.
I wonder if Melania is a Russian mole in the White? It’s possible!

Stay tuned.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! The Pentagon Plans To Reelect Heir Trumpf. We Will See What King Jesus Says.” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! The Pentagon Plans To Reelect Heir Trumpf. We Will See What King Jesus Says.

Beloved America, today I realized concretely that The Pentagon intends for Trump to win the 2020 election by any means necessary. Trump has been fraudulently cleared of collusion and will be fraudulently cleared of obstruction of justice soon. The fix is in. Apparently, The Russian Collusion Scandal delayed certain Pentagon objectives during Trumpf’s first term. My guess is, the good ole boys at The Pentagon would like to extend a do over to heir Trumpf.

Trumpf and Congress have given The Pentagon about $1.433 trillion of hard earned American tax payer money in 2018 and 2019, collectively. The Lord Jesus Christ said Military Contractors have been fighting over our money. There can be no doubt The Pentagon would like to keep the gravy train rolling.

In addition, The Pentagon would like Republicans to regain control of the House of Representatives and maintain control of the Senate. In this way heir Trumpf would get a complete do over.

The problem The Pentagon may have is a total loss of integrity as far as our constitutional Democracy is concerned. The American people are not stupid. We all know Trumpf colluded with Russia. It has become painfully clear to many that The Pentagon and the US Intelligence Community also colluded with Russia. Therefore all manipulations of the federal government designed to help Trumpf get reelected will be transparent to most Americans. The state run media can only do so much to deceive voters. Some voters are experienced when it comes to the corruption emanating from Washington and The Medial. Most people can see through the deception.

Nevertheless, The Pentagon wants Trumpf to instigate a Civil War, more chaos and riots in America for the purpose of ethnic cleansing. Ethnic cleansing would reestablish white political supremacy in America to go along with white economic supremacy.

The Pentagon has an insurmountable problem though. His name is Jesus or Yeshua Ha Maschiyach Ben Yah. King Jesus is tired of all the genocide coming from The Pentagon. He is cutting it off sooner than later.

Yet the seven members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are luciferian antichrists who are 33rd degree freemasons. They don’t believe in or fear Christ. As a result, their fate is sealed.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Obama & Comey Colluded With The Pentagon To Elect Heir Trumpf!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Obama & Comey Colluded With The Pentagon To Elect Heir Trumpf!

Beloved America, a good while ago The Lord Jesus Christ revealed to me the role former President Barack Obama and former FBI Director James Comey played in helping Heir Donald Trumpf get elected in 2016. Obama had the silver bullet that could have secured The White House for his political party for another four to eight years, but he refused to fire it. He would have been operating in integrity seeing that Trumpf clearly colluded with Russia with Pentagon assistance. Obama would not have sinned against Trumpf by telling the country of the treasonous collusion. What Obama did was betray American voters, Hillary and The Dems by protecting Trumpf.

James Comey helped Trumpf’s campaign in at least four ways. First, in June 2016, Comey berated Hillary Clinton for careless use of her email server while clearing her of criminal wrongdoing. He engaged in Russian/CIA active measures against Clinton just like the Trumpf campaign. Second, just weeks before the November 8, 2016 Election, The FBI sourced a New York Times article published October 31, 2016 which said there was no direct or conclusive evidence that indicated Trumpf’s campaign had been colluding with Russia. This inspite of the fact the the FBI began investigating Trumpf’s campaign in July 2016 and was aware of incriminating evidence of collusion.

The third sin of Comey against American voters, Hillary Clinton and the sanctity of our presidential elections, was the reopening of the Clinton email investigation eleven days before the election. Comey tighten the race between Clinton and Trumpf in this way. Finally, Comey’s FBI was the last Intel agency to admit Russian interference was designed to help Trumpf win the election of 2016.

Every lie, sin and secret of the Trumpf Russia collusion scandal will be made known someday. In the meantime buckle up because the Pentagon and Trumpf want chaos, riots, Civil War and ethnic cleansing in America. Foreign wars are coming too.

Trumpf and Congress have given The Pentagon more than 1.4 trillion dollars in the last two years. China and Russia combined have reportedly spent less than 700 billion on defense in the last two years. America appears to be gearing up for global wars and or the Military Industrial Intelligence Congressional Media Complex Junta is taking major profits at the expense of taxpayers. Both phenomenon are probably true.

King Jesus is geared up also. He will have his way with America because it’s Judgment Day. America has filled her cup with sin and iniquity. The time has come to pour that cup out upon America the beautiful. Christ is going to pay America double for all the global and domestic trouble.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting to late.


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May Sadie Roberts-Joseph Rest In The Peace Of Christ JESUS.

May Sadie Roberts-joseph rest n the peace of Christ JESUS.

Looks like Trump, The CIA, The KKK, the American Nazis r making their move

They r trying 2 force African-Americans 2 turn 2 violence. Boycott The Beast GLOBALLY. Use Public Relations 2 wage war nonviolently.

Watch “THE ORIGINAL! The Pentagon Chose Trump Because The Junta Desires Genocide Of Non Whites Globally!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! The Pentagon Chose Trump Because The Military Junta Desires Genocide Of Non Whites Globally! Therefore Boycott The Beast GLOBALLY. Create A Public Relations Nightmare For The Beast!

Beloved America, look at what America The Beautiful has become. Latino Migrants are caged up well over capacity in America today and lack proper food, drink and hygiene, including a change of garments. The Lord Jesus Christ recently revealed The Pentagon’s one hundred twenty year old covert global genocidal eugenics program designed to eventually remove ninety percent of the world’s population. That means all people of color on Christ’s green earth. The Lord Jesus also revealed to my shock and horror that some white Americans know about America’s covert genocide plan, especially those involved with satanic secret societies.

You don’t believe it? Examine the fate of native Americans from Alaska to Argentina. Look at the history of race relations in America. Look at America’s foreign policy especially towards Africa, Latin America and Asia. Look at what is happening to Black people in Australia and New Zealand. Look at the total absence of Black people in Argentina, a country that took in Adolf Hitler, Adolf Eichmann and Joseph Mengele after World War II.

Consider the fact that the Pentagon smuggled sixteen hundred Nazi scientists into America after WWII. Hans Delmotte was one such Nazi Eugenic hygienist who reportedly committed suicide in US Army custody while in Europe. The Lord Jesus Christ said Hans is still alive today at about 102 years old.

The Pentagon brought Nazi scientists to America to help solve America‚Äôs pesky Negro problem. Apparently, fifty sadistic Jim Crow South lynchings of African-Americans per year was not sufficient to adequately cull the herd. Thirteen years before Nazi scientists came to America with their research findings obtained by conducting sadistic experiments on human beings (Jews and Gypsies) The US Military started The Tuskegee Study. About four hundred black men in rural Alabama were infected with syphilis and were denied treatment for up to forty years. A few years after Nazi scientists were covertly brought to America, a pregnant African American lady named Henrietta Lacks was, in my opinion, given cancer at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. Stem cells and fetal tissue from Henrietta’s unborn son were harvested for genocidal eugenic purposes. Subsequently, Henrietta’s son was born with a birth defect. In 1951, Henrietta Lacks died of cancer. Some of her cells were harvested for research and development of genocidal Eugenic devices.

The human genome was first mapped out using Henrietta Lacks & son’s cell lines. The purpose of these activities were Eugenic in nature. American scientists shared Henrietta Lacks and son’s HELA cell lines with the entire white world, including our so called enemy Communist Soviet Union. American and Russian scientists collaborated on the development of HIV AIDS using HELA cell lines!!!!

The Lord Jesus Christ has shown me that America is the leader of global White Supremacy, Social Darwinism and Eugenic (Mad) Science. Advances in medical science globally have largely been driven by genocidal Eugenic aspirations of American and European elites and their descendants.

Scripturally speaking according to my evolving understanding, white supremacy, social Darwinism and eugenic mad science combine to manifest the fourth Beast of Daniel chapter seven, and the first & second Beasts of Revelations chapter thirteen. If my understanding is correct, only the second coming of King Jesus Christ will stop the Beast.

In the meantime, let us study and raise market place awareness of the Beast’s many genocidal eugenic programs and devices. Look at healthcare initiatives and devices, food aid, disaster relief, humanitarian assistance and The United Nations programs directed at people of color. The Beast is killing people of color with KINDNESS. The World Health Organization killed Africa reportedly with healthcare initiatives.

Examine the war on poverty and the war on hunger. Exam organizations like CARE, GROW, Alcohol Anonymous, OXFAM, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Clinton Foundation, Cornell University’s food and nutrition research activities and more.

Also, exam the good cop bad cop relationship between America, Europe and Russia with respect to the developing world. Examine how the US, Europeans, Russians and Chinese arm opposing faction in developing countries to the detriment of both sides. Notice how civil war leads to refugees, hunger, famine, exile and large scale death. Notice how the UN steps in with humanitarian aid but not with legitimate peacekeeping efforts. Food aid may kill more people of color than vaccines and civil war.

Look at the developed world’s lack of sincere commitment to economically invest in developing nations. I recently learned that few if any American automakers have a single solitary auto manufacturing plant in Africa. Therefore, healthcare initiatives for developing countries are highly suspect because no sincere efforts are underway to develop these nations economically. If you love me, then you will be concerned with my financial, social and political health as well as my physical and mental health.

Let’s boycott the Beast GLOBALLY and publicly expose his global genocide programs. Public Relations initiatives would potentially be a great tool to raise global awareness to the many ways the Beast is killing human beings.

In Conclusion, genocidal nations include America, Canada, Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, etc, etc. Thus saith The Lord to all Eugenic Genocidal nations, STOP KILLING PEOPLE! Or else.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to come to Christ before it is everlasting to late.


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“The ORIGINAL” Lawry’s Seasoned Salt is Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering. It may harm your health!

“The ORIGINAL” Lawry’s Seasoned Salt is Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering. It may harm your health.

Mr. Steve

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Black Then | Lynching of Pregnant 19-Year-Old Mary Turner

Has anyone ever seen a dog hanging from a tree? Me neither. In 1918 pregnant 19 year old Mary Turner was lynched 4 vehemently objecting 2 her husband’s lynching!

It’s Judgment Day. Give place to Christ’s wrath. Let Christ do it.


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