Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Trump Was A Taxi For The Hidden Valet Melanie Knavs The Slav!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Trump Was A Taxi For The Hidden Valet Melanie Knavs The Slav!

Beloved America, Melanie Knavs became a US Citizen in 2006. She married Donald Trump Sr in 2005. As a result, it is fair to say she used Trump as a proverbial “Taxi” to transport her into America citizenship. In addition, Melanie is a Slav. Vladimir Putin is to I believe. There is such a thing as Pan Slavism. So Melania is tied to Trump in marriage and she is tied to Putin by blood.

Last week The Lord Jesus Christ said “Taxi.” About six months ago He said, “Hidden Valet.”
Putting the two revelations together I come up with Melania Trump. She rode Trump to US citizenship and she is his wife. A wife often function as a valet of sorts because she serves her husband.

The question arises, what is going on with Melania Knavs Trump. She appears to have great patience with Trump’s infidelity.
I wonder if Melania is a Russian mole in the White? It’s possible!

Stay tuned.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Trump, Haspel & Dunford Jr Continue To Sin Against People of Color At Home & Abroad!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Trump, Haspel & Dunford Jr Continue To Sin Against People of Color At Home & Abroad!

Beloved America, King Jesus continues to tell me the US Government is sinning against people of color globally. In fact, The Lord said America is moving forward with domestic and foreign genocidal plans designed to harm people of color globally. Christ through my humble ministry warned America in October 2018 to stop killing people. US government officials in the pride and stoutness of their hearts have impudently ignored all the warning that have come from The Lord through me.

Therefore a calamity awaits America the beautiful. A calamity from The Lord. Possibly like the calamity Adolf Hitler’s Nazis turned out to be for Germany and Europe. We know Hitler’s Nazis murdered about six million European Jews and roughly 2 million Gypsies. Not many know the Nazis lost more than seven million Germany soldiers and an estimate forty million Europeans died in World War II. In total and estimated 50 to 85 million souls perished in the deadliest war in World history. It seems reasonable to me to place the bulk of the blame for the war on the Nazis.

Inspite of the above, America has fallen to a Nazi Revolution. The Nazi Revolution became apparent to me shortly after President Barack Obama was elected in 2008. The TEA Party exploded onto the public scene in 2008 or so. The Freedom Caucus replaced The TEA Party in name only, and away we go with America’s Nazi Revolution. The Pentagon, DIA, CIA, NSA, FBI, White House and Trump Campaign employed Russia as a cut out to steal a Presidential election in 2016 from Democrat Hillary Clinton. After several shameful sham investigations of Trump Russia, Trump has been cleared of collusion and will be cleared soon of obstruction of justice. The Nazi Revolution roles on to the hurt of all involved.

The revolution is picking up steam as it heads straight into a brick wall named Jesus Christ. Christ told me it is too late for America to Return to Him. As a result, wrath-filled judgments are coming to America. On Judgment Day Christ pours out double trouble upon the intended target relative to all the trouble the target has given others. Christ pays back double trouble to a person or nation based on the kinds and amount of sins they have committed. That’s very bad news for our beloved country.

Some believe African American’s hate America. Not so for most of us. We hate the consistent ill treatment we have received in America. We love our country and have had a bitter sweet experience here. Many have experienced more of the sweet than the bitter. America is our home and most African Americans would not have it any other way.

Nevertheless, recent revelations from The Lord Jesus have dashed my hopes of a bright near future in America with respect to diversity and equity for all her citizens. The Lord revealed a few months ago the Pentagon’s roughly 109 year old covert global eugenics program. A plan designed to eventually exterminate ALL PEOPLE OF COLOR GLOBALLY, starting with Africans and their descendants. This revelation broke my heart, and has caused me to square my shoulders to confront the Nazi Revolution.

My heart is broken because millions of African Americans have worked tirelessly paying taxes to help America be great. Yet the US Government and private institutions have been using our monetary contributions down through the years to conduct research and development aimed at exterminating people of color globally. It’s enough to make you an angry fellow. The Bible teaches us to be angry and sin not.

People of Color are going to have to UNITE globally to fight for survival against what I believe to be the fourth Beast of Daniel chapter seven and the first and second of Beasts of Revelations chapter thirteen. In a nutshell, The Beast is global white supremacy and social Darwinism. Bloody.

The United Nations is a key tool in the hands of white supremacist governments including America, Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile and Canada. The UN kills people of color with KINDNESS. The UN provides humanitarian relief to areas where war or famine have resulted in a humanitarian crisis.

The genocide trap works something like this. Western and Russian Intelligence Agencies identify rival factions in a developing country. The West arms one fraction and the Russians arm the other. The two factions engage in civil war based on ideological and or ancient local tribal disputes. Civil war causes a humanitarian crisis. Thousands if not millions of hungry people who are possibly exposed to the elements are in danger of starvation or death by disease. Here comes the UN to save the day. They have food aid, vaccinations and pharmaceuticals to save the day.

The only problem is the food aid, vaccinations and pharmaceuticals intentionally cause communicable and noncommunicable disease like HIV AIDS, EBOLA, blood clots, heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure and a suppressed immune system. A suppressed immune system is not the same as a compromised immune system. A compromised immune system is obviously less desirable that a weakened or suppressed immune system.

A suppressed immune system is vulnerable to viral and bacterial invaders that cause infection because the Y-shaped protein antibodies that help prevent infection are not sufficiently present to handle the viral or bacterial load. Antibodies prevent viruses and bacteria from entering the cell. Infections occurs when a virus or bacteria penetrates the cell wall.

The genocide trap uses war and humanitarian assistance programs to seed communities of color with communicable and noncommunicable diseases. Famine can substitute for war. Noncommunicable diseases include hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, blood clots, etc. You can’t transfer a noncommunicable disease to another person via human interaction.

America and our allies including Russia are planning to continue the global genocide of people of color inspite of being exposed by yours truly. They believe no one can stop them. They will probably shift tactics as has been done in America many times, but the end goals will not change. Genocide is the plan, after all the world’s resources are strained by “overpopulation.” Overpopulation is code for too many Coloreds.

Stay tuned.


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Black Then | Lynching of Pregnant 19-Year-Old Mary Turner

Has anyone ever seen a dog hanging from a tree? Me neither. In 1918 pregnant 19 year old Mary Turner was lynched 4 vehemently objecting 2 her husband’s lynching!

It’s Judgment Day. Give place to Christ’s wrath. Let Christ do it.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! The Lord Jesus Christ Says, “Pentagon, Stop Your Covert Eugenic Genocide Program!”” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! The Lord Jesus Christ Says, “Pentagon, Stop Your Covert Eugenic Genocide Program!”

Beloved, The Lord Jesus said it again today. He said “STOP!” About nine months ago The Lord rose up from his Throne in Heaven and told me to, “Tell them to STOP killing people!” At the time I thought The Lord was talking about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and possibly Seth Rich & Peter W. Smith.

Nine months later, The Lord Jesus has revealed the Pentagon’s covert global high tech biotech Eugenic genocidal Nazi program. The Lord has revealed The Beast to me. The fourth Beast in Daniel chapter 7, and the first & second Beast in Revelations chapter 13. I believe the first Beast of Revelations 13 is White Supremacy. It’s not clear to me yet when White Supremacy was spawned from the pit of hell, but the European Renaissance may be near the beginning of this false belief system. During the European Renaissance world history and church history were thoroughly whitewashed. The false belief system of White Supremacy must have been spawn before the whitewashing of history by DaVinci and Michelangelo.

The second Beast of Revelations 13 appears to be Darwinism and Eugenics which combine to produce a BEAST called Social Darwinism. The second Beast causes the world to worship the first Beast. Social Darwinism or Eugenics teaches its’ foolish adherents that some people are born well and others are ill born or defective Disgenics. Disgenic people should be exterminated for the good of mankind. When you marry white supremacy with social Darwinism you have established a pretext for global genocide of 88% of humanity or all non Aryans. Some Aryans may like this beastly construct, but King Jesus ain’t gonna allow it to prosper.

The Lord revealed on yesterday night that Sigma-Aldrich Chemical and Biotechnology Company manufactures a product called LOPAC. LOPAC is a Nitric Oxide Synthase inhibitor. Nitric Oxide Synthase is an enzyme in cells that catalyses the formation of Nitric Oxide a cell signalling molecule or a cell messenger molecule. Nitric Oxide is very important for cells to function properly. It promotes proper immune system function, blood vessel dilation and insulin secretion amongst other things. Blood vessel dilation or relaxation helps lower blood pressure and improve blood flow. Insulin secretion is essential for blood glucose uptake by cells. Glucose can’t penetrate the cell wall without the help of insulin. Diabetes results when there is insufficient insulin secretion for glucose uptake by cells. Glucose accumulates in the blood, and the body begins to burn fat from vital fatty tissue organs like the brain.

Covertly adding substances like LOPAC to food, water, milk, beverages, seasonings, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations and other consumer goods is a means to introduce disease into targeted populations. Global nonwhites are the target populations for such mischief.

Another means of affecting covert global eugenic genocide is with viral vaccinations. Polio virus, Measles virus, Malaria virus vaccinations are undoubtedly responsible for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency or HIV AIDS. Ebola virus was undoubtedly propagated by viral vaccinations. WHO killed Africa! The World Health Organization Nazis.

Food aid seems humane, yet if substances like LOPAC powder are added to the food, death is in the pot. DEATH is in the pot for global people of color who rely on Western or Russian food aid. Sinister. Starving people won’t turn down a pot of death.

Why do people of color keep falling for the Nazi okie doke? Because until now, people of color have not understood the mindset of a Nazi. People of color in the Western world countries can’t imagine their government covertly carrying out high tech biotech eugenic genocidal operations against them using their tax dollars to do it. My recommendation is don’t become a Nazi, but acquaint yourselves with the mindset of a Nazi. Know yourself and your enemies.

Healthcare products and pharmaceuticals are another means to implement high tech biotech genocidal operations against targeted populations like African descendents. Feminine products, birth control pills, prenatal vitamins, abortion, etc for targeted communities are very successful tools of genocidal Nazis. Even the lubricant on condoms cannot be trusted in light of these Christ given revelations.

Finally, The LORD Jesus Christ revealed a shocking truth a few days ago. The Pentagon covertly brought a Nazi war criminal to America after World War II. His name is Dr. Hans Delmotte. The Lord said Hans is still alive at the age of 102 years old. Reportedly Hans committed suicide by gun while in US Army custody. Yet Hans is still alive.

Why Did the Pentagon bring Hans to America secretly? To help America’s covert global eugenics genocidal program. My guess is America also brought research data from Nazi death camps to America. There may have been other Nazi scientists who worked for the Pentagon after the war.

Reportedly, Adolf Hitler committed suicide too. I wonder.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late. It’s judgment day for America the beautiful.


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Stop letting people who have always consistently hated you, kill you with biogenetic WORLDWIDE WARFARE.

Stop letting people who have always consistently hated you, kill you with biogenetic WORLDWIDE WARFARE! Are you a punk or something.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Did Trump Order The Hit Of Loretta Fuddy Over The Obama Birther Conspiracy Theory?” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Did Trump Order The Hit Of Loretta Fuddy Over The Obama Birther Conspiracy Theory? Probably.

Beloved, did The Donald order a hit on Loretta Fuddy in Hawaii in 2013 to try to hide the authenicity of Barack Obama’s US citizenship? I believe Trump was involved. Trump hates the idea of President Obama because Obama is biracial. Trump is racial and you can tell by his base constituency. Trump is an occult white supremacist. A Nazi by my definition. A criminal colluder. A pathological narcissistic liar. A mob associate. Trump is a man of low morals. As such, he apparently is not above murder.

I suspect Trump orchestrated the deaths of Peter W. Smith, Jamal Khashoggi, Vice Admiral Scott Stearney and recently Lorie Gilbert-Kaye. Trump gets away with murder because the Deep State preserves and protects him. Also, someone murdered Seth Rich.

Was there collusion between Trump and Russia. Yes. Did Trump collude alone. No. The Pentagon colluded with Russia to help Trump get elected in 2016. The CIA, DIA, NSA and FBI colluded with Russia to help Trump get elected in 2016. The Republican Party and National Rifle Association colluded with Russia. Twenty four House Republicans got elected in 2016 with the help of Russia. Six Hundred plus counties in America experienced voter registration roll penetration via hacking in 2016. Trump paid cash to reward some of the hackers. Even the fat guy sitting on his bed in New Jersey may have been paid cash by the Trump.

The bottom line is, is there any sin Trump can’t get away with? Apparrently Trump can do whatever he has to without serious consequences. It’s the fall of our Democracy. We fell down, but with Christ’s help we can get back up again.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! America’s Nazi Revolution Rolls On As Democracy Falls To Pink Supremacy!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! America’s Nazi Revolution Rolls On As Democracy Falls To Pink Supremacy! King Jesus To The Rescue. Lol.

Beloved America, the Pentagon’s Nazi revolution rolls on. They swung the 2016 election to Trump via subterfuge and wickedness using Russia as a cutout. The reasons why involved maintaining power and control over “their country.” The powers that be have not evolved to the point of understanding that the United States of America is the homeland of several tribes.

The occult white supremacists whom I call Nazis have taken their country back and not in a seamless fashion. Their wickedness is obvious to all, even to Trump’s base. Trump’s base simple says, “So f-ing what” when the idea of treasonous collusion comes up. A classy bunch. My guess is the entire globe is mourning for America as they witness the fall of integrous representative Democracy in the greatest nation ever.

I believe America abandoned Christianity after the Civil War and Reconstruction because tribal equality with former slaves was an abomination. Today, I believe America is abandoning representative democracy because tribal equality is still an abomination and a fearful scenario. I believe the powers that be in America fear equal footing with Native Americans, African Americans are Latinos in part because of the fear of reprisals.

So the Nazi revolution in America rolls on. Trump and Billy “The Blocker” Barr intend to take revenge on “The checks and balances in our former government to realized the goal of deconstructing the administration state.” In other words, Trump and Billy, “The Blocker” are deconstructing our precious democracy as we have known it. It’s because white supremacy is the true god of America along with money.

What to do beloved? Repent and Return to the fountain of living waters YHVH through faith in His Son Jesus Christ aka Yehoshua ha Mashiyach. Also pray for mercy for our beautiful homeland America. Have you looked at America lately. She is a beautiful! Stay tuned and Pray.


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