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THE ORIGINAL! The Western World White (WWW) Boy Revolution Proceeds! America’s Silent Coup D’etat of 2016.

Beloved, America suffered a silent coup d’etat on November 8, 2016. The US Military Industrial Intelligence Congressional Media Complex Junta contracted with Russia to swing the 2016 election to Trump. It bearly worked. The watchmen on the wall want us to think they were asleep. They want us to believe Russia outsmarted them. They want us to believe Russia outmanuveured them. My assessment of the US Intelligence Community is, they never sleep and no one can outmanuveur them, especially on our home turf. My assessment is, The US Intelligence Community, the Pentagon, the Republican Party, and the Trump campaign conspired with Putin’s Russia to attempt to swing the election to Trump. My assessment is the former Director of The Defense Intelligence Agency Michael Flynn tied the knot between the DIA and the GRU for the purpose of electing Trump.

The Republican Party is a Co-conspirator as well. They went soft on Russia with respect to Ukraine in their 2016 Convention Platform, and twenty-four House Republicans got elected in 2016 with help from Russia said The Lord Jesus Christ. The Republican-led investigations of Trump Russia have all been shams. They have been shams because the investigators are co-conspirators themselves who dare not accuse the US Intelligence Community of complicity and or dereliction of duty.

Trump is clearly not up to the task of pulling off a caper like this on his own. Pardon me, but he is a money grubbing, adulterous, white supremacist, money laundering, mob associate. He is a Russian Intelligence Agent/Asset and a US Intelligence Agent/Asset. He is no expert spy.

The Lord Jesus said the C.I.A was involved in some way with The United Kingdom’s LEAVE referendum! Reportedly, billionaires Robert and Rebecca Mercer along with Steve Bannon connected the LEAVE movement team with Cambridge Analytica of The United Kingdom and AggregateIQ of Canada. Reportedly, Robert and Rebecca Mercer owned controlling shares in both psychographic operations (psyops) companies. Cambridge Analytica went out of business in the UK a year or two ago apparently to avoid scrutiny of their involvement with LEAVE and the 2016 US Presidential Election.

The CIA’s involvement with LEAVE indicates the U.S. desires to undermine The European Union! The European Union is the largest trading block in the world reportedly. It appears from CIA involvement in LEAVE and Trump’s attempts to get France to LEAVE also means US policy is anti-EU. The fact that the CIA hides behind Russia with respect to LEAVE and the US 2016 Presidential Election indicates the Agency is in collusion with Putin and Trump. If the US government colluded with Russia with respect to LEAVE and the US Presidential election, then a US Russian Alliance of some sort exists. The United Kingdom is the third leg of the Alliance. The EU member states are desired future members of the Alliance.

All of the above means there is a desired US European Russian Alliance under development. The Lord Jesus Christ said the Alliance will embrace, Global G or global Gnosticism, the worship of a lesser diety, satan. The Lord said the Alliance will embrace Global Kleptocracy or global organized crime. Finally, The Alliance will embrace Global White Supremacy or racism.

Therefore I have coined the phrase, “The Western World White Boy Revolution” in honor of the white male dominated Western Alliance. Trump has stated repeatedly that NATO is obsolete. NATO would be obsolete if the emerging embryonic US European Russian Alliance were to be ratified. NATO would shift from protecting Europe from Russia to protecting Europe from the likes of China, India and others.

Stay tuned and PRAY!


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“The Western World’s White (WWW) Boy Revolution Rolls On! Taking Back CONTROL Of The Globe.”

“The Western World’s White (WWW) Boy Revolution Rolls On! Taking Back CONTROL Of The Globe.” according to Steve!

Roger Stone Made His Name as a Dirty Trickster, But the Trump-Russia Coverup May Finally Bring Him Down

Thus says The Lord Jesus Christ, The CIA/DIA and Russia’s FSB/GRU hacked the Clinton Campaign and DNC/DCCC. The CIA/DIA and the Military Industrial Intelligence Congressional Junta (tribunal of elders) are taking cover behind Trump and Russia. Trump is guilty but not alone a far as guilt is concerned.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump Organization Is Behind Representative John Conyers Upheaval Says King Jesus!

Beloved Americans, today The Lord Jesus revealed the fact that the Trump Organization is using their wealth and influence to dig for dirt on their political adversaries. Sometimes they find dirt. I suspect they are not above embellishment. We also know the Russians hacked the servers of certain government officials. Representative John Conyers of Michigan is under attack from Trump Organization says King Jesus. There are surely other Democrats and Republicans who are or will be targets of Trump.

I believe Mr. Conyers should resign on the day Trump resigns seeing they are both accused of similar wrong doing. If Trump refuses to resign, Mr. Conyers should too.

Mr. Trump may resign next week. His ship is sinking. Very damaging shoes are yet to drop.

Stay tuned. Pray.


THE ORIGINAL! The Calm Before The Storm As America Waits For The Coming Blow To Trump’s Administration!

Beloved, many Americans are holding their breath today as we wait for a possible leak of information to the media concerning details of a possible proffer offered by Michael T. Flynn to Robert Mueller III. As one man said, Mueller is not offering a plea deal to Flynn to get at Paul Manafort or Jared Kushner. Mueller has his sights firmly set on Trump Sr. So we wait breathlessly to learn what Flynn has to offer Mueller and to learn if Mueller will accept Flynn’s suspected proffer. It Flynn is cooperating with Mueller, Trump’s days as illegitimate president are numbered.



Did Erik Prince Follow Up On Jared Kushner’s Plan To Obtain A Covert Communication Channel Between Trump & Putin?

Erik Prince apparently followed up on the request by Jared Kushner of Sergey Kislyak, former Russian Ambassador to the US, to set up a covert communication channel with Russia so the CIA could not intercept Trump’s treasonous communiques with Putin. Prince may also have finalized plans to pay Trump and associates for lifting Russian sanctions. Prince met in Seychelles with Kirill Dimitriev a billionaire who manages the Russian Direct Investment Fund worth $10 billion. This may also be a means where Russia provided active support for the Republican National Committee.



THE ORIGINAL! Is The Russian Direct Investment Fund Providing Active Support For Trump & The Republican Party?

Maybe. A reasonable person would assume Trump wanted something in return for lifting sanctions off Russia. We know Trump loves money. We know Jared Kushner wanted a secret back channel to Russia to talk business without CIA intercept. We know the Russian Direct Investment Fund is state controlled and connected to VEB bank headed by Sergey Gorkov. We know Kushner met with Gorkov on December 13, 2016 to talk about it. We know VEB is a sanctioned Russian bank. We know Gorkov reportedly flew directly to Japan to meet with Putin after his meeting with Kushner. We know Putin wanted Trump to win and spared no cost to make it happen. We know Paul Manafort took notes at the Trump Jr meeting with Russian agents. We know one of Manafort’s cryptic notes suggested there is active support for the RNC from Russia. We know something is going on and something is not right! Lol.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to King Jesus. ask Christ to cause America to Return to Him before it’s everlasting too late.