“Beloved America, my rough calculations reveal the fact that America has about 11 years of proven oil reserves left!”

“Beloved America, my rough calculations reveal the fact that America has about 11 years of proven oil reserves left” per Steve https://link.medium.com/XxBmMReumU


Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Republican & Democrat Investigations Of Trump Putin Collusion R ALL SHAMS Says Christ!”

THE ORIGINAL! Republican & Democrat Investigations Of Trump Putin Collusion Are ALL SHAMS Says The Lord Jesus Christ! SMH.

Beloved, America has fallen from Democracy to sham Democracy. We are on the path to wicked satanic kleptocratic white supremacy autocracy. Even the entire Western World plus Russia. We are walking toward global G, global kleptocracy and global white supremacy within the confines of a US European Russian Alliance.

Our Media is State-run or what I call CIA news. The US Intelligence Community filters our news as necessary. We receive declassified spin from the Media.

America is currently ruled by a Military Industrial Intelligence Congressional Media Complex Junta. A Junta (Hunta) is a tribunal of elders. America is ruled by a power elite comprised of military elders, industrial elders, intelligence community elders, Congressional elders and Media elders. The gods of America’s power elite are the god of covetousness, the god of white supremacy and the god of war.

In January/February 2015, The Lord Jesus Christ said America was going to fall because of pride. From Christ’s perspective, pride is the absence of reverential fear of God, His Father, that manifests as disobedience with respect to His holy commandments, and a culture where unrighteousness is the norms. Pride manifests as a total disregard for God and Christ. Christ finds no place of honor in a proud nation or in the heart of a proud person.

Proverbs 16:18 King James Version (KJV) reads, “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

America has fallen and is on a path to destruction if we refuse to humble ourselves before the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus said America has filled her cup with sin and iniquity. The Lord pours that same cup out double to the person or nation that filled it.

Jeremiah 16:18 KJV reads, “And first I will recompense their iniquity and their sin double; because they have defiled my land, they have filled mine inheritance with the carcases of their detestable and abominable things.”

Revelations 18:6 KJV reads, “Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.”

If a nation fills their cup with greed, covetousness, cruelty, racism, murder, violence, oppression and terror, The Lord Jesus Christ will afflict that nation with double the trouble that they heaped upon others.

To make a long story short, it’s Judgment Day for America. Christ seeks repentance, contrition and reparations from America. He will pour punishment upon the land according to what our country has poured on others until we repent or our consumed in His wrath. Double the trouble America has cause for its’ own citizens and other nations is more than we can bear. Repentance is the sane response to be sure.

In the meantime, America’s congressional investigations of Trump Russia collusion have been Shams. The investigations are SHAMS because some Republican investigators have themselves colluded with Russia to get elected. The Republican Party went soft on Russia with respect to Ukraine in their 2016 national convention platform. Twenty-four House Republicans got elected in 2016 with help from Russian hacked Democratic documents. Finally, The US Intelligence Community contracted with Russia to swing the 2016 election to Trump via point man Michael Flynn. An integrous investigation of Trump Russia should uncover the DIA and CIA complicity. No one in Congress is going to take a bite out of that apple.

Stay tuned and watch King Jesus have His way.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! The Western World White Boy Revolution Proceeds! America’s Silent Coup.” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! The Western World White (WWW) Boy Revolution Proceeds! America’s Silent Coup D’etat of 2016.

Beloved, America suffered a silent coup d’etat on November 8, 2016. The US Military Industrial Intelligence Congressional Media Complex Junta contracted with Russia to swing the 2016 election to Trump. It bearly worked. The watchmen on the wall want us to think they were asleep. They want us to believe Russia outsmarted them. They want us to believe Russia outmanuveured them. My assessment of the US Intelligence Community is, they never sleep and no one can outmanuveur them, especially on our home turf. My assessment is, The US Intelligence Community, the Pentagon, the Republican Party, and the Trump campaign conspired with Putin’s Russia to attempt to swing the election to Trump. My assessment is the former Director of The Defense Intelligence Agency Michael Flynn tied the knot between the DIA and the GRU for the purpose of electing Trump.

The Republican Party is a Co-conspirator as well. They went soft on Russia with respect to Ukraine in their 2016 Convention Platform, and twenty-four House Republicans got elected in 2016 with help from Russia said The Lord Jesus Christ. The Republican-led investigations of Trump Russia have all been shams. They have been shams because the investigators are co-conspirators themselves who dare not accuse the US Intelligence Community of complicity and or dereliction of duty.

Trump is clearly not up to the task of pulling off a caper like this on his own. Pardon me, but he is a money grubbing, adulterous, white supremacist, money laundering, mob associate. He is a Russian Intelligence Agent/Asset and a US Intelligence Agent/Asset. He is no expert spy.

The Lord Jesus said the C.I.A was involved in some way with The United Kingdom’s LEAVE referendum! Reportedly, billionaires Robert and Rebecca Mercer along with Steve Bannon connected the LEAVE movement team with Cambridge Analytica of The United Kingdom and AggregateIQ of Canada. Reportedly, Robert and Rebecca Mercer owned controlling shares in both psychographic operations (psyops) companies. Cambridge Analytica went out of business in the UK a year or two ago apparently to avoid scrutiny of their involvement with LEAVE and the 2016 US Presidential Election.

The CIA’s involvement with LEAVE indicates the U.S. desires to undermine The European Union! The European Union is the largest trading block in the world reportedly. It appears from CIA involvement in LEAVE and Trump’s attempts to get France to LEAVE also means US policy is anti-EU. The fact that the CIA hides behind Russia with respect to LEAVE and the US 2016 Presidential Election indicates the Agency is in collusion with Putin and Trump. If the US government colluded with Russia with respect to LEAVE and the US Presidential election, then a US Russian Alliance of some sort exists. The United Kingdom is the third leg of the Alliance. The EU member states are desired future members of the Alliance.

All of the above means there is a desired US European Russian Alliance under development. The Lord Jesus Christ said the Alliance will embrace, Global G or global Gnosticism, the worship of a lesser diety, satan. The Lord said the Alliance will embrace Global Kleptocracy or global organized crime. Finally, The Alliance will embrace Global White Supremacy or racism.

Therefore I have coined the phrase, “The Western World White Boy Revolution” in honor of the white male dominated Western Alliance. Trump has stated repeatedly that NATO is obsolete. NATO would be obsolete if the emerging embryonic US European Russian Alliance were to be ratified. NATO would shift from protecting Europe from Russia to protecting Europe from the likes of China, India and others.

Stay tuned and PRAY!


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“The Western World’s White (WWW) Boy Revolution Rolls On! Taking Back CONTROL Of The Globe.”

“The Western World’s White (WWW) Boy Revolution Rolls On! Taking Back CONTROL Of The Globe.” according to Steve! https://link.medium.com/vjgqEi458T

Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Thus Says The Lord Jesus, “The Putin Administration & The 38th Parallel in Korea!”” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Thus Says The Lord Jesus Christ, “The Putin Administration & The 38th Parallel in Korea!

Beloved America, The Lord Jesus Christ said “Putin Administration and 38” a few days ago. I believe The Lord is referring to the 38th Parallel in Korea or the demilitarized zone (DMZ). More than a year ago, The Lord Jesus revealed the fact that the Putin Administration was pulling strings in North Korea and America. Both Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are receiving orders from Putin concerning US North Korean foreign policy. Shocking!

What does Putin want Trump and Kim to do concerning the 38th Parallel? I don’t know. I suspect Putin wants US troops out of Korea and Japan. Trump wants to look like the genius who solved the North Korea problem and finally ended the Korean war. Kim Jong Un wants to be somebody, anybody.

It’s disturbing to realize American foreign policy is being directed by Putin. The watchmen of American sovereignty are allowing Putin to have his way in Korea. It may be the result of trading Iran for South Korea and Japan. The Pentagon wants Iran. Putin wants an America free South Korea and Japan.

If Trump and Kim end the Korean war at Putin’s request, US troops will no longer be needed to guard the demilitarized zone at the 38th Parallel. US troops may not be needed in South Korea at all. Korean border guards probably would assume responsibiity for The DMZ.

Beloved, if the US Military pulls out of South Korea, South Korea would be vulnerable to attack from the North Koreans, Chinese and Russians. The temptation to overthrow Democracy in the region would be great.

If the US plans to abandon South Korea, will we also abandon Japan. If so, Japan would face the same peril as South Korea.

Stay tuned.


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Roger Stone Made His Name as a Dirty Trickster, But the Trump-Russia Coverup May Finally Bring Him Down

Thus says The Lord Jesus Christ, The CIA/DIA and Russia’s FSB/GRU hacked the Clinton Campaign and DNC/DCCC. The CIA/DIA and the Military Industrial Intelligence Congressional Junta (tribunal of elders) are taking cover behind Trump and Russia. Trump is guilty but not alone a far as guilt is concerned.


Michael Cohen’s cell phone detected near Prague in 2016 | McClatchy Washington Bureau