Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Trump, The CIA & Pentagon Ordered The El Paso, Texas Massacre Says The Lord Jesus!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Trump, The CIA And The Pentagon Ordered The El Paso, Texas Massacre Says The Lord Jesus Christ!

Beloved America, yesterday The Lord Jesus Christ said Trump was directly involved with the El Paso, Texas Massacre. Shocking, but consistent with Trump’s character. Trump, the CIA and Pentagon (DIA) surely collaborated with respect to the El Paso tragedy. Therefore, I declare America is at war with itself. Our federal government is firmly in the hands of white Nazi nationalists. They are engaging people of color in the land with guerilla warfare tactics and suicide shooters. I don’t believe every mass shooting is a guerilla attack. The racially or religiously motivated ones are.

Why would the US Government murder taxpaying Americans and their loved ones. Because of the current US demographic. White nazi nationalists are alarmed and threatened by the rapidly shifting US demographic. White Nazi Nationalist leaders are endeavoring to take their country back. They want to go backward instead of forward. They prefer the good old days more than our current reality.

The problem America’s corrupt power elite has is they have filled their collective cup with sin and iniquity says The Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord has weighed America as we have known it, in the balance of judgment and found our nation wanting. Christ has witnessed first hand the bloody history of colonial and post colonial America. He watched the intentional genocide of Native Americans. He saw the African holocaust in living color. He has seen the bloody nature of American foreign policy with respect to all nations. He has personally witnessed the bloody sins of America which are ongoing.

As such, The Lord Jesus will no longer allow America to continue along the historic blood trail of former generations. The deep lengthy blood trail created by America ends here. However, the process of ending bloody American white nazi supremacy may itself be very blood. The Lord Jesus Christ will get many of us to the other side of our second Civil War, which has been started by the Pentagon. .

Tell the Pentagon it is one thing to start a war and another thing to finish it. King Jesus will save and deliver people of color from the Beast of global white supremacy and social Darwinism, but not all of us.

In the meantime the best place to hide from the Beast is in King Jesus. Christ is a refugee and fortress, a strong and mighty tower, a rock of defense to save us. I beseech you therefore ladies and gentlemen to come to King Jesus Christ. You must be born again from above by faith in Christ, and by receiving the Holy Spirit into your inner being (your heart). You must wash away your sins in the waters of baptism. Christ wants to circumcised your heart (inner being). He wants to fill you with His Word (Holy Scripture). He wants to send you to the nations to preach the good news of King Jesus to this generation. You don’t have to get out, but you must come into The Kingdom of God and Christ if you want to win.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! The 600 Year Reign Of White Supremacy Has Been Bloody. It’s Fall Will Be Bloody Too!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! The Six Hundred Year Reign Of White Supremacy Has Been Bloody. It’s Fall Will Be Bloody Too Because Of Pride!

Beloved America, King Jesus has shown me over the years the extremely bloody nature of global White Supremacy. I suspect white supremacy as an ideology began during the European Renaissance and manifested when the Portugese and Spanish hit the high seas in the fifteenth century. At that time, Europe began to discover the people of the world were mainly black and brown. Europeans militarily subjugated indigenous peoples here and there and initiated genocidal operations against them. It is not that difficult to forgive six hundred year old sins, but sadly Europeans and their descendants are still engaged in genocidal operations today.

The Lord Jesus Christ has shown me America has a covert global genocidal eugenics program that is very active and very bloody. The United Nations is a key tool in the hands of the West, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Canada with respect to Global Genocide. Genocidal operations today include war, healthcare initiatives, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, genome editing, humanitarian aid, food aid, wars on hunger, poverty, gender inequality, etc. The UN has spread communicable and noncommunicable diseases via The World Health Organization and through humanitarian assistance.

The Western Alliance and Warsaw Pact have played good cop bad cop with developing nations. The West backs Democratic capitalistic factions in developing nations while Warsaw backs Marxist Leninist Communists in the same country. The Europeans give arms to the opposing factions and stand back while civil war devastates their fledgling nation. Famine, refugees and pestilence may result from war. Then the UN steps in to “rescue” the survivors. A genocide trap.

Domestically, America has reached a point where the demographic shift is putting pressure on the established white supremacist order. The current demographic shift in America threatens the established order of things. The Republican Party has not been able to consistently elect a Republican President since George H W Bush. As a result, the good ole boys stole the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. Hillary probably hasn’t recovered yet.

I believe Christ is showing me that the good ole boys desire to adjust the demographic in America in such a way as to ensure Republican Presidential candidates can be elected. This means about two million Democratic voters must be removed from the process on one way or the other.

I believe The Lord Jesus Christ is saying, domestic genocide is one way to solve the demographic problem. A timely civil war or socio political uprising that “forces” the Pentagon to push back could exterminate a number of Democrats (people of color). It would also result in the elimination of some Republican voters too. Disenfranchising a number of Democratic voters may be a short term solution for Republicans, but the social upheaval would be significant. Deporting undocumented people would not impact presidential elections until the children of immigrants come of age. Deporting American citizens would cause significant social chaos.

The Lord Jesus said civil war and riots are coming to America. He said the Pentagon and Trump want riots in America. Therefore riots are coming. The purpose of all the chaos is to firmly reestablish Republican (white male) dominance politically. Political dominance helps to ensure social and economic dominance. Therefore America’s domestic dilemma is rooted in the desire of corrupt white elites to maintain their historic dominance over the nation.

Since power never relinquishes power without a struggle, a struggle is upon us. Our government wants to fight, and no one can stop them from having their way except King Jesus. Much prayer and patience will be required in the coming years.

I recommend nonviolent resistance against the established order. Let people of color globally boycott the Beast aka white supremacy and social Darwinism with a high tech twist. Let us smear the Beast via integrous public relations. Let’s boycott Trump and family for disrespecting people of color. Let us boycott Robert and Rebecca Mercer who reportedly have made racist comments. Let’s boycott the Koch brothers and other racists for forming the New Nazi Party called the Tea Party or Freedom Caucus. Let’s smear powerful racists by boldly telling the truth about them publicly. Let’s boycott global racists as well.

King Jesus has a plan to save the outcasts of America. King Jesus will save those that fear Him and keep His commandments. Please be advised.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late. America’s cup of iniquity is full. The Lord Jesus Christ is pouring the contents of America’s cup of iniquity upon us double since December 2015. Pray for America.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Former FBI Director James Comey Is A US Secret Police Hitman Says The Lord!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Former FBI Director James Comey Is A US Secret Police Hitman Says The Lord!

Beloved America, in May of 2017 The Lord Jesus Christ told me James Comey is a made man of the mob and/or the US Government. I was shocked. I could not believe it. Next The Lord said Comey and his wife are occultists. Finally, The Lord said Comey is a US Secret Police hit man. He leads hit squads and arranges domestic assassinations for our wicked government.

I was shocked, bewildered and saddened by these revelations from The Lord. However if I consider the ignoble beginnings of The FBI under J Edgar Hoover, who must have been a flaming racist and homosexual, I can receive these sad truths.

The US government is firmly committed to White Supremacy today. It has been for at least three hundred years. The European community including Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Canada is firmly committed to White Supremacy also, and has been since the European Renaissance or so. When the Portuguese and Spanish sailed the high seas in the fifteen century, they must have been shocked to learn that the entire world was inhabitated by black and brown people. People of Color lived everywhere Europeans went. For some reason the thought of subjugating and annihilating people of color seemed intelligent. However, chickens come home to roost.

James Comey’s death squads most likely have the purpose of maintaining the established order of white supremacy in America. Any person or group of people that threatens white supremacy is a target for assassination. Such assassinations are occurring in America today. Quietly. I Believe The Lord has shown me Nipsey Hussle aka Ermias Joseph Asghedom was assassinated on the order of the US Government using the mafia as a cut out. The use of cut outs or surrogates gives legitimacy to the plausible denials of the Government.

Nipsey Hussle at a glance appears to have been a threat to the established order. He turned from a gang member to a young man wanting to end violent drug gang activity. Gang activity in minority communities not only promotes and sustains white supremacy in America, it also is very lucrative for organized crime families. The US government does not want gang violence to end in minority communities. If they did, they could stop it.

Nipsey Hussle stepped on the toes of the established racist order. He was dangerous because he was charismatic enough to succeed. He was a budding Black leader who was nipped in the bud.

James Comey’s secret CIA police death squads may have been involved with Nipsey’s murder. I suspect the Russian Jewish mob of LA as well.

We all witnessed Special Counsel Robert Mueller fall from grace, crash and burn in 2019 via a sham investigation of Russian Interference in the election of 2016. Someone told Heir Mueller to go slowly and to leave Trump alone. That is exactly what happened. Mr. Integrity Robert Mueller fell from the realm of sainthood. America has too.

The whole world is watching the fall of America. It looks like the fall of Ancient Egypt. Babylon, Medo Persia, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. It looks like the fall of the British Empire. The bad seeds America has sown have grown to maturity and are choking out any good that remains within us.

The Solution to our problem in America is very simple. Return to King Jesus in dust and ashes which means total repentance and contrition. All we have to do as a Nation is humble our hearts before the Lord Jesus Christ, confess our sins and forsake them. Then return to walking in New Testament truth as a nation and via our government. End the separation of Church and State, abortion on demand, homosexual marriage, radical occult feminism, free love and anti-Christian activities. All we have to do as a Nation is return to King Jesus and King Jesus will return to us. Simple.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late. It’s judgment day for America the beautiful.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Obama & Comey Colluded With The Pentagon To Elect Heir Trumpf!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Obama & Comey Colluded With The Pentagon To Elect Heir Trumpf!

Beloved America, a good while ago The Lord Jesus Christ revealed to me the role former President Barack Obama and former FBI Director James Comey played in helping Heir Donald Trumpf get elected in 2016. Obama had the silver bullet that could have secured The White House for his political party for another four to eight years, but he refused to fire it. He would have been operating in integrity seeing that Trumpf clearly colluded with Russia with Pentagon assistance. Obama would not have sinned against Trumpf by telling the country of the treasonous collusion. What Obama did was betray American voters, Hillary and The Dems by protecting Trumpf.

James Comey helped Trumpf’s campaign in at least four ways. First, in June 2016, Comey berated Hillary Clinton for careless use of her email server while clearing her of criminal wrongdoing. He engaged in Russian/CIA active measures against Clinton just like the Trumpf campaign. Second, just weeks before the November 8, 2016 Election, The FBI sourced a New York Times article published October 31, 2016 which said there was no direct or conclusive evidence that indicated Trumpf’s campaign had been colluding with Russia. This inspite of the fact the the FBI began investigating Trumpf’s campaign in July 2016 and was aware of incriminating evidence of collusion.

The third sin of Comey against American voters, Hillary Clinton and the sanctity of our presidential elections, was the reopening of the Clinton email investigation eleven days before the election. Comey tighten the race between Clinton and Trumpf in this way. Finally, Comey’s FBI was the last Intel agency to admit Russian interference was designed to help Trumpf win the election of 2016.

Every lie, sin and secret of the Trumpf Russia collusion scandal will be made known someday. In the meantime buckle up because the Pentagon and Trumpf want chaos, riots, Civil War and ethnic cleansing in America. Foreign wars are coming too.

Trumpf and Congress have given The Pentagon more than 1.4 trillion dollars in the last two years. China and Russia combined have reportedly spent less than 700 billion on defense in the last two years. America appears to be gearing up for global wars and or the Military Industrial Intelligence Congressional Media Complex Junta is taking major profits at the expense of taxpayers. Both phenomenon are probably true.

King Jesus is geared up also. He will have his way with America because it’s Judgment Day. America has filled her cup with sin and iniquity. The time has come to pour that cup out upon America the beautiful. Christ is going to pay America double for all the global and domestic trouble.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting to late.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Putin Will Release An Incriminating Recording Of Heir Trumpf! Collusion!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Putin Will Release An Incriminating Recording Of Heir Trump! Collusion!

Beloved America, The Lord Jesus Christ said Putin will release one recording via RT (Russia Today) that will incriminate our illegitimate President Donald John Trumpf Sr. I believe it will prove there was collusion in 2016 between Trumpf and Putin. Putin may wait until House Democrats clear Trumpf of all wrong doing.

The cover up of Trumpf’s collusion by Republicans, Democrats and Special Counsel Robert Mueller may blow up in the government’s face. The integrity of our government is at stake. Serious damage to the credibility of our government may result when Putin drops a bombshell on us related to collusion. It seems to me federal government official have been distracted and took their eyes off the master KGB spy Vladimir Putin. If I were Putin, I would have recorded every contact his administration had with the Trumpf campaign for leverage purposes. How could Putin resist such a massive opportunity to shake America.

If Putin only recorded a conversation with Trumpf on one occasion, it may still blow the collusion cover up out of the water. The US government has become vain no doubt because of all the killings of foreign leaders. The Lord said the CIA has killed twenty-five foreign leaders in the last seventy years.

There was and there is ongoing collusion between Trump and Putin. The cover up was about racism and ethnic cleansing of people of color in America. The cover up is a massive opportunity for Russia to drop an audio or video bomb on America. SMH.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting to late. It’s Judgment Day For Dear Old America. Sha has filled her cup and Christ is pouring it back out double.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Trump & The Pentagon’s Every Lie, Every Sin, Every Secret Will Come Out Soon! The Fall”

THE ORIGINAL! Trump & The Pentagon’s Every Lie, Every Sin, Every Secret Will Come Out Soon! The Fall Of America! Sad.

Beloved America, Matthew 10:26 says, “Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.” (King James Version) Mark 4:22 says, “For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.”

Therefore, Thus Says The Lord Jesus Christ, “Every Lie, Every Sin and Every Secret of America, The Pentagon and Donald Trump shall be revealed.” It’s just a matter of time.

Let the collusion cover up go forward. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. When manifestation day comes, The cover will be ripped from the liars in our government. Manifestation day is coming soon.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting to late.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! A Massive Global Boycott Of Eugenic Genocidal Nations Is Coming Soon!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! A Massive Global Boycott Of Eugenic Genocidal Nations Is Coming Soon!

Beloved America, The Lord Jesus Christ said the boycott is on. I believe a massive global boycott of The Beast is coming soon.

The Beast represents White Supremacy, Global Genocide, Social Darwinism, Gnosticism or Satanism, Satanic Secret Societies, Organized Crime, Mad High Tech Science, Deception and Deceit. The Beast uses the following tools to ensure White Supremacy:

1. War, Civil War, Gang Warfare
2. Humanitarian Assistance
3. Healthcare Initiatives
4. United Nations Agencies
5. Food Aid
6. Financial Aid
7. Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals
8. Vaccination Programs
9. Genome Editing, CrispR
10. Disease
11. Poverty, Hunger
12. Underdevelopment
13. The World Health Organization
14. Misinformation
15. False Doctrines
16. Darwinism
17. Evolution
18. Eugenics
19. Gnosticism
20. Satanic Secret Societies
20. Occultism, Satanism & Paganism
21. Racism
22. Mass Incarceration, Plea Bargaining
23. Law and Order, Injustice
24. Illegal Drug Sales
25. Murder
26. Espionage
27. False Historical Perspective
28. Deception
29. Deceit
30. Social Darwinism
31. White Terrorist groups

The Beast includes America, Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Columbia and Mexico. These nations are engaged in Local and Global Genocide Operations.

Boycott them because of White Supremacy and Global Genocidal Eugenic Operations. Kick them in the money bags. Create A Public Relations Nightmare For The Beast GLOBALLY. Go tell it on the mountains, over the hills, and everywhere. Do your homework as far as studying The Beast. Beware of strangers.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America and The Nations to Return to Christ before it is everlasting to late.



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