Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s French Coup De’tat and Trump’s Concentration Camps!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s French Government Coup De’tat and Trump’s Concentration Camps!

Beloved America, The Lord Jesus Christ said a French Government Coup is coming. Also, the daily news reported Trump shifted $155 million to concentration camps aka immigrant detention centers. Both issues are rooted in America’s Nazi Revolution. Apparently, Emmanuel Macron is not what Trump, Gina Haspel and General Joseph Dunford Jr want. Macron is pro European Union and the US leadership is not. The European Union is the largest trading block in the world reportedly. American interests would like to make trade deals with individual countries not the EU. Also, The European Union was initially founded to fight European nationalism which lead to world wars 1 & 2. America has fallen to bloody white nationalism.

American leaders in their pride and arrogance wants Macron to go. We will have to wait and see what happens.

The growing number of concentration camps and Latino immigrant prisoners of war requires ongoing funding. Reportedly Trump has shifted $155 million from The Federal Emergency Management Agency to Immigration & Customs Enforcement for their genocidal concentration camp program. They may use some of the money to build new concentration camps. American citizens may eventually end up in concentration camps as the American Nazi Revolution continues.

King Jesus has had enough with bloody American White Supremacy. America’s Nazi Revolution will fail in due season just like Hitler and Wilhelm’s Nazi Germany. Christ has turned to be be the enemy of America because of global genocidal activities and domestic sins that have mounted up to heaven.

Christ asked America to Return to Him. America as a whole said no. Therefore the wrath of God and Christ is being poured out upon the nation for old and new transgressions if God’s Holy Word.

In December 2016 Christ said ten years of war is coming to America as well as a bloody Civil War. Some time later, The Lord said Trump and the Pentagon want chaos in America. About six months ago Christ said America has a covert global genocidal eugenics program designed to remove all people of color globally. Recently The Lord said Trump and company ordered the El Paso, Texas massacre. Trump was also involved with the Dayton Ohio Massacre.

Therefore, I conclude America’s government is engaged in covert Civil War with people of color in the land. King Jesus said He is going to rescue people of color in America from the Pentagon. There will be many lost lives in the war says Christ, but the end result will be freedom from Nazi tyranny for people of color in America and abroad.

Stay tuned.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Trump, Haspel & Dunford Jr Continue To Sin Against People of Color At Home & Abroad!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Trump, Haspel & Dunford Jr Continue To Sin Against People of Color At Home & Abroad!

Beloved America, King Jesus continues to tell me the US Government is sinning against people of color globally. In fact, The Lord said America is moving forward with domestic and foreign genocidal plans designed to harm people of color globally. Christ through my humble ministry warned America in October 2018 to stop killing people. US government officials in the pride and stoutness of their hearts have impudently ignored all the warning that have come from The Lord through me.

Therefore a calamity awaits America the beautiful. A calamity from The Lord. Possibly like the calamity Adolf Hitler’s Nazis turned out to be for Germany and Europe. We know Hitler’s Nazis murdered about six million European Jews and roughly 2 million Gypsies. Not many know the Nazis lost more than seven million Germany soldiers and an estimate forty million Europeans died in World War II. In total and estimated 50 to 85 million souls perished in the deadliest war in World history. It seems reasonable to me to place the bulk of the blame for the war on the Nazis.

Inspite of the above, America has fallen to a Nazi Revolution. The Nazi Revolution became apparent to me shortly after President Barack Obama was elected in 2008. The TEA Party exploded onto the public scene in 2008 or so. The Freedom Caucus replaced The TEA Party in name only, and away we go with America’s Nazi Revolution. The Pentagon, DIA, CIA, NSA, FBI, White House and Trump Campaign employed Russia as a cut out to steal a Presidential election in 2016 from Democrat Hillary Clinton. After several shameful sham investigations of Trump Russia, Trump has been cleared of collusion and will be cleared soon of obstruction of justice. The Nazi Revolution roles on to the hurt of all involved.

The revolution is picking up steam as it heads straight into a brick wall named Jesus Christ. Christ told me it is too late for America to Return to Him. As a result, wrath-filled judgments are coming to America. On Judgment Day Christ pours out double trouble upon the intended target relative to all the trouble the target has given others. Christ pays back double trouble to a person or nation based on the kinds and amount of sins they have committed. That’s very bad news for our beloved country.

Some believe African American’s hate America. Not so for most of us. We hate the consistent ill treatment we have received in America. We love our country and have had a bitter sweet experience here. Many have experienced more of the sweet than the bitter. America is our home and most African Americans would not have it any other way.

Nevertheless, recent revelations from The Lord Jesus have dashed my hopes of a bright near future in America with respect to diversity and equity for all her citizens. The Lord revealed a few months ago the Pentagon’s roughly 109 year old covert global eugenics program. A plan designed to eventually exterminate ALL PEOPLE OF COLOR GLOBALLY, starting with Africans and their descendants. This revelation broke my heart, and has caused me to square my shoulders to confront the Nazi Revolution.

My heart is broken because millions of African Americans have worked tirelessly paying taxes to help America be great. Yet the US Government and private institutions have been using our monetary contributions down through the years to conduct research and development aimed at exterminating people of color globally. It’s enough to make you an angry fellow. The Bible teaches us to be angry and sin not.

People of Color are going to have to UNITE globally to fight for survival against what I believe to be the fourth Beast of Daniel chapter seven and the first and second of Beasts of Revelations chapter thirteen. In a nutshell, The Beast is global white supremacy and social Darwinism. Bloody.

The United Nations is a key tool in the hands of white supremacist governments including America, Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile and Canada. The UN kills people of color with KINDNESS. The UN provides humanitarian relief to areas where war or famine have resulted in a humanitarian crisis.

The genocide trap works something like this. Western and Russian Intelligence Agencies identify rival factions in a developing country. The West arms one fraction and the Russians arm the other. The two factions engage in civil war based on ideological and or ancient local tribal disputes. Civil war causes a humanitarian crisis. Thousands if not millions of hungry people who are possibly exposed to the elements are in danger of starvation or death by disease. Here comes the UN to save the day. They have food aid, vaccinations and pharmaceuticals to save the day.

The only problem is the food aid, vaccinations and pharmaceuticals intentionally cause communicable and noncommunicable disease like HIV AIDS, EBOLA, blood clots, heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure and a suppressed immune system. A suppressed immune system is not the same as a compromised immune system. A compromised immune system is obviously less desirable that a weakened or suppressed immune system.

A suppressed immune system is vulnerable to viral and bacterial invaders that cause infection because the Y-shaped protein antibodies that help prevent infection are not sufficiently present to handle the viral or bacterial load. Antibodies prevent viruses and bacteria from entering the cell. Infections occurs when a virus or bacteria penetrates the cell wall.

The genocide trap uses war and humanitarian assistance programs to seed communities of color with communicable and noncommunicable diseases. Famine can substitute for war. Noncommunicable diseases include hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, blood clots, etc. You can’t transfer a noncommunicable disease to another person via human interaction.

America and our allies including Russia are planning to continue the global genocide of people of color inspite of being exposed by yours truly. They believe no one can stop them. They will probably shift tactics as has been done in America many times, but the end goals will not change. Genocide is the plan, after all the world’s resources are strained by “overpopulation.” Overpopulation is code for too many Coloreds.

Stay tuned.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Trump, The CIA & Pentagon Ordered The El Paso, Texas Massacre Says The Lord Jesus!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Trump, The CIA And The Pentagon Ordered The El Paso, Texas Massacre Says The Lord Jesus Christ!

Beloved America, yesterday The Lord Jesus Christ said Trump was directly involved with the El Paso, Texas Massacre. Shocking, but consistent with Trump’s character. Trump, the CIA and Pentagon (DIA) surely collaborated with respect to the El Paso tragedy. Therefore, I declare America is at war with itself. Our federal government is firmly in the hands of white Nazi nationalists. They are engaging people of color in the land with guerilla warfare tactics and suicide shooters. I don’t believe every mass shooting is a guerilla attack. The racially or religiously motivated ones are.

Why would the US Government murder taxpaying Americans and their loved ones. Because of the current US demographic. White nazi nationalists are alarmed and threatened by the rapidly shifting US demographic. White Nazi Nationalist leaders are endeavoring to take their country back. They want to go backward instead of forward. They prefer the good old days more than our current reality.

The problem America’s corrupt power elite has is they have filled their collective cup with sin and iniquity says The Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord has weighed America as we have known it, in the balance of judgment and found our nation wanting. Christ has witnessed first hand the bloody history of colonial and post colonial America. He watched the intentional genocide of Native Americans. He saw the African holocaust in living color. He has seen the bloody nature of American foreign policy with respect to all nations. He has personally witnessed the bloody sins of America which are ongoing.

As such, The Lord Jesus will no longer allow America to continue along the historic blood trail of former generations. The deep lengthy blood trail created by America ends here. However, the process of ending bloody American white nazi supremacy may itself be very blood. The Lord Jesus Christ will get many of us to the other side of our second Civil War, which has been started by the Pentagon. .

Tell the Pentagon it is one thing to start a war and another thing to finish it. King Jesus will save and deliver people of color from the Beast of global white supremacy and social Darwinism, but not all of us.

In the meantime the best place to hide from the Beast is in King Jesus. Christ is a refugee and fortress, a strong and mighty tower, a rock of defense to save us. I beseech you therefore ladies and gentlemen to come to King Jesus Christ. You must be born again from above by faith in Christ, and by receiving the Holy Spirit into your inner being (your heart). You must wash away your sins in the waters of baptism. Christ wants to circumcised your heart (inner being). He wants to fill you with His Word (Holy Scripture). He wants to send you to the nations to preach the good news of King Jesus to this generation. You don’t have to get out, but you must come into The Kingdom of God and Christ if you want to win.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! The Pentagon Plans To Reelect Heir Trumpf. We Will See What King Jesus Says.” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! The Pentagon Plans To Reelect Heir Trumpf. We Will See What King Jesus Says.

Beloved America, today I realized concretely that The Pentagon intends for Trump to win the 2020 election by any means necessary. Trump has been fraudulently cleared of collusion and will be fraudulently cleared of obstruction of justice soon. The fix is in. Apparently, The Russian Collusion Scandal delayed certain Pentagon objectives during Trumpf’s first term. My guess is, the good ole boys at The Pentagon would like to extend a do over to heir Trumpf.

Trumpf and Congress have given The Pentagon about $1.433 trillion of hard earned American tax payer money in 2018 and 2019, collectively. The Lord Jesus Christ said Military Contractors have been fighting over our money. There can be no doubt The Pentagon would like to keep the gravy train rolling.

In addition, The Pentagon would like Republicans to regain control of the House of Representatives and maintain control of the Senate. In this way heir Trumpf would get a complete do over.

The problem The Pentagon may have is a total loss of integrity as far as our constitutional Democracy is concerned. The American people are not stupid. We all know Trumpf colluded with Russia. It has become painfully clear to many that The Pentagon and the US Intelligence Community also colluded with Russia. Therefore all manipulations of the federal government designed to help Trumpf get reelected will be transparent to most Americans. The state run media can only do so much to deceive voters. Some voters are experienced when it comes to the corruption emanating from Washington and The Medial. Most people can see through the deception.

Nevertheless, The Pentagon wants Trumpf to instigate a Civil War, more chaos and riots in America for the purpose of ethnic cleansing. Ethnic cleansing would reestablish white political supremacy in America to go along with white economic supremacy.

The Pentagon has an insurmountable problem though. His name is Jesus or Yeshua Ha Maschiyach Ben Yah. King Jesus is tired of all the genocide coming from The Pentagon. He is cutting it off sooner than later.

Yet the seven members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are luciferian antichrists who are 33rd degree freemasons. They don’t believe in or fear Christ. As a result, their fate is sealed.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Putin Will Release An Incriminating Recording Of Heir Trumpf! Collusion!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Putin Will Release An Incriminating Recording Of Heir Trump! Collusion!

Beloved America, The Lord Jesus Christ said Putin will release one recording via RT (Russia Today) that will incriminate our illegitimate President Donald John Trumpf Sr. I believe it will prove there was collusion in 2016 between Trumpf and Putin. Putin may wait until House Democrats clear Trumpf of all wrong doing.

The cover up of Trumpf’s collusion by Republicans, Democrats and Special Counsel Robert Mueller may blow up in the government’s face. The integrity of our government is at stake. Serious damage to the credibility of our government may result when Putin drops a bombshell on us related to collusion. It seems to me federal government official have been distracted and took their eyes off the master KGB spy Vladimir Putin. If I were Putin, I would have recorded every contact his administration had with the Trumpf campaign for leverage purposes. How could Putin resist such a massive opportunity to shake America.

If Putin only recorded a conversation with Trumpf on one occasion, it may still blow the collusion cover up out of the water. The US government has become vain no doubt because of all the killings of foreign leaders. The Lord said the CIA has killed twenty-five foreign leaders in the last seventy years.

There was and there is ongoing collusion between Trump and Putin. The cover up was about racism and ethnic cleansing of people of color in America. The cover up is a massive opportunity for Russia to drop an audio or video bomb on America. SMH.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting to late. It’s Judgment Day For Dear Old America. Sha has filled her cup and Christ is pouring it back out double.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! The Pentagon & Trump Want Civil War In America For Genocidal Purposes! Boycott Them!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! The Pentagon & Trump Want Civil War In America For Genocidal Purposes! Boycott The Beast GLOBALLY! Create A Global Public Relations Nightmare For The Beast! Nonviolence & Stand Your Ground!

Beloved America, I regret to inform you with a heavy heart of the fact that The Pentagon and their imbecilic puppet President Donald Trump are intentionally instigating civil war in America today. This is The Word of The Lord Jesus Christ. Trump is the silly narcissistic mouthpiece or false prophet of the global genocidal maniac we call the Pentagon. The US, Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Argentina, Chile and more are all united in an attempt to exterminate people of color globally, especially black skinned people.

Africa lags behind the nation’s with respect to economic development. To my surprise no US Automakers have auto plants in Africa. China has been developed. India is developing. Certain South American countries are developing. There is no sincere effort to develop Africa.

There is however a massive coordinated effort to provide humanitarian relief to Africa and other underdeveloped nations. The war on poverty, the war on hunger, the war on communicable and noncommunicable disease, diaster & war relief are being used to kill people of color with kindness, globally. The plot is revealed by Christ and confirmed by the lack of sincere concern for Africa’s socioeconomic development. No infrastructure and economic development initiatives yet massive humanitarian relief efforts which are largely necessary because of the intentional underdevelopment of the continent.

Black communities all over the world are microcosms of Africa in most ways. For example, Africa is plagued by warfare between rival factions and tribes. African-Americans communities are plagued by warfare between rival street and drug gangs. African-American communities struggle with socio-economic underdevelopment. African nations are intentionally depressed in this area as well. Africans are struggling with a communicable and noncommunicable disease crisis. African-Americans too. HIV AIDS and Ebola virus are decimating many African nations. African Americans, intravenous drug users and homosexuals have been intentionally infected with HIV AIDS.

If you look at Black communities globally you will see the same pattern. You will see the same sources and methods in play. Look at the state of Black people in Australia, New Zealand, Brazi, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Canada, Europe, Asia, The Pacific Islands, The Middle East, etc. The picture that emerges is global genocide.

Black people are the main target of global genocide, but the ultimate goal of beastly satanic White Supremacists is to exterminate ALL non White people globally. The task seems insurmountable until you consider the sinister technical ability of these satanic global white supremacists. Genome Editing is a game changer.

With Genome Editing Satanic global white supremacists can genetically program sterility and other defects into large populations of people using healthcare programs and initiatives. Some SATANIC geneticists dream of creating a tribe of human slaves using genetic editing. Genome Editing is a possible way to exterminate billions of people without harming the environment. Nuclear war would render parts of the earth uninhabitable for many years.

The good news is, The fourth Beast of Daniel 7 and the first & second Beasts of Revelations 13 which are satanism, gnosticism, white supremacy, social Darwinism, mad Eugenic Genocidal science, satanic secret societies are ultimately going to fail because the Beast makes war with The Lamb of God King Jesus Christ. Christ is going to grind The Beast to powder at some point. My understanding is, The Beast will fall on the day Christ and the saints return to earth and land on The Mount of Olives.

Until then it is imperative that people of color globally seek unto KING JESUS CHRIST for personal and tribal salvation. Holy Spirit filled Born again Christians are not vulnerable to harm from Eugenic devices like genome editing, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceutical, food & drink ingredients, etc. As far as war is concerned, Christ will fight for those who have reverential fear of Him and keep His commandments. Christ will also deliver those who don’t kniw Him from The Beast, because the Beast is exceedingly wicked.

Until Christ returns and destroys The Beast, The safest place of refuge for all people is in a personal relationship with our Great God and Savior King (Melek) Jesus (Yehoshua) Christ (Messiah)! Receive ye The Holy Ghost.

Also, people of color globally should engage in Nonviolent struggle against The Beast. Boycott The Beast GLOBALLY. Engage in global public relations warfare against the Beast without embellishment. The Beast is so sick, embellishment or propaganda won’t be necessary. Cartoon caricatures of the Beast are valid public relations tools considering the facts of The Beast’s nature.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for the nations to Return to Christ before it is everlasting to late. It’s judgment day. Three generations or about 120 years of imbecilic impudent white pride against Christ is ENOUGH!


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From CNN: House report: At least 18 migrant children under the age of 2 were separated from parents for 20 days to 6 months

Trump’s Nazis are a National Disgrace! An understatement.


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