Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Are There Fifty Euros On The CIA/FSB Trump Putin Collusion Scandal Hit List? Plausibly” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Are There Fifty Euros On The CIA/FSB Trump Putin Collusion Scandal Hit List? Plausibly.

Beloved, earlier this year King Jesus said Mike Pompeo’s CIA was going to share a list of current and former CIA agents or assets with Russia. Later in the year, The Lord said the list is a hit list of fifty or more men. A few months ago, The Lord Jesus said the hit list is designed to clean up the “Trump Putin” Collusion Scandal that includes the Republican Party and the US Military Industrial Intelligence Complex.

A few days ago, I heard the phrase, “Fifty Euros.” I thought about the CIA/FSB Hit List. I am not sure if fifty European men are on the hit list, but I would not be surprised. I suspect the US Military Industrial Intelligence Complex and Russia are planning to muscle Europe into the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex Russian Alliance? It’s certainly plausible. Also, recall how European Intelligence Agencies reportedly alerted the US Government about Trump campaign members frequent contacts with Russian officials. Could European Intelligence Agents or Assets be the target of US Russian animus? I am not sure at this point. The prophetic picture will probably become crystal clear down the road.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of the Lord Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting to late.


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THE ORIGINAL! Putin Suborned Trump & Associates w/ Russian Money & Russian Honey! Trump Colluded Says Jesus!


The Lord Jesus Christ told me Donald Trump colluded with Putin to get elected.  The Lord said there was interference with the 2016 Presidential Election.  The Lord said Putin delivered for Trump and Trump knew about it.  The Trump Russia Dossier prepared by Christopher Steele, former British MI6 agent, alleges Trump and his inner circle paid the hackers of the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and John Podesta.  Allegedly, Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen went to Prague, Czechoslovakia to make arrangements to pay the hackers in a plausibly deniable way.  I believe The LORD has revealed to me Ivanka Trump went with Michael Cohen to Prague. Also, allegedly Putin orchestrated the hacking operation.

Trump has a problem with sex and money according to The Lord Jesus.  Russian money and Russian honey (women of low morals, golden showers, etc.) have proved to be too tempting for him.  He has had a problem with rubbing elbows with criminals.  He has had a history of doing things the wrong way, i.e. illegally.  Trump has been set up by The LORD Jesus Christ for a final colossal fall.  Trump’s time has come to be judged for a lifetime of corruption.  Stay tuned.

THE DAILY BROADCAST! A Divided Republican Party, Steve Mnuchin, ObamaCare and Cyber Bullying

The Lord Jesus appears to have set “AMBUSHMENTS” against the Republican Party. He appears to have set neighbor against neighbor. They are publicly divided and a Party divided against itself can not stand. Does America have three political parties today. Looks like it.

The more significant issue is, American Government has for three generations or 120 years been disrespecting The LORD Jesus Christ and refuses to return to Christ. As a result, Christ is troubling America and will continue to do so more and more until America returns to Him or is altogether destroyed. What are the sins of America against Christ?

1. Racism, Sexism, Classism
2. Darwinism and Evolution
3, Atheism, Gnosticism, Kaballahism
4. Satanism, Paganism, Occultism
5. La Cosa Nostra or Mafia, Organized Crime, Drug Dealing & Gang Banging
6. Satanic Secret Societies like Illuminati, Skull & Bones, Freemasons, Eastern Stars, Knights Templars, Knights of Malta, Knights of the Rosy Cross, Knights of Columbus
7. Greek letter Organizations like Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Alpha
8. Eugenics which is genocide or racism on steroids
9. Abortion which Richard Nixon said was “about the Blacks.”
10. Sodomite Marriage or Sodomite Pride (Homosexual Pride)
11. Apostate Christianity
12. Vain and False Religions (Idolatry & Occultism)
13. Free Love, Drugs and Rock & Roll (Occult Revolution)

THE ORIGINAL! Like Richard Nixon, Trump is Contemptuous of America, its’ Institutions, People and Way of Life!

Transcripts of conversations President Richard Nixon had with his aides revealed Nixon to be contemptuous of the United States, its’ Institutions and People.  Well if Richard Nixon was like that, Donald Trump is much more so for colluding with the Russians to get himself elected.

THE ORIGINAL! A Tidal Wave of Trouble is Coming to America Because of 120 Years of Pride!

America’s rejection of King Jesus Christ has brought trouble upon our land.  A Tidal Wave of Trouble.  The Lord said to me America has been proud in His eyes for three generation or 120 years.  Prepare for more trouble.

THE ORIGINAL! As Trump Consolidates His Kingdom, King Jesus is Planning to Push His Button!

THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s Organized Crime and Money Laundering Ties Begin to Leak Out! Also, War with Russia!