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THE ORIGINAL! Thus Says The Lord Jesus Christ, “Trump Will Resign!”

Beloved America, in the game of chess, when you are placed in checkmate, you have no other choice but to RESIGN. Thus Says The Lord Jesus Christ, “Trump Will Resign.” When, you might ask? When it’s checkmate. How do we get to checkmate? Only Christ knows. If I knew, I would probably tell the world. Obviously the Lord is going to do something great to save America and the world from Trump’s Nazis Party.

In the meantime, The Pentagon’s global covert eugenics program has been exposed by revelation from the Lord Jesus. The program began around 1910 or so to solve America’s pesky Negro problem. The program includes gene editing, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, food aid, illegal drugs, alcohol, civil war, mass incarceration, gang warfare, organized crime, benign neglect, etc, etc.

Also, The Lord has revealed that White Supremacy is the Fourth Beast of Daniel chapter 7 and the first Beast of Revelations chapter 13. The second Beast of Revelations chapter 13 is Darwinism, Evolution and Eugenics. The second Beast causes everyone to worship the first Beast. HUA.

Pray and Believe in King Jesus Christ, The Saviour of the world.


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THE ORIGINAL! Trump & The CIA Are Worried About The Trump Pentagon Russia Collusion Scandal!

Beloved America, The Lord Jesus said Trump and The CIA are nervous about The Trump Pentagon Russia Collusion Scandal and subsequent cover up. Mueller choked, Nunes obstructed, Burr deceived, Pelosi is a mob associate like Trump, Schiff is CIA, Nadler is under control, Cummings is quiet, Waters is impotent and America has fallen because of Pride against Christ Jesus The King.

The CIA is nervous because they hired Russia as a cutout to help them swing the 2016 Election to Trump. It was an inside job though. The watchmen did it. What of the watchmen. The watchmen also engaged in an elaborate cover up! They are nervous because Christ is pulling the cover off of the cover up.

Stay tuned.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! The House Of Saud Sins In Collusion With The Pentagon, Israel & The Intel Community!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! The House Of Saud Sins In Collusion With The Pentagon, Israel & The Intelligence Community!

Beloved America, Thus Says The Lord Jesus Christ, “Saud sin.” The House Saud Sins In Collusion With America, Israel and Russia. I am not sure what sins The House of Saud has committed in collusion with America, Israel and Russia, but a few sins come to mind.

First, the massacre of Jamal Khashoggi who was brutally tortured and murdered at a Saudi Embassy in Turkey about eight months ago. The Lord said Khashoggi was an Intelligence Agent of some kind. My guess is he was CIA because he lived in Virginia. I could be wrong about the agency he worked for. It’s possible he was a Defense Intelligence Agent. I suspect he knew Vice Admiral Scott Stearney who was found dead in his residence in Bahrain several weeks after Khashoggi was brutally murdered. Initial reports of Khashoggi’s murder said he was tortured before death. It sounds like his killers were trying to get information out of Khashoggi. They may have succeeded. As a result, it’s possible other homicides like that of Vice Admiral Stearney have occurred.

The Lord Jesus said Khashoggi knew something about gas. This may refer to Liquified Natural Gas a clean burning fuel that is abundant in supply these days. Khashoggi may have had intelligence about the bribe Rosneft offered Trump. According to Christopher Steele’s Russian Dossier, Russia’s oil giant Rosneft offered Trump nineteen percent of the company to lift the sanctions off Russia for appropriating Crimea from Ukraine. Clearly, one of the first things Trump did after he was illegitimately inaugurated President in 2017 was to ask State Department officials to begin the process of lifting sanctions off Russia concerning Crimea. Trump has failed to lift the sanctions thus far because he is a failure. A mountain of a loser. Lol.

The second sin of The House of Saud may be accusing Iran of sabotaging four oil freighters and one oil pump station connected to Saudi Arabia. Reportedly, drones were used in all attacks. Iran is the leading and very convenient suspect in these crimes. Convenient I say because all parties involved want to have a reason to attack Iran. Iran would be a fool to start the war of regime change that appears to be coming to Tehran soon.

The House of Saud also sinned against certain ill favored princes within the Kingdom after Prince Mohammed Bin Salmon was selected to rule after his father’s death. This was probably not done in collusion with foreign powers.

Trump’s first foreign trip included a stop in Saudi Arabia. In fact, Saudi Arabia was the first nation to receive Trump and his entourage. One of the craziest thing I have ever witnessed was the Saudi sword dance. Possible Al Qaeda operatives and or sympathizers may have weilded a sword near the illegitimate President of the United States of America. Crazy mountain!

I believe The Lord Jesus Christ said the goal of the Iran invasion is Tehran with agreement from Russia. Since Iran is a so called ally of Russia, I suspect a trade has occurred between the US and Russia. In exchange for Iran, Russia may have received permission to add South Korea, Japan, Ukraine, etc to their federation. We will have to wait and see what happens. Smile.

The Lord told me about five months ago that an evil war is coming. He told me a good while ago that world-wide war is coming. I am not absolutely sure the apparent Iran initiative is “The evil war,” but is seems evil. The possible war with Iran seems evil because the Trump Administration seems to be in search of a pretext for war. Their story keeps evolving from Iran has weapons of mass destruction, to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is a terrorist organization, to possible Iranian drone attacks against American allies in the Middle East are escalating. Which is it?

Lately The Lord Jesus has said, “Oil” repeatedly. Iran has about 160 billion barrels of proven oil reserves while the US has only about 36 billions barrels. No doubt America consumes a lot more oil than does Iran. Trump has said in the past that taking oil from weaker nations is acceptable to him. Who can stop him from doing such a wicked thing if Russia and China look the other way? King Jesus can stop it.

My gut feeling is Trump, who appears to have dodged the draft during the Vietnam War, will send other people’s kids to Iran. Some of other people’s kids will probably die there.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late. It’s judgment day for America the beautiful. Our cup is full of iniquity. Christ is pouring it back out to us double!


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Special Counsel Mueller Is A Luciferian Freemason Mob Associate Says The Lord Part 2!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Special Counsel Heir Mueller Is A Luciferian Freemason Mob Associate Says The Lord Jesus Christ! There Is Massive Collusion! Part 2

Beloved America, The Lord Jesus Christ has given me another bombshell revelation. Two years ago, The Lord said Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III is a freemason. The Lord said Mueller’s investigation was a freemason SHAM. I recorded a Facebook Live video about these revelations in May 2017. The video is also posted on my YouTube channel.

After Mueller’s Sham report on Trump Russia collusion came out on March 24, 2019, The Lord revealed two things. One, Mueller is not just a freemason, he is a 33 degree freemason. Not surprising for a man who is a former FBI Director. The second revelation, heir Mueller is a mob associate! Shocking but believable when you consider the fact that before Mueller accepted the Special Counsel role, he was a partner in the law firm WilmerHale that had clients named Jared and Ivanka Kushner. Trump and his kids are mob associates as well says The Lord. The law firm representing Jared and Ivanka no doubt has mob lawyers on staff.

Mueller’s shocking mob ties also helps to explain why American organized crime is out of control. When the FBI Director is a mob associate, the mob will generally be unmolested.

Mueller’s mob ties help to explain why a lawless man like Donald Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey so he could install Mueller as Special Counsel reporting to former Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein reportedly played a role in Comey’s firing. Trump in affect took control of the Trump Russia collusion probe! Believable when you consider Trump’s character.

This bombshell implicates the powers that be in the crime of collusion with an adversarial foreign power Russia to get Trump elected. The Pentagon is implicated because of the role three star General Michael Flynn played in the scandal. How often are Generals on staff of a political campaign? How often does the former Defense Intelligence Agency Director go to a Russian Today gala in Moscow. How strange is it that presidential hopeful Jill Stein was sitting at the same table as General Michael Flynn?

The Intelligence Community is implicated as well because they failed to adequately check Russian aggression and are now involved in covering up collusion by way of many SHAM investigations. They also claim to have insufficient evidence of collusion which is a ridiculous assertion. The information collection capabilities of the world’s premier Intelligence Community, and the great many contacts between Trump’s campaign and the Russians during the 2016 campaign lead me to believe the Intel community is a coconspirator. Finally, the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, an Intel agent himself and a man who knew details about the conspiracy points the finger at our Intel Community. Is there no Saudi Embassy in America?

Why all the deceitfulness? America’s white male dominated power elite have taken their country back from diverse democracy. Democracy has fallen in America in lieu of White Supremacy!

What to do. Pray and ask Christ what you should do. Armed struggle against The Pentagon is a BAD idea.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! I Wonder Who Told Heir Mueller To “Work Slowly & Leave The Trumps ALONE?”” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! I Wonder Who Told Heir Mueller To “Work Slowly & Leave The Trumps ALONE?”

Beloved America, are you wondering like I am who ordered Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III to “work slowly and leave Trump alone?” You are! Me too. Are you wondering why Mueller started his investigation looking into the ancillary issue of obstruction of justice and waited a year to begin examining the grave issue of treasonous criminal collusion with Putin? Doesn’t Mueller’s strategy seem ASS BACKWARDS to you? Me too. Wouldn’t you have started investigating collusion because you wanted to protect America from a treasonous traitor who is the illegitimate President of The United States of America? Me too.

Why did Mueller fail to proceed wisely? Somebody told him to work slowly and to leave Trump, his family and business alone. Who gave the order? My guess is The Donald and or Jefferson Beauregard Sessions and or Rod Rosenstein gave the order. Trump, Sessions and Rosenstein colluded criminally to fire former FBI Director James Comey. Right? Right. It’s possible someone in the Pentagon also spoke to Mueller, because Mueller probably doesn’t fear Trump, Sessions and Rosenstein enough to cast away the facade of Mr. Integrity.

Why are the Pentagon, DIA, CIA, NSA, FBI, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party colluding to cover up Trump’s criminal collusion? The good ol’ boys are taking their damn country back criminally and by political force. They have taken back control, the slogan of The United Kingdom Leave Movement. The Silent Military Coup of 2016 was a white male supremacy power grab and democracy takedown. Whoa.

What to do? Pray earnestly for Christ to pull the cover off the worst political conspiracy of All Time. The good ol’ boys are Nazis like their forefathers who foresook The Lord Jesus Christ in 1876 for white male supremacy. As you recall, The Compromise of 1876 killed Reconstruction in the south as well as a host of uppity Negroes. Their forefathers also conspired to study the reproductive health of African Americans from 1932 to 1972 in The Tuskegee Study. When The Tuskegee Study ended, abortion on demand began with eighty percent of abortion clinics in minority communities. Today abortion is the leading cause of death for African Americans, outpacing ALL other causes of death combined. About 250,000 to 500,000 black babies die via abortion per year. Surprisingly, the number of white babies aborted is about the same as the number of black babies aborted yearly. Yet whites outnumber blacks 4.5 to 1 (63/14). This startling statistic says blacks are 4.5 times more likely to abort unwanted pregnancies than whites.

The forefathers of today’s Nazi Party also stole healthy cells from a dying African American women named Henrietta Lacks and have illegally shared her cell line with the nations. The question is begged, what would a Nazi want with an African American female’s cells. What would a Nazi do with information gleaned from studying African American cells. The answer is obvious. Genocide. Not the old fashioned way, but the new Nazi high tech way. Pharmaceutical and consumer goods perhaps design to do harm to the African American on the cellular genetic level. I suspect covert mass sterilization of minorities has been occurring since Eugenic research and development began one hundred years ago.

Finally, America’s modern Nazis have forsaken true DEMOCRACY for white male supremacy. They went through dangerous and risky extremes to do so. They hired the Russians to provide cover for their covert operations on American soil.

The great news is, we are still here! The bad news is, the high tech Eugenic Nazis are still here too, and they just took their damned country back. So The Lord Jesus Christ is calling us to prayer. All hands on deck! Watch and pray and do what the Bible says. Do what The Holy Spirit says. Fear not, ONLY BELIEVE. Preach yourself to death like King Jesus did. Engage the culture with The Word of God. Be fearless!

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late. We are in the midst of judgment day. I believe Christ is going to save the flock of slaughter.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! The Fall Of Trump, The CIA & The Pentagon Is Near!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! The Fall Of Trump, The CIA & The Pentagon Is Near!

Beloved America, King Jesus said the CIA is going to fall. My guess is The Trump Administration and Organization will fall simultaneously. The Pentagon will fall from grace as well because they conspired together to defraud American voters in November 2016. They conspired, accomplished and covered up the greatest election fraud of our generation. They used Trump’s Russian connections via the Russian Jewish mob to provide cover for CIA and Pentagon mischief.

Now that The House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff has given up on pursuing Trump’s collusion, as The Lord said he would, the way is clear for King Jesus to do something to reveal the truth. I am not sure what the Lord is going to do or when, but the end result will be the fall of Trump, the CIA and Pentagon.

Will the CIA and Pentagon cease to exist as we know it today. I doubt it. The fall of both may result in restructuring of each organization or changes in Congressional oversight.

Trump’s fall on the other hand will probably result in jail time for he and some of his family members. After all Trump is a crook. Lol.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Did Attorney General Billy “The Blocker” Barr Fire Mueller On Day One! It’s Plausible.” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Did Attorney General Billy “The Blocker” Barr Fire Mueller On Day One As AG!! It’s Plausible.

Beloved, it seems plausible Attorney General William “The Blocker” Barr commanded Special Counsel Robert Mueller III to wrap up his investigation of Trump Russia Collusion\Interference on day one of his term as AG. On March 24, 2019 the Mueller Report was submitted to Billy “The Blocker” who summarized four hundred forty eight pages succinctly into four pages. Billy “The Blocker’s” summary informed America implausibly there was no evidence of collusion and no obstruction of justice. When justice departs you can’t obstruct it.

Open source information clearly reveals Trump colluded with Putin. It’s obvious. Less obvious is the Christ given revelation that the Pentagon, DIA, CIA also colluded with Russia. This hidden truth explains the obvious truth.

The obvious deep state cover up of Trump’s collusion with Putin begs the question, why all the unprecedented corruption? The answer is the good ol’ boys feel it’s time to take their country back from the apparent overspreading diverse democracy. Representative democracy in America is threatening white supremacy today with a bleak future outlook for the same. So America’s power elite have decided to nip it in the bud.

One man said, you can’t have a revolution without military buy in. This statement sounds reasonable. Therefore the Trump Russia Collusion Scandal is also the Pentagon Russia Collusion Scandal. After all, collusion is a foregone conclusion based on the simple basics we are publicly aware of. Do I believe Mueller had insufficient prosecutable evidence of collusion. No, not remotely.

The Lord Jesus said civil war is coming to America. He said ten years of war with Russia is coming. What Christ did not say is, when. The feigned struggle between Republicans and Democrats with respect to Trump Russia seemed to be a civil civil war. A civil civil war is preferable to a bloody civil war. Recently, The Lord Jesus revealed the unsettling fact that America’s two political parties are really one political party. The White Supremacy Party. The G freemason political party. A G man’s loyalty is to G, not to a political party.

Therefore the pending civil war is coming. Who knows when, and the war will be impossible to stop without repentance and contrition before Christ.

In the meantime expect Trump to be more transparent about his value system, vindictive, corrupt and abusive to those he considers enemies of White America and his personal family. Expect Hitler like ramblings that thrill his base and threaten his opponents. Expect the abuse of power.

King Jesus said Trump’s entire Administration will be repealed and replaced in Federal Court for election fraud at some point in the future. Expect this also, after all, no man can stop King Jesus from fulfilling His Word. No man!!

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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