Watch “THE ORIGINAL! There’s Ongoing Collusion & The Military Industrial Complex Infights Over $700 Billion” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! There’s Ongoing Collusion & The Military Industrial Complex Infights Over $700 Billion Of Taxpayer Money!

Beloved America, The King of Kings Jesus Christ said there was collusion in November 2016. There is ongoing collusion as I write tonight between the Pentagon and Kremlin. They are colluding in the Middle East and Venezuela. They are colluding with respect to North Korea.

The Military Industrial Complex is also squabbling about who gets what portion of the $700 billion Pentagon give away of tax payer money. No doubt the Pentagon swung the election to Trump with Russia’s help so Trump could give them tax payer dollars beyond historic levels.

The deep state has covered up collusion thus far because they control the apparatus of government and the media. The so called liberal media is the same as the so called conservative media. They are one. Their rhetoric is different but their goals are the same. White Supremacy. Their handlers are the same, The Pentagon or Military Industrial Complex.

However, there is a God in Heaven. His name is YHVH. His only begotten Son’s name is Yehoshua ha Mashiyach Ben Yah. We call the Son King Jesus as the result of Greek transliteration. King Jesus has all power over Heaven and the Earth. He will pull the cover off America’s corrupt government elite in due time. A God sized problem is a good problem to have if you are in right relationship with God and Christ. Prayer about the God sized problem will produce a God sized manifestation of God’s glory. God judges the nations. It’s judgment day in America. The Lord will pull the cover off Trump CIA Pentagon DIA Russia FSB GRU Collusion soon.

The Lord Jesus Christ waited until the conspiracy brought the entire government into view. At this point they are trapped in the no evidence of collusion mode. The Lord is going to shame the deep state by revealing their embarassing secrets. After all, their is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed, nothing secret that shall not be made known (Matthew 10:26).

On a sad mote tonight, the family buried a dear uncle today who passed away due to cancer at 67 years old. The Lord Jesus said he was a victim of retribution from Trump Organization fix it man Michael Cohen. His death is pay back against me for speaking the Word Of Christ boldly in the market place. His untimely death simply confirms the integrity of my ministry. The Lord has comforted me about the whole thing as my dear uncle made his peace with King Jesus on his way out of this life. As a result, I look forward to seeing him again in Heaven. We will take up where we left off.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Trump-Pentagon-CIA-Russian Collusion Is About Dividing & Conquering America!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Trump-Pentagon-CIA-Russian Collusion Is About Dividing & Conquering America (White’s From Non-Whites).

Beloved America, often lately The Lord Jesus has been showing me a division sign. I believe He is referring to the nation of America. I broadcasted a Word from The Lord on Division over two years ago. At that time, Trump’s illegitimate election victory polarized the nation. Today, Trump’s illegitimate election victory, the subsequent multiple investigations thereof and the shocking conclusion of the Mueller Investigation have deepened the divide in America. Trump’s victory lap is no doubt planned to continue until the 2020 election, and will continue to separate American from American.

The stark reality that the powers that be are okay with Trump’s divisive rhetoric indicates to me they want Trump to polarize the nation. The powers that be are American powers, not Russian powers. They are inclined toward white supremacy for sure.

The Lord Jesus told me several months ago that the powers that be want to take America back to the Jim Crow era. The era of separate but unequal with respect to white and non white American citizens. The era of absolute terror for African descendants in the south.

Combining these revelations provides an explanation for why the powers that be are okay with Trump’s divisive rhetoric. They want to consolidate white America and alienate everyone else to lay the ground work for the new Jim Crow.

Thank God for King Jesus. He also said He has rejected the far right wing in America and possibly abroad. The politics of race is an abomination to the Lord who made all people from one couple, Adam and Eve. Judgment Day is underway in America so Christ is addressing the age old problem of white supremacy. White Supremacy has been a constant theme in America and colonial America. It is an unrelenting sin. It is a non-Christian value system. Therefore on judgment day Christ is addressing white supremacy.

Is non white supremacy superior to white supremacy? No! Tribal supremacy is a bloody value system. It leads to abominable genocide.

Trump and his American handlers want two America’s like the “good old days.” They are going to fail. Civil war is coming to America. I suspect the aftermath will birth a tribally diverse nation that abhors tribal supremacy.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of the Lord Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Fall Of America. Justice Departs. Sin Reigns. G. King Jesus Christ To Rescue! Yeah!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Fall Of America. Justice Departs. Sin Reigns. G. King Jesus Christ To Rescue! Yeah!

Beloved America, our nation has fallen another notch. Justice has departed says The Lord Jesus Christ. Sin reigns. G or satanism, gnosticism reigns. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has submitted his report on Trump Russia interfernce and collusion without any further indictments.

America is in need of a Savior. There is a Savior available. Melek Yeshua Ha Maschiach Ben Yah. We call Him King Jesus Christ the Son of God. We need King Jesus to save America from the Military Industrial Intelligence Congressional Media Complex Junta. President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about the real threat of MIC undermining Democracy in America. MIC may have overturned our Democracy with the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in November 1963..

In January 2015, The Lord Jesus said America was going to fall because of pride against Christ. Pride in this context means a lack of fear of Christ and a refusal to obey His commandments. In this context, you can clearly see that America is proud in Christ’s eyes. Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall says the Holy Judaeo Christian Bible.

Justice is hard to find on God’s green earth. America is no exception. However when powerful elite special interests begin to steal presidential elections, justice has departed. Justice is gone from America. When justice departs, tyranny reigns. As an African American tyranny is nothing new. However, the tyranny in America’s further is worse than anything we have known before. Tyranny of the Nazi Germany kind is coming to America. Already, Latino immigrant youngsters are in concentration camps in America. America permits concentration camps for unwelcome immigrants. A short leap away would be concentration camps for American citizens.

The Lord said in late 2016 or so He has rejected the far right wing in America. The far right is prone to white supremacy, racism and genocide. Just like Hitler’s Germany. Therefore The Lord Jesus Christ is going to do sometime to save Americans from our fallen government. If He doesn’t many sorrows await our beloved homeland.

Many sorrows are in America’s future either way because America has filled her cup with sin and iniquity says The Lord Jesus. What that means from a Biblical perspective is The Lord is going to pour out the cup America has filled double upon us. This means the sins committed by America on her own citizens and other nations will be visited upon America double. This means much tribulation is coming to America starting in 2015.

Nevertheless, when Christ has pour out America’s cup double upon America, He may again be very gracious to us.

Times of tribulation can motivate people to seek God. In the mist of trouble, the humble souls may return to Christ sincerely. In this way, a spiritual awakening is coming to America the beautiful too.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of the Lord Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Felix Sater, Trump’s Business Partner & Government Informant Setup The Prague Meeting!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Felix Sater, Trump’s Former Business Partner And US Government Informant Set Up The Prague Meeting Between Trump’s Campaign And Putin’s Administration!

Beloved, The Lord Jesus said Felix Sater, former Trump business associate and US Government Informant set up the Prague, Czech Republic meeting between Michael Cohen, Ivanka Trump Kushner, Donald Trump Jr and Allen Weisselberg with Putin Administration officials. The meeting allegedly was held to discuss paying American/Russian led hackers via plausibly deniable cash payments and to prepare lying scenarios for the public concerning the conspiracy.

The mind boggling thought is, did US Intelligence know the date and location of the meeting before it was held. If so, did the bug the meeting place and video tape the proceedings? If they bugged the meeting, why are they still saying there was not collusion?

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of the Lord Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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THE ORIGINAL! Trump Organization Is Behind Representative John Conyers Upheaval Says King Jesus!

Beloved Americans, today The Lord Jesus revealed the fact that the Trump Organization is using their wealth and influence to dig for dirt on their political adversaries. Sometimes they find dirt. I suspect they are not above embellishment. We also know the Russians hacked the servers of certain government officials. Representative John Conyers of Michigan is under attack from Trump Organization says King Jesus. There are surely other Democrats and Republicans who are or will be targets of Trump.

I believe Mr. Conyers should resign on the day Trump resigns seeing they are both accused of similar wrong doing. If Trump refuses to resign, Mr. Conyers should too.

Mr. Trump may resign next week. His ship is sinking. Very damaging shoes are yet to drop.

Stay tuned. Pray.


THE ORIGINAL! The Calm Before The Storm As America Waits For The Coming Blow To Trump’s Administration!

Beloved, many Americans are holding their breath today as we wait for a possible leak of information to the media concerning details of a possible proffer offered by Michael T. Flynn to Robert Mueller III. As one man said, Mueller is not offering a plea deal to Flynn to get at Paul Manafort or Jared Kushner. Mueller has his sights firmly set on Trump Sr. So we wait breathlessly to learn what Flynn has to offer Mueller and to learn if Mueller will accept Flynn’s suspected proffer. It Flynn is cooperating with Mueller, Trump’s days as illegitimate president are numbered.



Did Erik Prince Follow Up On Jared Kushner’s Plan To Obtain A Covert Communication Channel Between Trump & Putin?

Erik Prince apparently followed up on the request by Jared Kushner of Sergey Kislyak, former Russian Ambassador to the US, to set up a covert communication channel with Russia so the CIA could not intercept Trump’s treasonous communiques with Putin. Prince may also have finalized plans to pay Trump and associates for lifting Russian sanctions. Prince met in Seychelles with Kirill Dimitriev a billionaire who manages the Russian Direct Investment Fund worth $10 billion. This may also be a means where Russia provided active support for the Republican National Committee.