THE ORIGINAL! The Lord Jesus said, Trump is a Freemason, Occult Wizard, Mob Partner & Flunky of Putin.

Donald Trump has lived a reprobate life for many years.  A Freemason is a polytheist or idolater who practices occult magic.  An occult wizard is a person who consults with familiar demon spirits and thereby conjures via demons to gain insight.  A mob associate is a man who works with organized criminals to further their nefarious immoral activities for financial gain.  A flunky of Vladimir Putin is a person who is a traitor and enemy of America.  This is president 45.  Let’s not talk about what he does to defenseless women.  Pray for America.

THE DAILY BROADCAST! American Leftists have waged war on US Intelligence. Trump is one of them!

The Lord said the following to me in December 2016, “Communist cell.” I am not absolutely sure what He is referring to but I believe the Trump Administration may be a communist cell in the White House of America. Trump is contemptuous of America, our institutions, people and way of life. There can be no doubt about this. Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin in the election of 2016 according to The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. Trump is the enemy in the White House. Pray and say it.

Proverbs 12:3 KJV A man (TRUMP) shall not be established by wickedness: but the root of the righteous shall not be moved.

The Holy Spirit said to me that Someone is “RTing” or watching Russia Today Disinformation Television. The Trump Administration has their ear open to Russian Intelligence TV. It’s Information Warfare, Propaganda and Fake News like President Obama and UK Intelligence wire tapping Trump. Crazy!

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