Watch “THE ORIGINAL! What Of The Watchmen (CIA/DIA/NSA/FBI) With Respect To Trump Russia?” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! What Of The Watchmen (CIA/DIA/NSA/FBI) With Respect To Trump Russia?

Beloved America, what of the watchmen? Who is responsible to watch the US election shop? Who are the guardians of American Democracy? My guess is The White House, Congress, DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA and the DIA just to name a few. Where were the guardians of our Democracy in 2015 and 2016.

Did the guardians see Trump’s 100+ contacts with Russian operatives? Did they see the 30 face-to-face or video conference calls between Trump and Putin surrogates? Did they see The Trump Tower meeting with Russian operatives. Did they see Trump’s campaign inner circle meet with Putin Administration Officials in the Prague area in late summer 2016? Did they see 24 House Republicans get help from Guccifer 2.0 to access Congress in 2016? Did they see the mega voter registration roll hacking that took place in 2016? Six hundred pkus counties were hacked says The Lord Jesus. Did they see Trump’s inner circle pay cash to some of the hackers? Did they see Michael Flynn visit Putin in 2015 at the RT Gala along with Jill Stein? Did they see Roger Stone’s treason with Julian Assange? Did they see The Republican Party go soft on Russia with respect to Ukraine in their 2016 convention party platform? Did they observe the Mayflower Hotel meeting?

I believe they did see most if not all of Trump’s treasonous campaign collusion with Russia. Felix Sater a government informant set up the Prague, Czech Republic meeting between Michael Cohen, Ivanka Trump Kushner, Donald Trump Jr and Allen Weisselberg with Putin Administration officials says The Lord Jesus Christ. Would a government informant set up such a scandalous meeting without telling his US government handlers? I doubt it. The Lord Jesus said Michael Cohen called Felix Sater when he arrived in the greater Prague area. Did the NSA recorded the conversation between Cohen and Sater? If Sater informed the US government of the meeting, did US Intelligence observe and record the conversation? How about Czech Republic intelligence? Was there a video recording of the event. How about still photos? Did someone bug the meeting location? Probably.

Anatoli Samochornov was the interpreter for Natalia Veselnitskaya during the Trump Tower Meeting. The Lord Jesus said Samo is a Government informant. Did Samo record the conversation between Trump’s campaign and the Russians during the Trump Tower Meeting?

The question remains, why is the government lying about Trump’s collusion with Putin? I believe the answer is simple. The government coordinated with Russia to swing the election to Trump. The US Government is a co-conspirator with Trump, Putin and the Republican Party. The coverup is more about the US government than it is about Trump.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of the Lord Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Is There A Recording Of The Prague Meet Between Trump’s Camp & Putin’s Administration?” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Is There A Recording Of The Prague Meeting Between Trump’s Campaign And Putin’s Administration? If So, Why All The Lying?

Beloved America, Christ said Michael Cohen called Felix Sater when he arrived in the greater Prague area with Ivanka Trump Kushner, Donald Trump Jr and Allen Weisselberg. Trump’s inner circle went to Prague to meet with Putin Administration Officials to discuss plausibly deniable means to pay cash to American/Russia led hackers of the DNC, DCCC and the Clinton Campaign. The Meeting was also about preparing contingency plans to lie about the conspiracy per Christopher Steele’s Russian Dossier. The Lord said Steele’s Russian Dossier will be corroborated one hundred percent some day.

Felix Sater is a long time US Government informant. He set up the meeting in Prague says King Jesus The Christ. Did Sater inform the US government of the location, date and time of the meeting? If so, did US or allied intelligence agencies eavesdrop on the meeting? Was there a recording of the conversation? If so, why is the government saying there is no evidence of collusion? Why would The Obama Administration cover up the scandal?

If an audio or video recording was obtained, what does it reveal? Inquiring minds want to know. The bottom line is, what does the US government know and when did they know it?

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of the Lord Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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Michael Cohen Is A Liar Like Trump Sr and Trump Jr.

The Lord Jesus recently said the Russian Dossier prepared by Christopher Steel will be 100% corroborated by US officials. The Dossier says Cohen was instrumental in Trump’s collusion with Russia after Paul Manafort was forced to resign as Trump’s campaign chairman. The Lord Jesus said Cohen did in fact go to Prague, Czechoslovakia in August or September 2016 to meet with Kremlin surrogates. Therefore, I confidently assert Mike Cohen is a liar just like his boss Donald John Trump Sr. Now what?






I believe The Lord Jesus Christ informed me that John Podesta, Hillary Clinton campaign chairman, was a spy for the Trump/Republican camp in the 2016 Election campaign.  There was at least one other spy who undermined Clinton’s efforts in 2016.  I believe this low down operation against America Democracy is going to be revealed publicly soon.  It is a big deal.

Stay tuned and pray to King Jesus without ceasing.  Pray that America would RETURN!



Beloved, I have noticed the very media who viciously attacked Trump earlier this years, beginning to hedge their bets as to whether Trump is guilty of criminal collusion with Putin. After all, there is no evidence right. This is probably the result of nervous uncertainty as to Trump’s guilt. News agencies might have a lot to lose if they take the wrong stand. They don’t have insight as to whether Trump is guilty or not. They have data and information but not insight to go with the information. News agencies seem to be sitting on the fence waiting to see what Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III finds.

On the other hand, The Lord Jesus told me in November and December 2016 Trump colluded with the Russians to get elected. A few days ago Christ told me the Russian Dossier has been 100% Verified by American officials. Even partial verification could derail Trump’s illegitimate presidency.

I have noticed media sources giving Russia a lot of credit for shrewdness. They say the Russians left bread crumbs everywhere, a sign that they were misleading us and trying to get investigators to run down empty rabbit holes. The vast number of shocking revelations that have already surfaced, not as a result of bread crumbs, but through Divine intervention and good work done by American and Allied Intelligence agencies, causes the bread crumb theory to fall flat. It could be the Russians took for granted American and Allied Counterintelligence capabilities. Remember, we know The Intelligence Community intercepted many communications involving Trump’s criminal collusion, but we don’t know the totality of what was said or revealed by those intercepted communications. It may be the Intelligence Community is reluctant to reveal too much at this point because of the need to protect sources and methods.

We know there were American and Allied nation sources inside the Kremlin and the Russian Federal Security Services (FSB). We know of dead Russians and incarcerated Russian hackers. What are the incarcerated Russian hackers saying? Why were some of the Russian Dossier connected Russians killed. Why are four men incarcerated in Russia today for treason, men connected to cyber operations at the FSB.

My guess is the Russian government was a bit sloppy because they are desperate and in trouble because of The Magnitsky Act and Crimean Sanctions. The kleptocrat’s security blanket is in jeopardy as the result of targeted sanctions. I believe the Russians were so bold in their attack against America’s election because they had to be. I believe Putin and his inner circle are in jeopardy.

I also believe Russia’s boldness is an indication they have declared war upon America. I think the Russian leaders envy America’s global position especially since the Soviet Union failed miserably. I think they are at war with America passive aggressively.

I think Trump is a man with deep seated animosity toward America for several reasons. I think America’s Elites don’t think much of a man that got rich working for the mob. I think American financiers rejected Trump because he refused to repay them. I think America’s rejection of white supremacy has angered Trump, a man with reported family ties to the Klu Klux Klan. Christ told me Trump is a White Knight himself. I think America’s media has failed to pander to Trump’s ego, with the exception of the far right media.

I think Russia found a friend in Trump who loves money and is a Russian agent according to King Jesus. The Holy Judaeo Christian Bible says, the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. I think Russia, an organized crime state, found a friend in Trump because Trump has an affinity for organized criminals and organized crime. I think Russia’s government and leaders are perfect for a man like Trump. In fact, The Lord Jesus told me Trump is just like Putin.

So, I believe Christ. Trump colluded with Putin. They both hope evidence of their conspiracy does not come to the public light. They are both going to be disappointed. The Holy Bible says, there is nothing hidden that shall not be uncovered, nothing secret that shall not be made known. It is just a matter of time and both Trump and Putin will fall.

Finally, The Lord Jesus told me an indictment is coming perhaps related to the raid of Paul Manafort’s home. You remember Paul don’t you. A man that served Trump in a very limited capacity for a very short time as campaign chairman.

Maybe, Michael Flynn is going to be indicted. You remember Mike don’t you. A retired American Lt. General who strangely seems to have fallen in love with Putin’s Russia. Mike was not too good to take Russian and Turkish money. You know, Turkey, that is linked to Russia. All this while Mike knew The Pentagon considers Russia the number one threat to America!

Stay tuned and continue to pray to King Jesus on America’s behalf. Ask Christ to make America great again as the result of America Returning to Christ not Jim Crow.


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The Lord Jesus has been saying to me, the end is near for Trump’s illegitimate administration for the last three of four months.  An unprecedented change of plans is coming.  America has had a president that resigned before.  We have had presidents who were impeached.  We have never had a president who was indicted or repealed and replaced for election fraud.  We have never experienced a reversal of a presidential election where the apparent loser was made the winner months after the election.

The noose is tightening around Trump and he, like a troubled teenager, is acting up.  He is venting his disdain for America publicly while trying to cement the divisions in American society.  Trump will not prevail because King Jesus has set His face against him.  There is no exchange in that confrontation.  Christ is undefeated.  Trump has been a failure down through the years.  Christ is The King of Heaven and Earth.  Trump is a man that shall die someday.  So the end is near.

The next steps for America should included the repeal of the entire Trump administration for election fraud via federal court.  Mike Pence is the illegitimate vice president of an illegitimate president.  It’s not Mike’s fault, I hope, but it is a reality.  Hillary is our president!

Stay tuned and continue to pray to The Lord Jesus Christ to save America from her sins. Please RETURN to Christ America from America Pride.


The Pressure is taking a toll of Trump Sr. So many things to hide!

Trump breaks down under the pressure of his criminal conspiracy with Putin to get elected in 2016 and his past business practices with organized criminals from America, Russia and elsewhere. Christ is applying the pressure which takes a toll over time.