THE ORIGINAL! Hard Evidence Of Trump’s Collusion With Putin Is Coming Says King Jesus Christ! Prevezon. Prague.

The Lord Jesus Christ has been telling me since July 2017 that incriminating evidence is coming of Trump’s collusion with Putin. We are not quite there yet, but the end is very near for Mr. Trump.  Sources say Trump is fuming tonight because his former campaign chairman and his sidekick have been indicted by a grand jury in the Trump Russia Collusion Probe.  Also, George Papadopolous, Trump’s former campaign foreign policy adviser, pled guilty to lying to the FBI concerning his activities with Russian officials during the 2016 election campaign.  Finally, today Federal Court blocked Trump from casting out transgender people from the US Military.

Trump is going to make a foolish mistake in the coming days.  He is fuming not because he is innocent, but because he is guilty and has been found out.  Again, Trump is angry because the cover is coming off his conspiracy with Putin to defraud the American electorate in the 2016 election.  Trump is mad because he got caught.

Stay tuned.  Pray without ceasing to Christ to continue to pull the cover off Trump and friends.  Pray for America to Return to the Lord Jesus Christ quickly.  It’s judgment day!


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