THE ORIGINAL! Voter Data Hacking The NEW BIG DEAL Hot Button Issue in Trump Russia Collusion Probe!

The Republican National Committee’s data firm Data Trust and Deep Root Analytics may have passed voter data or allowed Russian Military Intelligence to hack their unprotected servers in May or June of 2016. The Voter Database contained over 1.1 terabytes of voter data including voter names, birth dates, addresses, political affiliation, racial demographic, voter registration status, etc. The database also contains about 4 terabytes of polling data for voters who shared their political position on about 46 issues. This is a BIG DEAL and a quietly unfolding story. Even the liberal media is quiet about it thus far. Something is not right about the silence. Stay tuned and pray without ceasing.


THE ORIGINAL! Trump Russia Collusion Includes Hacking Of Voter Registration Rolls In ~600 Counties!

The hot button issue today is election interference through voter registration roll hacking and manipulation in about 600 counties in America. This is that issue today and is related to Trump’s collusion with Russia to ensure he was elected. We all can clearly see Trump has tried to serve Russia’s interests since his inauguration. The Almighty God whose Son is Jesus The Christ has consistently resisted the pride of Donald Trump at every turn. Christ will continue to do so because He called Hillary to rule America from the White House at this time. Trump and Putin stole the election by hack. This is the unfolding bombshell in the midst of America. It’s time to redouble our prayer efforts. We are going to have to repeal and replace Trump with Clinton.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump Paid Hackers To Hack Voter Registration Rolls In More Than 100 Locales!

The Russians hacked voter registration rolls in a large number of American communities in 2016. This impacted the vote count by disenfranchising American voters who undoubtedly were Democrats.. The Lord Jesus has been saying to me “Mega Rolls” for more than six months now. I didn’t know what He mean’t until Reality Leigh Winner threw herself on the sword by leaking highly classified information to The Intercept News. Also, the media reported on voter registration systems hacks in August and September of 2016. This is how the Russians defrauded America and elected Trump. Through disenfranchising Democratic voters through voter registration roll hacking. Now I get it. Pray and stay tuned.

THE ORIGINAL! King Jesus Razes Kushner To The Ground With Trump To Follow Because Of Collusion!

After my broadcast tonight, The New York Times reported Jared Kushner’s next problem is how he will explain his meeting with Russian VEB Bank executive Sergey Gorkov. Mr. Gorkov works for a bank with close ties to Vladimir Putin’s inner circle and Russian Intelligence. Mr. Gorkov was reportedly selected by Vladimir Putin to work at the bank. Also, reportedly, Mr. Gorkov is a graduate of the FSB college in Russia. As you know Russia’s FSB was formerly KGB.

Reportedly, Mr. Kushner meet for thirty minutes with Mr. Gorkov. The Lord told me Kushner wanted a covert communications channel with the Kremlin via the Russian Embassy in America to download data. Did Kushner pass data to Mr. Gorkov during their very brief meeting. It is plausible.

Stay tuned beloved. Mr. Kushner has been razed to the ground by Christ for the sins of his life. Stay tuned.

THE ORIGINAL! The Appointment of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller Is A Freemason SHAM!

The Lord Jesus Christ said to me today that Robert is a freemason. Later in the day we all learned that Robert Mueller, former FBI Director has been appointed Special Prosecutor of The Trump Russian Collusion Probe. The Lord Jesus also told me Donald Trump is a freemason. Will a freemason sincerely take down a brother mason. He is not supposed too.

Trump, Sessions and Rosenstein may have agreed to fire outspoken FBI Director James Comey and hire discreet Robert Mueller. This would effectively silence the criminal investigation of Trump and his team for a while. Pray about it and stay tuned.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump Flails Around In An Attempt To Push Back In A Massive Crowning Conspiracy!

We are watching the initial death throws of a presidential administration. Repeal and Replace Trump for collusion with Putin.