Michael T. Flynn Has Flipped First. Michael G. Flynn Will Also Flip. Trump Has One Week To Go As President, I Believe.

The Lord Jesus Christ said “Michael First” in August 2016, long before I knew Trump colluded with Putin. Yesterday, The Lord said “T 1st” which I believe means Michael T. Flynn will flip on Trump first, then his son Michael G. Flynn will flip on Trump.

It is going to be fun watching conservative media as they realize Trump is going down and so are they.

If Trump plans to fire Mueller, now would be the time. Either way, Trump’s entire Administration is done because of criminal conspiracy to defraud an American Presidential Election in 2016. Congratulations Madam President!


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Will Hope Hicks Be Able To Recollect As She Talks With Mueller’s Investigators? Lol. Keep Hope Alive!

I have a feeling 29 year old Hope Hicks may suffer an alarming set of memory lapses when she talks to Mueller’s investigators. While saying you don’t remember when you do remember is a lie, it may be hard to call it perjury unless you know that she remembers.


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THE ORIGINAL! Did Aras Agalarov Make A Donation To The Republican National Committee In A Quid Pro Quo I Believe So!

Beloved, reportedly a key player in Trump’s orbit made a donation of some sort to the Republican National Committee during or after the Trump Jr meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya the Russian lawyer with Kremlin connections. Could that key player be Aras Agalarov, the Trump of Russia? Irakly Kaveladze represented Aras Agalarov at the meeting. Why was he there? He is reportedly a coordinator of money laundering for Agalarov and others in Russian. His presence may have been required to facilitate cash flows to Republican operatives or to the RNC. We know the RNC went soft on Russia with respect to Ukraine one week prior to the 2016 party convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Was this unexpected move by the RNC a quid pro quo? I hope Robert S. Mueller III is looking into it.

When the New York Times first broke the story of Trump Jr’s meeting with four Russian officials, The Lord Jesus said two things about the meeting at separate times, “Aras” and “Analytics.” The Lord spoke prior to the media revelation that Ike Kaveladze was the eighth man at the meeting. Ike Kaveladze represented Aras and Jared Kushner was Trump’s data operations man. Also, The RNC had three data firms in 2016, Deep Root Analytics, Data Trust and TargetPoint. Jared Kushner, Brad Parscale and Cambridge Analytica probably interfaced with the RNC data firms in some way concerning voter data. Finally, US officials are concerned Russian trolls had help from Americans to properly target American voters via social media with fake news ads during the campaign.

Stay tuned and pray to Christ without ceasing. Ask Christ to draw America back to Him.



THE ORIGINAL! Trump Was Afraid James Comey Would Unilaterally Talk About The Collusion Probe! (First Published May 9, 2017).

Beloved America, I am very skeptical about the recent revelation of Trump’s original draft letter that was going to be used to justify firing former FBI Director James Comey. I am concerned Trump has planted misleading documents in the mist of the recent 40,000 pages of documents that have been submitted to Congressional Intelligence Committees and Special Counsel Robert Mueller III. Reportedly, Trump has a history of seeding misinformation about himself into the public square.

In recent days, I have seen revelations in the media about emails to junior Trump aides saying Putin wanted a meeting with Trump’s team. Reportedly, Trump’s campaign consistently rebuffed efforts to meet with Putin and his associates. Also, the Trump Tower Moscow revelation is saying to us, Felix Sater may have “engineered” the entire Trump Russia collusion operation. I don’t believe these email revelations are consistent with the large number of revelations about Trump’s team actually meeting with Russians and trying to cover up said meetings. Trump’s team did not have a problem meeting with Russian officials at any point in the presidential campaign. Also, Felix Sater would not have been needed to engineer Russian collusion because Michael Flynn was directly engaged with Putin shortly thereafter. I suspect Trump planted misleading documents in his submittal to Congress and Mueller. Recently, Trump attempted to mislead investigators and the public by spinning the purpose of the Trump Jr meeting with Russian agents on June 9, 2016.

Getting back to the firing of James Comey, The Lord Jesus Christ told me Comey was fired because he was a loose cannon, a “showboat.” Comey was not loyal to Trump and he had a short history of unilaterally speaking to the media about investigations. Trump was apparently worried Comey would go public with facts related to Russian collusion. We saw Trump confess the true reason he fired Comey when he sat for an interview with NBC anchor Lester Holt. Trump said to the entire world, the Russia story was at least part of the reason he fired Comey. Since Trump was not under investigation at that time, he should not have been afraid of the investigation assuming his innocence. Trump knew Comey may have found out incriminating things about him as a result of the FBI investigation. Trump could not trust Comey to keep quiet about the investigation.

The other interesting thing about Comey’s firing is Trump told representatives of America’s number one global enemy, Sergei Lavrov and Sergei Kislyak, firing “nut job” Comey took “a lot of pressure off” him. What pressure? Trump was not yet under investigation! If Trump is innocent, there would be no pressure on him. We all know how self centered Trump is. His statements to Russian agents are incriminating.

Finally, I find it strange that a day or two before Special Counsel Robert Mueller III was hired by Rod Rosenstein, Mueller interviewed for the FBI Directorship. Then Mueller took the Special Counsel assignment. The Lord told me Mueller is a freemason like Trump. Freemason’s are known to pervert justice for their brothers. Mueller is also discrete and does not leak information to the media.

I agree that Mueller’s investigation looks credible based on media reports. I am concerned though about the Trump Mueller interview that appears to have resulted in Mueller becoming Special Counsel.

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Trump’s Deep Dark Secrets Are Coming Out And There Is Nothing He Can Do To Stop It! Lock Him Up! Lol.

Cole said firing Mueller “would be a huge mistake” and offered some unsolicited advice: “Don’t throw a hand grenade down here on Capitol Hill and think you’re not going to get some splinters yourself.”

“These investigations are going to happen,” he added. “They’re in motion in the Senate, they’re in motion in the House, and they’re in motion by the special counsel. And if you think you’re going to avoid them, you’re making a mistake, in my view. You would be creating a new issue, and you would be confirming the worst suspicions of your enemies and raise doubt among your friends.”




THE ORIGINAL! Trump Wants To Pardon All Traitors In The Trump Russia Collusion Scandal! That’s Big Of Him.

Pardon me, excuse me, pardon me says the cartoon character Bugs Bunny as he walk through seated patrons in a theater. Trump on the other hand, not yet up to the level of a cartoon character, asks his private counsel if he can pardon all the traitors in the Trump Russia Collusion Scandal including himself. Bugs Bunny would not ask such a question.

Trump realizes he is trapped and He knows it is just a matter of time before, not just America, but the world knows he criminally colluded with Putin’s Russia to get elected in 2016. He is looking for a soft landing for himself, his family and aides. Yet, there must be consequences for wrong doing or there will be no deterrent moving forward. Consequences are the way of Christ who is the Righteous Judge of Heaven and Earth. Though Trump looks for a parachute and tries to quietly exit stage left without consequences, the crime of the century will require penalties. If man does not judge Trump and his team properly, King Jesus will.