Watch “THE ORIGINAL! The Appointment of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller Is A Freemason SHAM!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! The Appointment Of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller Is A Freemason SHAM!


Please watch the video below recorded on May 17, 2017.


Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Is There A Recording Of The Prague Meet Between Trump’s Camp & Putin’s Administration?” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Is There A Recording Of The Prague Meeting Between Trump’s Campaign And Putin’s Administration? If So, Why All The Lying?

Beloved America, Christ said Michael Cohen called Felix Sater when he arrived in the greater Prague area with Ivanka Trump Kushner, Donald Trump Jr and Allen Weisselberg. Trump’s inner circle went to Prague to meet with Putin Administration Officials to discuss plausibly deniable means to pay cash to American/Russia led hackers of the DNC, DCCC and the Clinton Campaign. The Meeting was also about preparing contingency plans to lie about the conspiracy per Christopher Steele’s Russian Dossier. The Lord said Steele’s Russian Dossier will be corroborated one hundred percent some day.

Felix Sater is a long time US Government informant. He set up the meeting in Prague says King Jesus The Christ. Did Sater inform the US government of the location, date and time of the meeting? If so, did US or allied intelligence agencies eavesdrop on the meeting? Was there a recording of the conversation? If so, why is the government saying there is no evidence of collusion? Why would The Obama Administration cover up the scandal?

If an audio or video recording was obtained, what does it reveal? Inquiring minds want to know. The bottom line is, what does the US government know and when did they know it?

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of the Lord Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


Please watch the video below.

Roger Stone Made His Name as a Dirty Trickster, But the Trump-Russia Coverup May Finally Bring Him Down

Thus says The Lord Jesus Christ, The CIA/DIA and Russia’s FSB/GRU hacked the Clinton Campaign and DNC/DCCC. The CIA/DIA and the Military Industrial Intelligence Congressional Junta (tribunal of elders) are taking cover behind Trump and Russia. Trump is guilty but not alone a far as guilt is concerned.

THE ORIGINAL! King Jesus Razes Kushner To The Ground With Trump To Follow Because Of Collusion!

After my broadcast tonight, The New York Times reported Jared Kushner’s next problem is how he will explain his meeting with Russian VEB Bank executive Sergey Gorkov. Mr. Gorkov works for a bank with close ties to Vladimir Putin’s inner circle and Russian Intelligence. Mr. Gorkov was reportedly selected by Vladimir Putin to work at the bank. Also, reportedly, Mr. Gorkov is a graduate of the FSB college in Russia. As you know Russia’s FSB was formerly KGB.

Reportedly, Mr. Kushner meet for thirty minutes with Mr. Gorkov. The Lord told me Kushner wanted a covert communications channel with the Kremlin via the Russian Embassy in America to download data. Did Kushner pass data to Mr. Gorkov during their very brief meeting. It is plausible.

Stay tuned beloved. Mr. Kushner has been razed to the ground by Christ for the sins of his life. Stay tuned.

THE ORIGINAL! The Lord Jesus Christ Confirms Trump Colluded with Putin to get Elected in 2016!

Donald John Trump made a covenant or agreement with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to work together to exalt Russia and undermine America and Europe by getting Trump elected.  Putin delivered on his end of the bargain using information warfare, propaganda and fake news.  Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager and confidant is a key player in this treasonous plot.  Trump and Manafort are worthy of DEATH for the crime of TREASON!

Trump has been delivering for Putin by undermining The State Department and The Intelligence Community as well as beginning the process of deconstructing the administrative state or American democracy.  King Jesus is not going to let Putin and Trump succeed.  Give King Jesus ALL THE GLORY for saving America from American traitors and our arch enemy Vladi boy.