THE ORIGINAL! Trump Just Can’t Bring Himself To Sanction Putin’s Russia. He Might Damage Vladi’s Self Esteem!

Trump has been consistent in his loyalty and fidelity to Vladimir Putin’s Russia. After all, Putin’s Russia has under-girded Trump Organization for more than 20 years. Turn about is fair play, right. Vladi comes up for reelection in March of 2018. New Russian sanctions at this time will probably hurt Putin, but he will be reelected if he runs because Russian democracy is a sham.

The Lord Jesus said Trump is a Russian agent. The Lord said Trump colluded with Putin.  Trump has done nothing to live it down. Trump owes Putin. He is doing all he can to pay Putin back for helping his family business and for helping him get elected.

America is in trouble. We are facing a mountain of trouble from Mount Zion, the home of King Jesus Christ. Christ is judging America at this time because of three generations of pride or rebellion against Himself. America has committed two horrific sins. We have forsaken King Jesus and we refuse to return to Him. Christ has been striking America for several years. We were struck on 911, at Sandy Hook, Columbine, Ump qua Community College, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Fort Hood Texas, Orlando Florida, Las Vegas Nevada, San Bernadino California, Aurora Colorado, etc, etc. America suffered a stock market crash in 2001 and 2008. Our Federal Government has ground to a halt as far as productivity is concerned. King Jesus is striking us, but we refuse to return to He who strikes us. So judgment is upon the land. If you don’t like Jesus Christ, He may give you a Donald Trump.

Pray for America to return to King Jesus. Our illegitimate President is in bed with our former enemy. So pray without ceasing.



THE ORIGINAL! King Jesus Razes Kushner To The Ground With Trump To Follow Because Of Collusion!

After my broadcast tonight, The New York Times reported Jared Kushner’s next problem is how he will explain his meeting with Russian VEB Bank executive Sergey Gorkov. Mr. Gorkov works for a bank with close ties to Vladimir Putin’s inner circle and Russian Intelligence. Mr. Gorkov was reportedly selected by Vladimir Putin to work at the bank. Also, reportedly, Mr. Gorkov is a graduate of the FSB college in Russia. As you know Russia’s FSB was formerly KGB.

Reportedly, Mr. Kushner meet for thirty minutes with Mr. Gorkov. The Lord told me Kushner wanted a covert communications channel with the Kremlin via the Russian Embassy in America to download data. Did Kushner pass data to Mr. Gorkov during their very brief meeting. It is plausible.

Stay tuned beloved. Mr. Kushner has been razed to the ground by Christ for the sins of his life. Stay tuned.

The Lord Jesus Christ reaffirmed Trump colluded with Putin to get himself elected. Astonishing for you and me. King Jesus Christ will deliver America from this puppet of Russia.

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