THE ORIGINAL! Did Jefferson Beauregard Sessions Also Meet With Russian, Italian and Singaporean Businessmen At The Mayflower Hotel on April 27, 2016?

Two Senators on the Senate Intelligence Committee both asked Jeff Sessions if he met with any Russian businessmen in 2016. I find that interesting because James Comey went before the Senate Intelligence Committee in closed session after an open session. During the open session Mr. Comey intimated that he knew of other reasons why Jeff Sessions oversight of the Trump Russia Collusion Probe would have been problematic. In closed session, did Mr. Comey tell Senators about additional meetings between Sessions and Russians? I believe he did.

Remember, the Mayflower Hotel event on April 27, 2016 was sponsored by a Russian Think Tank named the Center for National Interest, and the main speaker Donald Trump has extensive business ties to Russians that were known to the FBI. I believe the FBI was all over that event and captured all significant activities of Trump’s team on video, audio and still photos. Did the FBI observe Mr. Sessions talking to known Russian businessmen before, during or after Trump’s speech that day. Did The NSA intercept phone conversations of Russians talking to Russians about Mr. Sessions? The Lord said Mr. Sessions is going to talk. I believe if Mr. Sessions got in trouble at the Mayflower Hotel that day, the FBI will use this situation to squeeze Sessions for more information on Trump’s collusion with Russia. Stay tuned and pray without ceasing.

The following is an interesting article I found as I was seeking to confirm the date of the Mayflower Hotel event. I am not sure if this article is credible, but it is very interesting in light of today’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing.

Follow the YouTube video below as well for more insight.

THE ORIGINAL! Let’s Review Circumstantial Evidence of Trump’s Collusion With Putin!

There’s so much circumstantial smoke emanating from The Trump Russia Collusion Probe we can’t see the fire yet.  Let’s talk about what we know thus far.

THE ORIGINAL! Some Of Trump’s Current Or Former Team Members Are Going To Start Talking!

The Lord Jesus Christ told me some of Trump’s current and former aides are going to begin to talk.  In my mind, these individuals are going to reveal incriminating details of Trump’s collusion with Russia.  Two names have been given to me thus far; Jefferson Beauregard Sessions and Carter Page.  Yesterday I learned Carter Page wants to come before the House Intelligence Committee to give testimony.  Stay Tuned!



THE ORIGINAL! US Republican Congresspersons to Overlook Trump’s Collusion with Putin during his Campaign!

I am more than mildly nauseated by Congressional Republicans on the committees claiming to be investigating Trump Russia Interference and Collusion. They are not concerned with the most salient matter. The most salient matter in my opinion is quickly and thorough seeking to determine if the illegitimate President of The United States colluded with an adversarial foreign power with the aim to get himself elected. The next most salient matter to me is how did the Russians do this and who helped them. Finally, addressing a long standing problem with leaks of classified information should be addressed.

The Republicans are more concerned with taking advantage of their legislative agenda opportunities, than America’s National Security. Ask yourself what the American people should do when a Russian backed, selected and elected President occupies the seat of highest honor in the world. This man has access to daily top secret intelligence briefings. He has the nuclear codes. He has developed back channels to communicate with Putin. He has criticized the US Constitution publicly as bad and in the way of making America great again. He is doing all he can to obfuscate from and obstruct the Trump Russia Collusion Probe. He praises and receives the world’s murderous authoritarian autocratic kleptocrats without due reservation. Trump is worst than Benedict Arnold, the Revolutionary War general who abandoned the American colonial insurgents to join the British military in the midst of the conflict. Trump has abandoned America and our values for Russia, yet he occupies The White House. You judge.

Massive Persistent Peaceful Protest is indicated to force Congressional Republicans to do the right thing here. This I have received from The Lord Jesus Christ, who has All Power In Heaven and Earth!

THE ORIGINAL! Some Of Trump’s Current Or Former Team Members Are Going To Start Talking Says The LORD Jesus!

Trump’s team is about to start breaking down and coming clean about Trump’s collusion with Russia.  Stay tuned and pray without ceasing.  Pray for America to come back to Christ.  Pray for the truth to come out concerning Trump’s collusion with our adversary Russia.

THE ORIGINAL! The Lord Jesus said “Proffer” again today. Will a Trump aide “Proffer?”

The LORD said on yesterday, “some start talking.” Today, Carter Page talked a little, but not much. Will Trump’s men sell him out and come clean about his collusion with the Russians. The Lord gave me the word, “Proffer” in early April 2017, just after Michael Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Adviser, tried to get immunity from Congressional Intelligence Committees. A Proffer is an preliminary offer of testimony about someone or something involved in potential crimes. A proffer gives investigators an idea of whether or not granting immunity is warranted by the potential testimony. A proffer offers testimony on a person of interest above the “profferer” as far as law enforcement is concerned. If Trump aides proffer, they will most likely offer testimony about potential crimes Trump has committed. Stay Tuned and be ready to be a part of massive persistent nonviolent protest if the government does not properly address Trump’s treason.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump Was Selected, Tasked, Directed & Recruited By Putin To Deceive America!

Naveed Jamali, a Contributor to MSNBC said yesterday on AM Joy’s broadcast that with respect to Michael Flynn, “ In dealing with Russian Intelligence, one does not collude, one is tasked, one is directed, one is recruited.” This statement seems plausible. I believe Mr. Trump was also selected, tasked, directed and recruited by Russian Intelligence because King Jesus The Christ said Trump colluded with the Russians to get elected. The Russian Dossier on Donald Trump alleges he worked for the Kremlin in the past to spy on Russian emigres to The United States who happened to be oligarchs. The body of revealed knowledge on Mr. Trump connects him to a Port Washington Chabad with connections to Russian Jews who are acquainted or intimate with Vladimir Putin. Therefore, this circumstantial evidence lends credibility to Christopher Steele’s Russian Dossier assertion on this point.

In the final analysis, Mr. Trump is a Russian operative based on The Word of The Lord Jesus. I understand many of you don’t believe in Christ. I understand also many of you will come to believe in Christ when His Word’s have been confirmed publicly. Donald Trump’s entire administration will not survive because he obtained the presidency by fraud, and King Jesus is not going to allow him to continue as a result. I suspect Trump’s administration will be repealed and replaced with a Clinton Presidency. The Lord Jesus told me Hillary has pure God-given grace to rule from the White House at this time. An unprecedented change of plans is coming to America. Repeal and Replace Trump with Clinton. This coming from a man who almost voted for Trump!