THE ORIGINAL! Trump Organization Is Behind Representative John Conyers Upheaval Says King Jesus!

Beloved Americans, today The Lord Jesus revealed the fact that the Trump Organization is using their wealth and influence to dig for dirt on their political adversaries. Sometimes they find dirt. I suspect they are not above embellishment. We also know the Russians hacked the servers of certain government officials. Representative John Conyers of Michigan is under attack from Trump Organization says King Jesus. There are surely other Democrats and Republicans who are or will be targets of Trump.

I believe Mr. Conyers should resign on the day Trump resigns seeing they are both accused of similar wrong doing. If Trump refuses to resign, Mr. Conyers should too.

Mr. Trump may resign next week. His ship is sinking. Very damaging shoes are yet to drop.

Stay tuned. Pray.


THE ORIGINAL! The Calm Before The Storm As America Waits For The Coming Blow To Trump’s Administration!

Beloved, many Americans are holding their breath today as we wait for a possible leak of information to the media concerning details of a possible proffer offered by Michael T. Flynn to Robert Mueller III. As one man said, Mueller is not offering a plea deal to Flynn to get at Paul Manafort or Jared Kushner. Mueller has his sights firmly set on Trump Sr. So we wait breathlessly to learn what Flynn has to offer Mueller and to learn if Mueller will accept Flynn’s suspected proffer. It Flynn is cooperating with Mueller, Trump’s days as illegitimate president are numbered.



Did Erik Prince Follow Up On Jared Kushner’s Plan To Obtain A Covert Communication Channel Between Trump & Putin?

Erik Prince apparently followed up on the request by Jared Kushner of Sergey Kislyak, former Russian Ambassador to the US, to set up a covert communication channel with Russia so the CIA could not intercept Trump’s treasonous communiques with Putin. Prince may also have finalized plans to pay Trump and associates for lifting Russian sanctions. Prince met in Seychelles with Kirill Dimitriev a billionaire who manages the Russian Direct Investment Fund worth $10 billion. This may also be a means where Russia provided active support for the Republican National Committee.



THE ORIGINAL! Is The Russian Direct Investment Fund Providing Active Support For Trump & The Republican Party?

Maybe. A reasonable person would assume Trump wanted something in return for lifting sanctions off Russia. We know Trump loves money. We know Jared Kushner wanted a secret back channel to Russia to talk business without CIA intercept. We know the Russian Direct Investment Fund is state controlled and connected to VEB bank headed by Sergey Gorkov. We know Kushner met with Gorkov on December 13, 2016 to talk about it. We know VEB is a sanctioned Russian bank. We know Gorkov reportedly flew directly to Japan to meet with Putin after his meeting with Kushner. We know Putin wanted Trump to win and spared no cost to make it happen. We know Paul Manafort took notes at the Trump Jr meeting with Russian agents. We know one of Manafort’s cryptic notes suggested there is active support for the RNC from Russia. We know something is going on and something is not right! Lol.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to King Jesus. ask Christ to cause America to Return to Him before it’s everlasting too late.


THE ORIGINAL! Michael T. Flynn Is The First To Flip And Then His Son Michael G. Flynn In Trump-Putin Collusion Scandal!

The Lord Jesus Christ said “Michael First” in August 2016, months before He told me Trump colluded with Putin to win the 2016 presidential election. Christ said, “T 1st.” On Monday November 27, 2017, Robert Kelner, Michael T Flynn’s lawyer, met with Robert Mueller’s investigators who are near a breakthrough in their investigation of Trump-Putin collusion. The Lord said today another “blow” is coming for Trump’s cover up. The blow may be the result of Flynn’s flip into Mueller’s camp.

The Lord Jesus also said Trump, in a last ditch effort to obstruct the Russia Investigation, Trump is going to fire Mueller. Mueller is nut job 2 as far as Trump is concerned. Finally, The Lord Jesus said two weeks ago that Trump has three weeks. I believe Trump will resign in shame by weeks end after the “coming blow.”

I find it interesting North Korea fired another ballistic missile today, the day after Robert Kelner most likely proffered evidence that Trump colluded with Putin on Michael T Flynn’s behalf. Christ told me months ago Putin is pulling strings in North Korea. Putin wants Trump to continue in the White House. King Jesus doesn’t. Guess who is going to win!

Stay tuned and pray without ceasing to King Jesus for America to return to Christ. It’s judgment day. A Russian Intelligence Asset is in the White House. He has already crippled us. King Jesus allowed it because America has forsaken Him and refuses to RETURN!


Please watch the attached video and read the article that follows.


Michael T. Flynn Has Flipped First. Michael G. Flynn Will Also Flip. Trump Has One Week To Go As President, I Believe.

The Lord Jesus Christ said “Michael First” in August 2016, long before I knew Trump colluded with Putin. Yesterday, The Lord said “T 1st” which I believe means Michael T. Flynn will flip on Trump first, then his son Michael G. Flynn will flip on Trump.

It is going to be fun watching conservative media as they realize Trump is going down and so are they.

If Trump plans to fire Mueller, now would be the time. Either way, Trump’s entire Administration is done because of criminal conspiracy to defraud an American Presidential Election in 2016. Congratulations Madam President!


Please read the attached article.

THE ORIGINAL! America Will Repeal The Entire Trump Administration Via Federal Court For Criminal Election Fraud!

The Lord Jesus said US Officials “Will Repeal” the entire Trump Administration for election fraud in 2016. Trump’s brand of collusion with Russia violated several laws related to federal elections. That means his collusion is a matter for the courts to address. The legitimacy of his presidency will be annulled because of criminal election fraud.

Fraud is nothing new to Trump. He signs loan agreements he doesn’t intend to honor. He used funds from his charitable foundation illegally. Trump University was a huge fraud. Trump is so well known as a fraud, Mitt Romney called him a fraud publicly.

Stay tuned and pray without ceasing to King Jesus for America to return to Christ. It’s judgment day in America. Christ has been striking the land with marketplace massacres, major hurricanes, catastrophic forest fires and a Russian Intelligence Asset in the White House. If you don’t like King Jesus, He will let you have Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, etc, etc.


A Growing Number Of American’s Now Believe Trump Was Illegitimately Elected in 2016!

Attached is an article by Bill Moyer. It is excellent. Bill interviews Steven Harper a successful former litigator who currently lives in the Chicago-land area. An excerpt from the interview is as follows. I recommend you read the entire article.

“We keep hearing, “Yeah, but Trump was still legitimately elected, he won the election fair and square.” Now we’re realizing that that may not even be true. I don’t personally believe that to be true anymore. I rankle every time somebody says he won fair and square, because that’s become less obvious every day. So the last line of defense would be, “Well, even if he didn’t win fair and square, he’s our president, so we’ve got to sit back and let whatever Putin’s going to do to us continue to happen because we don’t want our response to raise his standing in the world.” Well, I would submit it raises Putin’s standing in the world even more to have an accomplice in the White House.”


THE ORIGINAL! Enough Russia Is Enough. Trump’s Support Begins To Dwindle Away!

America has been slow to believe Trump colluded with Putin to win the 2016 Presidential election, but many of us are coming around slowly but surely. The Lord Jesus told me in November and December 2016, Putin delivered for Trump, and Trump was aware of Putin’s efforts. The Lord Jesus said the Trump Russia Dossier will be 100% verified some day. The Dossier makes it clear Trump actively conspired with Putin to win the 2016 election.

Multiple investigations of Russian election interference has verified a few key claims in the Dossier. First, the Trump campaign was in constant contact with the Kremlin via numerous intermediaries. Second, Paul Manafort managed the collusion for Trump’s campaign until he was fired. Third Carter Page did meet with Kremlin and Rosneft leaders on his trips to Moscow. Page also met with a few other Kremlin intermediaries in London and Budapest.

It has become clear to me that the repeated efforts by Putin to set up a face-to-face meeting with Trump were a cover for arranging a meeting between Trump surrogates and Putin surrogates. The Russians were not trying to gain access to Trump, they were trying to communicate with him on the down low. Trump used lower level campaign team members, including his son, to meet Russians sent with a message for Trump or vice versa.

Beloved America, Trump has a long history of engaging in fraud. He defrauded the American people in 2016 by colluding with Putin, our former arch enemy. We know Trump University was fraud. We know that when Trump borrows money he is not planning to pay it back. We know he abused funds donated to his charitable foundation. Trump is a fraud as Mitt Romney correctly assessed. The Lord Jesus said Trump’s entire administration will be repealed for election fraud at some point. Hillary Clinton is our 45th President, whether you like it or not. May King Jesus save the queen.

Trump’s Republican support is slowly dwindling. Republicans are wisely putting distance between themselves and Russia. As they do so, they are going to have to place distance between themselves and Trump’s foreign policy with respect to Russia.

The Lord Jesus told me he has rejected the far right wing in America and perhaps in Europe as well. I am not absolutely sure why, but racism, fascism, white supremacy, white separation and segregation are probably the reasons.

 The Lord Jesus said billions of dollars have been given to the Republican Party by Putin over, I suspect, a five to eight year period to help Republicans take their country back. Paul Manafort’s cryptic notes taken while Russian agents talked with him, Trump Jr and Jared “The Obfuscator” Kushner on June 9, 2016 reveal there is or would be “Active Support”…..”RNC.” This revelation has pushed Republicans to sanction Russia more severely and now to proposed renewed support for Ukraine in it’s fight for sovereignty.

America’s demographic make up is a problem for Republicans, so they have resorted to cheating in various ways to win elections. They gerrymander shamelessly. They have brought The Voting Rights Act of 1965 down to the ground. They have endeavored to make it more difficult for Democrats to vote. They shamelessly stole a Supreme Court seat from Democrats in 2016. Congressional Republicans refused to help our federal government address Russian interference in the 2016 election. Some Republicans still refuse to safeguard future elections from Russia. Republicans colluded with Russia themselves. Darkness can not and will not drive out darkness.

Trump’s vision for America appears to be kleptocracy with white supremacy while maintaining a sham democracy. Trump is a fascist kleptocrat.

America has fallen down. Only King Jesus The Christ will be able to cause our great nation to rise again. People are saying The South is rising again. What we need to desire is for America to rise again in the fear and admonition of The Lord Jesus. Yet there are many anti-Christs in the land today.


THE ORIGINAL! Illegitimate President Donald John Trump Sr Is A Russian Intelligence Agent Says King Jesus!

The Lord Jesus Christ said Trump is a Russian Intelligence Agent. He provides Russia with intelligence information upon request most likely. The Russian Dossier prepared by Christopher Steele says Trump spied on Russian Jewish Emigres to America for Putin. These emigres to America were former Russian oligarchs according to the dossier.

Pray to King Jesus that He would reveal what Trump and Putin are hiding in the dark and for America to return to Christ. Pray for America to care about the Russian collusion of an American Presidential campaign and political Party.