The Similarities Between Trump and Hitler Are Disturbing!

In America’s failing Democracy we have Donald John Trump playing Adolf Hitler, we have Steve Bannon playing Josef Goebbels and we have Jefferson Beauregard Sessions playing Hermann Goring. The similarities are very apparent. We have the Republican Party playing the Nazi Party with active support from Russia, our former enemy, who plan to rewrite America’s Constitution to enshrine One Party Rule of the Pink men. We have Jewish traitors like Jared Kushner who might be actively running a covert communication channel to Russia. We have numerous minority groups who are playing the poor Jews of Germany, who could not emigrate elsewhere and were murdered efficiently.

A few of the similarities between Trump’s Party, Hitler and the Nazi’s are as follows:

  1. Hitler knew how to galvanize his base. He told them exactly what they wanted to hear.
  2. Hitler and the Nazis came to power via Democratic processes with the ultimate desire to destroy Democracy.
  3. Hitler was not loyal to those who were loyal to him. Hitler executed long time loyalist Ernst Rohm to gain favor with the German military leaders. Rohm headed the storm troopers or militia which grew to 2 million troopers and began to rival the army.
  4. Hitler systematically dismantled German Democracy. When he was firmly established over the government he dissolved the parliament as far as the Communist Party & the Social Democratic Party were concerned. He arrested the Communist Parliamentarians and some of the Social Democrats and sent then to his concentration camps to die.
  5. Hitler rearmed Germany.
  6. Hitler violated the terms of the Peace Treaty of Versailles.
  7. Hitler sowed seeds of hatred and violence among the Germany people on his way to becoming dictator.
  8. Hitler’s Nazi’s were tiki torch carrying racists.
  9. Hitler used digital technology to add color to black and white films.
  10. Hitler became a fanatical far right nationalist as a result of WWI and its aftermath.
  11. Hitler disdained human life.
  12. Hitler desired to create a new race.
  13. Hitler saw antisemitism as the best strategy to attract nationalist rebels.
  14. Henry Ford gave significant financial support to Hitler.
  15. Hitler believed the stronger race would drive out the weaker race. It turned out he was the weaker one.
  16. Hitler provoked disorder while claiming to be the only man who could stop it.
  17. The Great Depression drove Germans to Hitler.
  18. Josef Goebbels designed a propaganda campaign using airplanes and the phrase “Europe First.”
  19. Hitler was a prolific speech giver, and he manipulated the people by telling them what they wanted to hear. He fed on the crowds and was carried away by his own oration.
  20. Josef Goebbels was known to lie about the size of crowds at Nazi events.
  21. Hitler and the Nazis provoked street battles between Nazis and Communists with the complicity of the police. (Charlottesville, VA).
  22. Hitler desired total control. He was totalitarian.
  23. Josef Goebbels pushed antisemitism and violence.
  24. Storm troopers in Hitler’s government were auxiliary troops (Militia) who carried guns and fomented violence with Communists.
  25. Hitler opened 16 concentration camps in Germany in 1933. (Private Prisons of Jeff Sessions).
  26. Hitler filled the concentration camps with about 100,000 prisoners in the first few months of his reign.
  27. Hitler promised the Germans heaven and earth with peace, but he gave them a lost war and total devastation. Christ was not with him!!!
  28. Hitler troubled the international order of things.
  29. Hitler destroyed German democracy.
  30. Hitler attacked Jewish businesses and liberal education.
  31. Hitler outlawed the Socialist Democratic Party and the Communist Party leaving only the Nazi Party.
  32. Hitler was a sexual deviant. (like that P&%sy grabber).
  33. Hitler said in 1933, the Nazi Party “had conquered power and now they had to conquer the German people (50,000,000 people with 500,000 Jews).
  34. Hitler chased half of Germany’s Jews out of the country. The poor Jews were stuck and were murdered.
  35. The Germany people thought Hitler’s new world order was going to work out for them, but they were terribly wrong!!
  36. Hitler passed The Nuremberg Race Laws to deny human rights to all Jews.
  37. Hitler died trying to kill, steal and destroy.
  38. Hitler was a monster who is undoubtedly burning in The Lake of Fire where the worms never die and the fire never goes out. There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth says The Lord Jesus The Christ.

Pray to King Jesus to save America from the plots of wicked men!



I Believe The Trump Campaign and Cambridge Analytica Helped Russia Target American Voters in 2016.

The Lord Jesus told me Trump colluded with Russia, and the Trump Jr. meeting held on June 9, 2016 with four Russian agents was partly about Analytics. I theorize Jared Kushner connected in some way with Rinat Akhmetsin, a man accused of coordinating computer hacking for Russian interests, to facilitate a flow of voter targeting data analytics to the Russians from Cambridge Analytica. The same Jared Kushner who desired and maybe later obtained a secret back channel or covert communication channel to Russia for the purpose of passing secret American trade data to the Russians.

The Lord Jesus brought up the name of Aras Agalarov after the initial revelation of the Trump Jr meeting, but before the email chain that set up the meeting was published. I am not sure why, but Paul Manafort’s cryptic notes of the meeting reportedly said among other things “Active Support for RNC.” Since Paul Manafort was taking notes of a meeting with four Russian agents, I assume the active support for the RNC is coming from the Russian government or their proxies like Aras Agalarov. In fact, King Jesus told me billions have been received by the Republican Party from the Russian government to help Republicans take their country back. The US demographic is against Republican domination today, so wickedly clever means have been employed to help Republicans get their country back. This turn of events is as much about American Elitism as it is about white supremacy. Yet the ol’ white boys network was threatened during the Obama era.


PS: Take a look at the following article on Cambridge Analytica.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump Continues To Cripple America By Isolating The Nation From Our Allies For Russia’s Sake!

Trump keeps making America small again while Russia and China step up their games.  Collusion.


THE ORIGINAL! Trump Colluded With Russia And So Did The Republican Party! Morons!

King Jesus Christ told me Trump colluded with Putin way back in November and December of 2016. Recent revelations from Christ have implicated The Republican Party as well. They have been acting funny for a good while now. There is apparently active ongoing support from Russia for the Republican Party. This is criminal and salacious to say the least. The Lord Jesus told me billions of dollars have been spent by Putin to procure the Republican Party. We all saw the possible quid pro quo with respect to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine at the Republican National Convention in July 2016. The RNC went soft on Russia one week prior to the convention. Paul Manafort’s cryptic cell phone notes of the Trump Jr meeting held on June 9, 2016 reportedly read, “Active Support for RNC.” Paul, Jared and Don Jr were talking to Russian agents when Paul wrote this note. Aras Agalarov, a front man for Putin, may have promised active ongoing support for the RNC for a few small favors. Favors like abandoning Ukraine, and lifting Crimean related sanctions and letting Prevezon off the hook. Morons! What goes on in the dark will always come to the light sooner or later because of King Jesus.


Hackers scour voting machines for election bugs

King Jesus told me about six months ago electronic voting systems in over 600 counties or localities were successfully hacked during the 2016 election campaign by Russia with 100% penetration per attempt.


THE ORIGINAL! Trump Remains Silent About The Fact That Russians Had The Ability To Hack The Entire 2016 Election Remotely! Treason!

Beloved, former Department of Homeland Security Official Jake Braun was quoted in a Politico news article today saying, “We can now definitely say that the Russians could hack our entire election remotely, all at once.” Apparently, Jake’s assertion is based on a DEFCON test of American voting machines. Hackers were able to penetrate our voting machines in about ninety minutes reportedly. In other words, hackers quickly penetrated American voting machines.

The Lord Jesus Christ told me over 600 localities in America were successfully hacked during the 2016 election. Politico’s article agrees. Now what? America must fix this vulnerability quickly. Trump seems to be in the way at this time. Repeal and Replace Trump with a Clinton Administration because Trump colluded with Russia says The Lord Jesus.


Hacker study: Russia could get into U.S. voting machines By EDWARD-ISAAC DOVERE 10/09/2017 03:42 PM EDT

The Lord Jesus Christ told me hackers penetrated 100% of the time about 600 county level computers involved in the 2016 election. This article says we now know it is possible to hack our entire election remotely. Remotely means the election computer does not have to be connected to the internet during the election. King Jesus never tells a lie!