THE DAILY BROADCAST! A Divided Republican Party, Steve Mnuchin, ObamaCare and Cyber Bullying

The Word of The Lord Jesus appears to have a come to pass with the growing rift between Trump and people like Senator Mitch McConnell. Check out the attached video.


I read an article today that suggests Paul Manafort may be indicted soon. The Lord Jesus said, “Indicted” and “Raid” a few days ago. I am not sure who is going to be indicted, but I am sure it will be bad news for Trump. The “End Game” is upon us with respect to Trump Russian Collusion.

Stay tuned and pray without ceasing to King Jesus The Christ. He is the Only King.




The Lord said today, “End,” “Raid,” and “Indicted.”  I put this together with previous context clues, and I get the end is near for the Trump Administration.   Someone is about to be indicted, and the raid on Paul Manafort’s home may have provided evidence of a crime or crimes.

Stay tuned and pray unto Christ for help for America.  Ask Christ to turn the hearts of American’s back to himself.



Genesis 4:7 KJV says, “If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.”

When one looks at the life of Donald John Trump you see many failures in business and marriage.  You see moral failings.  Though Trump got elected with prevailing help from Russia, he has not been successful to date.  Genesis 4:7 tells us why. Sin.  Sin is transgression of God’s commandments.  Christ demands humans to live according to His commandments.  The old saying goes, God knows best.

Trump probably has never known God The Father of King Jesus Christ.  He probably has never read through the Holy Judaeo Christian Bible.  Truthfully, ignorance of The Holy Scriptures is inexcusable in America.  However, many faithful Church goers don’t know what the Bible says either.  It is impossible to please God if you don’t know Him.   Reading Scripture is very important in order to get to know Christ.

We can not succeed in life in a sustainable way without doing things Christ’s way.  In America today we have sinners on the right, sinners on the left and sinners in the middle.  This is the root cause of the humbling tempest America is going through today.  America is falling because our nation has moved so far away from Christ, we are not yet aware of our need to Return to Him.  So the fall of America continues.  I believe Christ has shown me the fall of Trump will be a part of the process.

Finally, Proverbs 12:3 KJV says “A man shall not be established by wickedness: but the root of the righteous shall not be moved.”


The Lord Jesus has been very communicative in the last few days. He has said the following:

  1. Released Today (8/11/17). Letting go. Giving up America. This means America is falling future from her global and domestic stature because of 120 years of Pride against Christ. There is no fear of Christ in America today. The words of Christ’s messengers are being ignored.
  2. The White House and Justice Department are behind the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia.
  3. Trump is a Russian Agent.
  4. Trump is a White Knight of The Klu Klux Klan. His dad was reportedly a White Knight too.
  5. Trump has delivered on a desire of Putin’s Russia. I am not absolutely sure what Trump has done for Putin, but it could be the racial violence in Charlottesville which went viral globally. It could be the politics of racial division in the land or it could be something else.

Let’s summarize all the things Christ has said to me about Trump since the 2016 Campaign.

  1.  Trump is a freemason or polytheistic occultist.
  2. Trump is an occult wizard.
  3. Trump is a mob associate.
  4. Trump is a sycophant and agent of Russia.
  5. Trump is a coordinator of civil unrest in America.
  6. Trump is dividing America internally and externally for Russia’s sake.
  7. Trump is intentionally undermining America’s Democratic Institutions to destabilize the country for Putin’s sake.
  8. Trump is a Klu Klux Klan member like dear old dad.
  9. Trump is daily at work for Putin’s agenda. He is sharing American secrets with Russia like, Trade data, State Department data, Defense Department data and Treasury data.
  10. Trump has appointed other friends of Putin to his cabinet like Rex Tillerson and Wilbur Ross.

Pray to King Jesus to save America from Trump and Sessions who are rocking the boat. I believe their goal is to import kleptocracy under-girded by white supremacy. Russia has been exporting kleptocracy to the nations including America. Pray with fasting.

I believe Christ has said He is going to save America from these threats. But first, riots in nine cities, a ten year war with Russia and Civil War in America. A bloody America is upon us because we have rebelled against Christ for 120 years now. Enough is enough. The Judgment of America has begun. A mountain of trouble from Mount Zion is upon us. Christ has prepared a flock of slaughter which consisted of all His haters. His enemies are going to dwindle away!

Please return to Christ America! Please RETURN!



Saturday August 12, 2017 The Lord Jesus said to me that it is true. Trump is a Russian agent. I had heard it first from Christopher Steele’s Russian Dossier on Trump. The Russian Dossier says Trump spied for Putin on Russian Jewish Emigres to America who were also oligarchs. This arrangement must have begun shortly after Putin was made king of post Soviet Russia in 2000. In those days, Trump Organization was receiving life sustaining financial support from Deutsche Bank and Bayrock Group both of which were tools of Putin. All Putin wanted apparently was for Trump to tell him what former Russian oligarchs were up to in America. It may be Trump provided Kompromat on these oligarchs.

I don’t base my assertion today on the Russian Dossier, but I must say that many of the allegations in Steele’s report have been confirmed to me by The Holy Ghost. It is plausible the Russians wanted something in return from Trump besides money laundering.

Pray for King Jesus to pull the cover off Trump’s longstanding relationship with Putin. Pray also for America to return to King Jesus The Christ.


THE ORIGINAL! Will Phone Records & Intercepted Calls Of Trump’s Inner Circle & Russians Be Released?

Incriminating evidence from reliable sources is coming to The Trump Russia collusion scandal. It may come in the form of the release of transcripts of redacted phone or email records obtained via intercept by the United States Intelligence Community. Trump has boasted that there is still no evidence of his collusion with Putin’s Russia after one year of scrutiny by The FBI. Yet, the Intelligence Community may have the evidence in a form that could reveal sources and methods. If so, they will not quickly share the information with the public to protect lives and modes of operation.

However, when it becomes clear that the only way to remove a Russian agent from America’s Presidency is to risk revealing highly sensitive information in redacted form, for the sake of the Motherland, the Intel Community may do it.

Also tonight, there is another huge scandal that has been obscured by the massive Trump Russia collusion saga. There is open source information that reveals Russian Military Intelligence via Guccifer 2.0 released to at least one Republican Consultant, hacked documents belonging to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. A GOP Consultant in Florida named Aaron Nevins intentionally interacted with Guccifer 2.0 in order to get documents detailing the Democratic Party’s get out the vote plan for Florida. There was information about who and where “soft” Democrats were in the state. Soft Democrats are potentially sway-able if exposed to the right kinds of propaganda or psyops. Guccifer 2.0 also released DCCC documents for the states of New Hampshire, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina and Pennsylvania based on open source information.

The Lord Jesus Christ told me there are 24 Trumps in the House of Representatives. A “Trump” is a person who was elected with help from Russia and knew it. When the House voted recently to harden Russian sanctions, only 422 members voted. Thirteen members did not vote on the legislation. I find this interesting given the high profile of the legislation and the patriotic overtones that accompanied it.

Stay tuned. Pray without ceasing to the only one listening, King Jesus Christ. Pray for America to return to Christ quickly. Judgment is upon the land.