Galatians 2:21 KJV I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.


Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Thus Says The Lord Jesus, “The Putin Administration & The 38th Parallel in Korea!”” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Thus Says The Lord Jesus Christ, “The Putin Administration & The 38th Parallel in Korea!

Beloved America, The Lord Jesus Christ said “Putin Administration and 38” a few days ago. I believe The Lord is referring to the 38th Parallel in Korea or the demilitarized zone (DMZ). More than a year ago, The Lord Jesus revealed the fact that the Putin Administration was pulling strings in North Korea and America. Both Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are receiving orders from Putin concerning US North Korean foreign policy. Shocking!

What does Putin want Trump and Kim to do concerning the 38th Parallel? I don’t know. I suspect Putin wants US troops out of Korea and Japan. Trump wants to look like the genius who solved the North Korea problem and finally ended the Korean war. Kim Jong Un wants to be somebody, anybody.

It’s disturbing to realize American foreign policy is being directed by Putin. The watchmen of American sovereignty are allowing Putin to have his way in Korea. It may be the result of trading Iran for South Korea and Japan. The Pentagon wants Iran. Putin wants an America free South Korea and Japan.

If Trump and Kim end the Korean war at Putin’s request, US troops will no longer be needed to guard the demilitarized zone at the 38th Parallel. US troops may not be needed in South Korea at all. Korean border guards probably would assume responsibiity for The DMZ.

Beloved, if the US Military pulls out of South Korea, South Korea would be vulnerable to attack from the North Koreans, Chinese and Russians. The temptation to overthrow Democracy in the region would be great.

If the US plans to abandon South Korea, will we also abandon Japan. If so, Japan would face the same peril as South Korea.

Stay tuned.


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Did Erik Prince Follow Up On Jared Kushner’s Plan To Obtain A Covert Communication Channel Between Trump & Putin?

Erik Prince apparently followed up on the request by Jared Kushner of Sergey Kislyak, former Russian Ambassador to the US, to set up a covert communication channel with Russia so the CIA could not intercept Trump’s treasonous communiques with Putin. Prince may also have finalized plans to pay Trump and associates for lifting Russian sanctions. Prince met in Seychelles with Kirill Dimitriev a billionaire who manages the Russian Direct Investment Fund worth $10 billion. This may also be a means where Russia provided active support for the Republican National Committee.



THE ORIGINAL! Let’s Review Circumstantial Evidence of Trump’s Collusion With Putin!

Beloved Americans, there is too much circumstantial evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia for there to be no direct evidence of collusion. You do the math. Christ told me more than once that Trump colluded with Putin to get elected in 2016. Was it the reported 0.5% of Rosneft that helped Trump to agree to betray America. Was it the perhaps billions of dollars Russia laundered to and through Trump that turned Trump’s heart. Was it the rejection of Trump Organization by American bankers that turned Trump into a traitor. I am not sure why Trump decided to betray America, but I am sure he has. The Holy Christian Bible says,

Matthew 10:26 KJV “Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.”

Evidence exists of Trump’s collusion, but it is yet hidden from the American public. I am not convinced the FBI is not aware of evidence of collusion. I believe the FBI is holding that fact close to the vest because of the ongoing investigation. Either way, the hidden evidence of collusion will be revealed at the appointed time. Nothing hidden shall remain hidden. Nothing! Stay tuned and pray without ceasing.

THE ORIGINAL! Let’s REPEAL & REPLACE the Entire Trump Administration Because of Collusion w/ Putin.

Beloved, The Lord Jesus Christ said, Hillary Rodham Clinton has pure grace to be America’s President NOW.  This means Christ is with her to be our President at this time.  It also means Christ is not with Donald Trump who won the election by colluding with Vladimir Putin, according to King Jesus.  An unprecedented change of plans is coming to America soon.  The repeal and replacement of the entire Trump administration is in America’s future!  Here, here!