THE ORIGINAL! Illegitimate President Donald John Trump Sr Is A Russian Intelligence Agent Says King Jesus!

The Lord Jesus Christ said Trump is a Russian Intelligence Agent. He provides Russia with intelligence information upon request most likely. The Russian Dossier prepared by Christopher Steele says Trump spied on Russian Jewish Emigres to America for Putin. These emigres to America were former Russian oligarchs according to the dossier.

Pray to King Jesus that He would reveal what Trump and Putin are hiding in the dark and for America to return to Christ. Pray for America to care about the Russian collusion of an American Presidential campaign and political Party.



THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s Data Operations Team & Russian Intelligence Propagandists Did The Same Thing Via Social Media!

Beloved America, how is it possible for independently operated organizations to do the same thing at the same time during a Presidential Campaign?  The Trump Campaign’s data operation team and Russian Intelligence propagandists used psychological operations against the American electorate in 2016.  You know, fake news, misinformation, lies, deceptions, disinformation and the like.  Propaganda. Cambridge Analytica’s  data mining and artificial intelligence capabilities probably digested about a terabyte of registered voter data.  As a result, political ads were prepared to target American voters on a microscopic scale.  Soft Democrats and soft Republicans and Independent voters were micro targeted by the Trump campaign and Russia via social media.  Soft voters are voters who can be swayed to vote for the other side.

For some, this gives the appearance of two Trump Campaign’s, but the truth is there was only one.  Trump and Russia waged a singular campaign from two fronts to elect Donald Trump.  The Lord Jesus Christ said Trump colluded with Putin.  The collusion is ongoing as Trump continues to share America’s secret trade data with Russia.

Stay tuned. Another explosive revelation is coming soon that will incriminate Trump himself. Also pray without ceasing that America would RETURN TO CHRIST.  Why should the nation perish!  Christ is not a respecter of nations.


THE ORIGINAL! Did Jared Kushner Share Analytics With Alleged Russian Hacker Rinat Akhmetshin? Maybe!

After I recorded and published a video last Monday night, July 10, 2017, about Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with Russian Operatives on June 9, 2016, The Lord Jesus Christ said to me, “Analytics.” The truth is, I don’t why Christ said this? I suspect He is pointing to a possible hand off of American Analytics data to Russia. What kind of Analytics? Who knows. I theorize voter demographic data, but I am not sure.

The meeting with four Russian born individuals was very brief according to Mr. Trump Jr. They were done in twenty or thirty minutes. It doesn’t take much time to hand a hard drive or thumb drive to a Russian spymaster (Akhmetshin)? Not much. Were would the data come from? I don’t know, but Jared Kushner was Trump’s data analytics guy in conjunction with Cambridge Analytica and Brad Parscale. Also, the Republican National Committee had three data firms with a very powerful voter database containing reportedly 198 million registered voter files. Reportedly, that database was left unsecured on the Cloud for weeks in the same time frame of Trump Jr’s meeting. Anyone could have downloaded the entire database during and even after it was left wide open on the net.

I am also concerned Trump Jr’s meeting may have laid the foundation for Jeff Session’s Department of Justice to unexpectedly and abruptly settle with Prevezon two days before the case went to court. Prevezon was accused of money laundering via Manhattan real estate (Trump Organization?) with funds obtained by a $230 million Russian tax refund fraud scam. The fraud was uncovered by Sergei Magnitsky, who was murdered in Russian government custody in 2009.

Natalia Veselnitskaya and Rinat Akhmetshin lobbied the US government against The Magnitsky Act. They were probably more concerned about clearing Denis Katsyv, owner of Prevezon, of wrong doing in Magnitsky’s death, and also releasing Katsyv’s frozen assets in America. On May 12, 2017 the Department of Justice let Prevezon off the hook for a song. Prevezon was fined $6 million dollars and reports indicate Katsyv was cleared of all wrong doing in Magnitsky’s death. I believe his frozen assets were returned as well.

Some have said revelation of Trump Jr’s meeting with the Russians on June 9th is a “Smoking Gun.” It very well may be.

Stay tuned and pray to Christ Jesus without ceasing. Ask The King to continue to pull the cover off The Trump Russia Collusion scandal. The crime of the century for sure.

Matthew 10:26 King James Version, “Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.”


A Plausible Explanation Of Why An Alleged Russian Spy & Hacker Attended Trump Jr’s Meeting At The Start Of The 2016 General Election Campaign! I’m Just Doin’ The Math.

Before we all found out Rinat Akhmetshin attended the Trump Junior Russian Collusion meeting with pretty Natalia Veselnitskaya, The Lord Jesus Christ said to me, “Analytics.” I believe The Lord is referring to Voter Demographic Data Analytics. We all know Jared Kushner was and is Trump’s data analytics guy along with Brad Parscale. In the last few days, we have learned not only about Rinat Akhmetshin’s attendance at the so called “Smoking Gun” meeting, but Akhmetshin is also, reportedly, a Russian spy accused of hacking or coordinating with Russians to hack a Russian Mineral Company.

So, let’s do some math. I earned a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering back in the day. Let’s do the math. We have a secret meeting that was never disclosed by senior White House adviser Jared Kushner until his lawyers, hired because of the Russia Collusion Scandal, accidentally stumbled upon Kushner’s emails about the meeting. Kushner then and only then came out about Junior’s meeting on his SF-86 top secret security clearance form. So in effect, the secret meeting with Russian spies to give Trump dirt on Clinton obtained by possible Russian espionage, or simply being disinformation, was no longer a Trump inner circle secret. Kushner and his lawyers informed the President about the email discovery. Trump did nothing about this revelation. It is very hard for me to believe Trump Sr. was not aware of the meeting.

Mathematically speaking, with Kushner being the lauded digital data operations guru for Trump’s shockingly successful campaign, and Rinat Akhmetshin’s ties to Russian Intelligence and an alleged Russian computer hacking operation, The Word from The Lord Jesus Christ, “Analytics” has great significance. I believe Christ is telling us to scrutinize Junior boyz meeting for evidence analytic data of some kind may have been transferred via a hard drive of thumb drive from Trump’s campaign (OK, Kushner) to a Russian Intelligence Operative slash Hacker (right, Akhmetshin). I would be surprised to learn this was the only reason for the meeting, but their claim is, the meeting was short (20 to 30 minutes). How long does it take to hand a Russian hacker and spy a hard drive loaded with data on perhaps America’s entire voter demographic.

The “Analytics” data may have come from the Republican National Committee’s data firms, Deep Root Analytics and Data Trust, or from Kushner’s Cambridge Analytica. Recall a recent expose’ on Deep Root Analytics involving 198 million registered voter’s election history related files being left unsecured on the Cloud for weeks or longer. Maybe Cambridge Analytics downloaded the entire file while it was unsecured on the Cloud, and then shared the data with Russian Intelligence computer hackers. Maybe, just maybe. It’s plausible.

I also believe Junior’s meeting may have laid the groundwork for The Department of Justice (OK, Jeff Sessions) to unexpectedly and abruptly settle a Federal Court case, for a song, against Natalia Veselnitskaya’s employer, Prevezon or Denis Katsyv. This case is related to the Magnitsky Act and the murder of Sergei Magnitsky.

The summer is getting hot now. Stay tuned and pray to King Jesus without ceasing. Ask Christ to pull the covers off everything related to Trump’s collusion with Putin.

Matthew 10:26 King James Version, “Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.”

Read the attached Daily Beast article from two days ago.

Things Fall Apart When You Are A Mob Associate Like Donald John Trump Sr.

The attached article is Red Hot with possible conspiracy between Donald Trump Sr, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, the Trump Campaign, the Russian Government and a Russian Mob Associate and, you guessed it, a freemason named Denis Katsyv who owns a, you guessed it, real estate empire in Russia (Mob money launderer) called Prevezon. The Department of Justice was two days away from taking Prevezon to US District Court in the, you guessed it, Southern District of New York, (Preet Bharara’s former district) when unexpectedly and abruptly Jeff Sessions’ DOJ decided to settle the case for a song. Prevezon lawyers said the DOJ made them an offer they could not refuse (vis a vi The Godfather movie).

This all could be innocent, but considering the folks involved, I think not. Guess who works for Denis Katsyv and Prevezon? Natalia Veselnitskaya the pretty Russian lawyer lady who met with, you guessed it, Donnie John Trump Jr. in Trump Tower on June 9, 2016 with a former (clearing my throat) Russian counterintelligence spy Rinat Akhmetshin and maybe others. Innocent stuff? Probably not.

The Lord Jesus Christ said “Analytics” to me the evening I posted a video about Junior’s meeting with Veselnitskaya. I suspect at this point a quid pro quo (an agreement to do a favor for a favor) was agreed to at this meeting where the Russian government and Prevezon would help Trump get elected if Trump would agree to settle the Prevezon case out of court for a song, and much more. Voter Demographic data or Analytics may have been involved and a promise to unload altered weaponized emails damaging to Clinton. One thing is for sure, Trump’s Russian-backed DOJ settled with Prevezon for a song.

Sergei Magnitsky’s murder while in Russian custody ties in here, because some of the proceeds from the fraudulently obtained Russian tax return scheme of about $230 million (which cost Magnitsky his life) reportedly went to Prevezon or Denis Katsyv whose consigliore is Veselnitskaya. The DOJ asserts Prevezon tried to launder some of this money in 2007 through New York real estate. It has not been reported if Trump Organization received any of Prevezon’s money. I would expect that shoe to drop soon if true. Recall Donald Trump Junior saying in 2008 that lots of Russian money was pouring in to Trump Organization from Russia and Trump Organization had a disproportionate number of Russian investors.

This article is pregnant with a baby named Trump Russia Collusion!

Read the attached article.




THE ORIGINAL! Trump Campaign’s “INNER CIRCLE” Repeatedly Met with Russian Intel Agents for a LONG TIME!

Donald Trump’s Administration is going to be repealed and replaced with a Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidency, because Trump colluded with the Russians to get himself elected.  He really did not think it was going to work.  Trump was planning to cry election fraud to help Putin undermine our electoral process.  A funny thing happened on the road to being a sore loser.  He won the election by about 107,000 votes or 0.084% of the total number of votes cast in 2016.  Winning was the worst thing that ever happened to Trump. Lol.

THE ORIGINAL! The FBI is Trump’s DEEP THROAT & even War won’t save the Trump Administration!

Donald Trump is hoping success in limited scale war in Syria or full scale war in North Korea will bring favor to his presidency.  Trump is hoping to distract America from the more serious concern of collusion with Russia in the election of 2016.  Nevertheless, not even victory in war will deliver Trump from the criminal charge of collusion with the Russians.  Vietnam did not save Nixon, and North Korea, Iraq and Syria will not save Trump.  The FBI doesn’t overlook criminal activity.