THE ORIGINAL! America Will Repeal The Entire Trump Administration Via Federal Court For Criminal Election Fraud!

The Lord Jesus said US Officials “Will Repeal” the entire Trump Administration for election fraud in 2016. Trump’s brand of collusion with Russia violated several laws related to federal elections. That means his collusion is a matter for the courts to address. The legitimacy of his presidency will be annulled because of criminal election fraud.

Fraud is nothing new to Trump. He signs loan agreements he doesn’t intend to honor. He used funds from his charitable foundation illegally. Trump University was a huge fraud. Trump is so well known as a fraud, Mitt Romney called him a fraud publicly.

Stay tuned and pray without ceasing to King Jesus for America to return to Christ. It’s judgment day in America. Christ has been striking the land with marketplace massacres, major hurricanes, catastrophic forest fires and a Russian Intelligence Asset in the White House. If you don’t like King Jesus, He will let you have Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, etc, etc.



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