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THE ORIGINAL! There’s Ongoing Collusion & The Military Industrial Complex Infights Over $700 Billion Of Taxpayer Money!

Beloved America, The King of Kings Jesus Christ said there was collusion in November 2016. There is ongoing collusion as I write tonight between the Pentagon and Kremlin. They are colluding in the Middle East and Venezuela. They are colluding with respect to North Korea.

The Military Industrial Complex is also squabbling about who gets what portion of the $700 billion Pentagon give away of tax payer money. No doubt the Pentagon swung the election to Trump with Russia’s help so Trump could give them tax payer dollars beyond historic levels.

The deep state has covered up collusion thus far because they control the apparatus of government and the media. The so called liberal media is the same as the so called conservative media. They are one. Their rhetoric is different but their goals are the same. White Supremacy. Their handlers are the same, The Pentagon or Military Industrial Complex.

However, there is a God in Heaven. His name is YHVH. His only begotten Son’s name is Yehoshua ha Mashiyach Ben Yah. We call the Son King Jesus as the result of Greek transliteration. King Jesus has all power over Heaven and the Earth. He will pull the cover off America’s corrupt government elite in due time. A God sized problem is a good problem to have if you are in right relationship with God and Christ. Prayer about the God sized problem will produce a God sized manifestation of God’s glory. God judges the nations. It’s judgment day in America. The Lord will pull the cover off Trump CIA Pentagon DIA Russia FSB GRU Collusion soon.

The Lord Jesus Christ waited until the conspiracy brought the entire government into view. At this point they are trapped in the no evidence of collusion mode. The Lord is going to shame the deep state by revealing their embarassing secrets. After all, their is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed, nothing secret that shall not be made known (Matthew 10:26).

On a sad mote tonight, the family buried a dear uncle today who passed away due to cancer at 67 years old. The Lord Jesus said he was a victim of retribution from Trump Organization fix it man Michael Cohen. His death is pay back against me for speaking the Word Of Christ boldly in the market place. His untimely death simply confirms the integrity of my ministry. The Lord has comforted me about the whole thing as my dear uncle made his peace with King Jesus on his way out of this life. As a result, I look forward to seeing him again in Heaven. We will take up where we left off.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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“Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer and fix it man testified publicly yesterday…”

“Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer and fix it man testified publicly yesterday…” per Steve

Humiliating A Man Who Colluded With You and Putin Is A Bad Idea. Also What Does Trump’s Abandonment Of Sessions Say To Michael Flynn?

This video was first published live on May 8, 2017.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s BIG RUSSIAN DEAL To Be Revealed! There Is Collusion says King Jesus.

Christ said Trump colluded with Putin to get elected. Christ can not lie. He is Holy. It’s impossible for Him to lie.

Trump on the other hand lies in his sleep. He is a professional liar. The Bible says, “The Devil is a Liar and the Father of it.” John (Yochanan) 8:44 KJV

Don’t look for the truth of Trump’s criminal collusion to to be acknowledged by Trump and his associates. King Jesus will and is pulling the cover off Trump’s fifty year run of crime, including collusion with Putin, America’s number one enemy.

Matthew (Mattityahu)10:26 KJV, “Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.”


THE ORIGINAL! Can An Illegitimately Elected President Pardon Anyone? No! Election Fraud!

Beloved, I confess I am not a lawyer.  I am a preacher of righteousness and a chemical engineer.  I don’t know the law in great detail.  I can’t defend you in court.  However, I do have common sense, and at the age of 54 years (next month) I discern from whatever understanding of the law I have that a fraudulently elected president can not pardon anyone, because he is illegitimate.  He does not have lawful authority to reign as president over America because of election fraud.

Beloved, listen, Christ Jesus, The King of Heaven and earth told a nobody like me that Trump colluded with Putin’s Russia to get elected in 2016. Therefore I boldly assert like many House Democrats, that Trump is illegitimate.  I am not a Democrat and I am not a Republican.  I am a Christian.  I am aligned with King Jesus politically.  Whatever judgment Christ gives on an issue becomes my position on that issue.  Nevertheless, House Democrats that boycotted Trump’s inauguration were correct. Trump is illegitimate.  He is a bastard president.  An abortion of a president.  Therefore, I conclude, until advised otherwise by a competent fair-minded lawyer, Trump can not pardon anyone for any reason especially for colluding with Russia to defraud the American electorate in 2016. Enough said.


THE ORIGINAL! Incriminating Evidence Of Trump’s Collusion Is Coming Via A Leak!

The Lord Jesus Christ told me this very day that incriminating evidence of Trump’s collusion slash conspiracy with Putin’s Russia is coming to America via a leak. Yesterday, I broadcast the following title, “Trump Has A Near Break Down As Trump Russia Collusion Pressure Continues!” Tonight we witnessed near panic by the Trump Administration as Robert Mueller’s investigation zeros in on Trump’s finances and fifty year career as a mob front man. Buckle up and hold on tight. It’s going to get interesting from here.

THE ORIGINAL! Something New, Something Big, A New Crisis Is Coming For Trump Because of Collusion! (First Published On June 14, 2017)

Donald Trump Jr’s foolish meeting with at least four Russian born persons looks like the fulfillment of Christ’s Word to me on mid-June 2017.