THE ORIGINAL! Something New, Something Big, A New Crisis Is Coming For Trump Because of Collusion!

Beloved, I believe the something big, something new is going to involve proof Michael Cohen and three colleagues did in fact travel to Prague, Czechoslovakia in August or September of 2016 to talk with senior Russian officials to discuss paying the hackers of the 2016 Election. As you know, Michael Cohen is Trump’s personal lawyer or consigliore. I also believe based on Christ’s Word to me that Donald Trump Junior went to Prague with Cohen. Additionally, I believe the Lord has shown me Ivanka Trump Kushner was involved with paying the hackers. Stay tuned and pray without ceasing.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump Is Passing Data From Treasury, Defense, Trade, ETC to Russia Covertly!

The Lord Jesus Christ told me the Russians don’t need to employ traditional espionage protocols to extract information on America because Donald Trump’s Administration is leaking classified data dealing with Trade, Treasury, Defense, State Department, etc.  The Lord revealed Jared Kushner wanted to download trade data to the Russians via a covert communications channel located at the Russian Embassy in America.  This is espionage which is punished by the death penalty.  Pray for America.  Pray the Lord will protect America from foreign and domestic enemies.

THE ORIGINAL! Jared Kushner Planned To Download Trade Data Via Russian Covert Channel!

The Lord Jesus Christ told me today Jared Kushner planned to download America’s Trade Data to Russia via a covert communications channel located at the Russian Embassy.  The Lord also told me Kushner is a Mob partner as well and even a MADE MAN of the mob. Shocking.  Kushner is connected to Global Organized Crime just like his father-in-law. Russia is a leading Organized Crime State.  Some how certain Russian and American Jews are connected also. Stay Tuned! Pray without ceasing!

THE ORIGINAL! The Secret Is Not Secret Anymore! Trump’s Collusion With Putin Comes Out!

Donald Trump’s secrets are coming out, especially his collusion with Putin. Matthew 10:26 says in the King James Version, “Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.”

THE ORIGINAL! BREAKING NEWS: Jared Kushner Planned To Use Covert Communications To Download Data!

The Lord Jesus Christ informed me on this very day that Jared Kushner, son-in-law and Senior White House Adviser of Donald Trump, planned to use a covert Russian communications channel, facilitated by the Russian Embassy in Washington, to download data.  What kind of data?  I am not sure, but it would have been data Trump would not want American Intelligence officials to know about.  Trump is going to resign soon and Kushner will go sooner.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump Lawyers Up Pro Russian Style To Escape Consequences of Collusion With Putin!

Trump lawyers up because he is in trouble for colluding with the Russians to get elected.  His lawyer, Marc Kasowitz has serious Russian ties.



THE ORIGINAL! Some Of Trump’s Current Or Former Team Members Are Going To Start Talking!

The Lord Jesus Christ told me some of Trump’s current and former aides are going to begin to talk.  In my mind, these individuals are going to reveal incriminating details of Trump’s collusion with Russia.  Two names have been given to me thus far; Jefferson Beauregard Sessions and Carter Page.  Yesterday I learned Carter Page wants to come before the House Intelligence Committee to give testimony.  Stay Tuned!