THE ORIGINAL! US Republican Congresspersons to Overlook Trump’s Collusion with Putin during his Campaign!

I am more than mildly nauseated by Congressional Republicans on the committees claiming to be investigating Trump Russia Interference and Collusion. They are not concerned with the most salient matter. The most salient matter in my opinion is quickly and thorough seeking to determine if the illegitimate President of The United States colluded with an adversarial foreign power with the aim to get himself elected. The next most salient matter to me is how did the Russians do this and who helped them. Finally, addressing a long standing problem with leaks of classified information should be addressed.

The Republicans are more concerned with taking advantage of their legislative agenda opportunities, than America’s National Security. Ask yourself what the American people should do when a Russian backed, selected and elected President occupies the seat of highest honor in the world. This man has access to daily top secret intelligence briefings. He has the nuclear codes. He has developed back channels to communicate with Putin. He has criticized the US Constitution publicly as bad and in the way of making America great again. He is doing all he can to obfuscate from and obstruct the Trump Russia Collusion Probe. He praises and receives the world’s murderous authoritarian autocratic kleptocrats without due reservation. Trump is worst than Benedict Arnold, the Revolutionary War general who abandoned the American colonial insurgents to join the British military in the midst of the conflict. Trump has abandoned America and our values for Russia, yet he occupies The White House. You judge.

Massive Persistent Peaceful Protest is indicated to force Congressional Republicans to do the right thing here. This I have received from The Lord Jesus Christ, who has All Power In Heaven and Earth!


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