Hackers scour voting machines for election bugs

King Jesus told me about six months ago electronic voting systems in over 600 counties or localities were successfully hacked during the 2016 election campaign by Russia with 100% penetration per attempt.




THE ORIGINAL! Trump Remains Silent About The Fact That Russians Had The Ability To Hack The Entire 2016 Election Remotely! Treason!

Beloved, former Department of Homeland Security Official Jake Braun was quoted in a Politico news article today saying, “We can now definitely say that the Russians could hack our entire election remotely, all at once.” Apparently, Jake’s assertion is based on a DEFCON test of American voting machines. Hackers were able to penetrate our voting machines in about ninety minutes reportedly. In other words, hackers quickly penetrated American voting machines.

The Lord Jesus Christ told me over 600 localities in America were successfully hacked during the 2016 election. Politico’s article agrees. Now what? America must fix this vulnerability quickly. Trump seems to be in the way at this time. Repeal and Replace Trump with a Clinton Administration because Trump colluded with Russia says The Lord Jesus.


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THE ORIGINAL! Trump Flails Around In An Attempt To Push Back In A Massive Crowning Conspiracy!

We are watching the initial death throws of a presidential administration. Repeal and Replace Trump for collusion with Putin.

THE ORIGINAL! Verified, Verified, Confirmed! Ready To Publish. Russian Dossier Allegations!

The LORD Jesus said, “Confirmed” and “Verified” within a 24 hour period.  I suspect more assertions of the Russian Dossier produced by Christopher Steele, the former British Intelligence operative, have been confirmed and verified as true.  As you recall, the Russian Dossier asserted that Donald Trump colluded with Putin to get himself elected. The scary thing is, Trump is on the war path because of the need to divert the news cycle away from “The Trump Collusion with Russia Probe.”

THE ORIGINAL! Definitive Proof of Trump’s Collusion with Putin is Coming Soon!