THE ORIGINAL! Evidence of Trump’s Collusion With Putin And The Pentagon/Intelligence Community Is Still Coming!

THE ORIGINAL! Evidence of Trump’s Collusion With Putin And The Pentagon/Intelligence Community Is Still Coming!

Watch “THE ORIGINAL! The Pentagon Chose Trump Because The Junta Desires Genocide Of Non Whites Globally!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! The Pentagon Chose Trump Because The Military Junta Desires Genocide Of Non Whites Globally! Therefore Boycott The Beast GLOBALLY. Create A Public Relations Nightmare For The Beast!

Beloved America, look at what America The Beautiful has become. Latino Migrants are caged up well over capacity in America today and lack proper food, drink and hygiene, including a change of garments. The Lord Jesus Christ recently revealed The Pentagon’s one hundred twenty year old covert global genocidal eugenics program designed to eventually remove ninety percent of the world’s population. That means all people of color on Christ’s green earth. The Lord Jesus also revealed to my shock and horror that some white Americans know about America’s covert genocide plan, especially those involved with satanic secret societies.

You don’t believe it? Examine the fate of native Americans from Alaska to Argentina. Look at the history of race relations in America. Look at America’s foreign policy especially towards Africa, Latin America and Asia. Look at what is happening to Black people in Australia and New Zealand. Look at the total absence of Black people in Argentina, a country that took in Adolf Hitler, Adolf Eichmann and Joseph Mengele after World War II.

Consider the fact that the Pentagon smuggled sixteen hundred Nazi scientists into America after WWII. Hans Delmotte was one such Nazi Eugenic hygienist who reportedly committed suicide in US Army custody while in Europe. The Lord Jesus Christ said Hans is still alive today at about 102 years old.

The Pentagon brought Nazi scientists to America to help solve America’s pesky Negro problem. Apparently, fifty sadistic Jim Crow South lynchings of African-Americans per year was not sufficient to adequately cull the herd. Thirteen years before Nazi scientists came to America with their research findings obtained by conducting sadistic experiments on human beings (Jews and Gypsies) The US Military started The Tuskegee Study. About four hundred black men in rural Alabama were infected with syphilis and were denied treatment for up to forty years. A few years after Nazi scientists were covertly brought to America, a pregnant African American lady named Henrietta Lacks was, in my opinion, given cancer at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. Stem cells and fetal tissue from Henrietta’s unborn son were harvested for genocidal eugenic purposes. Subsequently, Henrietta’s son was born with a birth defect. In 1951, Henrietta Lacks died of cancer. Some of her cells were harvested for research and development of genocidal Eugenic devices.

The human genome was first mapped out using Henrietta Lacks & son’s cell lines. The purpose of these activities were Eugenic in nature. American scientists shared Henrietta Lacks and son’s HELA cell lines with the entire white world, including our so called enemy Communist Soviet Union. American and Russian scientists collaborated on the development of HIV AIDS using HELA cell lines!!!!

The Lord Jesus Christ has shown me that America is the leader of global White Supremacy, Social Darwinism and Eugenic (Mad) Science. Advances in medical science globally have largely been driven by genocidal Eugenic aspirations of American and European elites and their descendants.

Scripturally speaking according to my evolving understanding, white supremacy, social Darwinism and eugenic mad science combine to manifest the fourth Beast of Daniel chapter seven, and the first & second Beasts of Revelations chapter thirteen. If my understanding is correct, only the second coming of King Jesus Christ will stop the Beast.

In the meantime, let us study and raise market place awareness of the Beast’s many genocidal eugenic programs and devices. Look at healthcare initiatives and devices, food aid, disaster relief, humanitarian assistance and The United Nations programs directed at people of color. The Beast is killing people of color with KINDNESS. The World Health Organization killed Africa reportedly with healthcare initiatives.

Examine the war on poverty and the war on hunger. Exam organizations like CARE, GROW, Alcohol Anonymous, OXFAM, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Clinton Foundation, Cornell University’s food and nutrition research activities and more.

Also, exam the good cop bad cop relationship between America, Europe and Russia with respect to the developing world. Examine how the US, Europeans, Russians and Chinese arm opposing faction in developing countries to the detriment of both sides. Notice how civil war leads to refugees, hunger, famine, exile and large scale death. Notice how the UN steps in with humanitarian aid but not with legitimate peacekeeping efforts. Food aid may kill more people of color than vaccines and civil war.

Look at the developed world’s lack of sincere commitment to economically invest in developing nations. I recently learned that few if any American automakers have a single solitary auto manufacturing plant in Africa. Therefore, healthcare initiatives for developing countries are highly suspect because no sincere efforts are underway to develop these nations economically. If you love me, then you will be concerned with my financial, social and political health as well as my physical and mental health.

Let’s boycott the Beast GLOBALLY and publicly expose his global genocide programs. Public Relations initiatives would potentially be a great tool to raise global awareness to the many ways the Beast is killing human beings.

In Conclusion, genocidal nations include America, Canada, Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, etc, etc. Thus saith The Lord to all Eugenic Genocidal nations, STOP KILLING PEOPLE! Or else.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to come to Christ before it is everlasting to late.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! America’s Nazi Revolution Rolls On As Democracy Falls To Pink Supremacy!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! America’s Nazi Revolution Rolls On As Democracy Falls To Pink Supremacy! King Jesus To The Rescue. Lol.

Beloved America, the Pentagon’s Nazi revolution rolls on. They swung the 2016 election to Trump via subterfuge and wickedness using Russia as a cutout. The reasons why involved maintaining power and control over “their country.” The powers that be have not evolved to the point of understanding that the United States of America is the homeland of several tribes.

The occult white supremacists whom I call Nazis have taken their country back and not in a seamless fashion. Their wickedness is obvious to all, even to Trump’s base. Trump’s base simple says, “So f-ing what” when the idea of treasonous collusion comes up. A classy bunch. My guess is the entire globe is mourning for America as they witness the fall of integrous representative Democracy in the greatest nation ever.

I believe America abandoned Christianity after the Civil War and Reconstruction because tribal equality with former slaves was an abomination. Today, I believe America is abandoning representative democracy because tribal equality is still an abomination and a fearful scenario. I believe the powers that be in America fear equal footing with Native Americans, African Americans are Latinos in part because of the fear of reprisals.

So the Nazi revolution in America rolls on. Trump and Billy “The Blocker” Barr intend to take revenge on “The checks and balances in our former government to realized the goal of deconstructing the administration state.” In other words, Trump and Billy, “The Blocker” are deconstructing our precious democracy as we have known it. It’s because white supremacy is the true god of America along with money.

What to do beloved? Repent and Return to the fountain of living waters YHVH through faith in His Son Jesus Christ aka Yehoshua ha Mashiyach. Also pray for mercy for our beautiful homeland America. Have you looked at America lately. She is a beautiful! Stay tuned and Pray.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Special Counsel Mueller Is A Luciferian Freemason Mob Associate Says The Lord Part 2!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Special Counsel Heir Mueller Is A Luciferian Freemason Mob Associate Says The Lord Jesus Christ! There Is Massive Collusion! Part 2

Beloved America, The Lord Jesus Christ has given me another bombshell revelation. Two years ago, The Lord said Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III is a freemason. The Lord said Mueller’s investigation was a freemason SHAM. I recorded a Facebook Live video about these revelations in May 2017. The video is also posted on my YouTube channel.

After Mueller’s Sham report on Trump Russia collusion came out on March 24, 2019, The Lord revealed two things. One, Mueller is not just a freemason, he is a 33 degree freemason. Not surprising for a man who is a former FBI Director. The second revelation, heir Mueller is a mob associate! Shocking but believable when you consider the fact that before Mueller accepted the Special Counsel role, he was a partner in the law firm WilmerHale that had clients named Jared and Ivanka Kushner. Trump and his kids are mob associates as well says The Lord. The law firm representing Jared and Ivanka no doubt has mob lawyers on staff.

Mueller’s shocking mob ties also helps to explain why American organized crime is out of control. When the FBI Director is a mob associate, the mob will generally be unmolested.

Mueller’s mob ties help to explain why a lawless man like Donald Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey so he could install Mueller as Special Counsel reporting to former Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein reportedly played a role in Comey’s firing. Trump in affect took control of the Trump Russia collusion probe! Believable when you consider Trump’s character.

This bombshell implicates the powers that be in the crime of collusion with an adversarial foreign power Russia to get Trump elected. The Pentagon is implicated because of the role three star General Michael Flynn played in the scandal. How often are Generals on staff of a political campaign? How often does the former Defense Intelligence Agency Director go to a Russian Today gala in Moscow. How strange is it that presidential hopeful Jill Stein was sitting at the same table as General Michael Flynn?

The Intelligence Community is implicated as well because they failed to adequately check Russian aggression and are now involved in covering up collusion by way of many SHAM investigations. They also claim to have insufficient evidence of collusion which is a ridiculous assertion. The information collection capabilities of the world’s premier Intelligence Community, and the great many contacts between Trump’s campaign and the Russians during the 2016 campaign lead me to believe the Intel community is a coconspirator. Finally, the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, an Intel agent himself and a man who knew details about the conspiracy points the finger at our Intel Community. Is there no Saudi Embassy in America?

Why all the deceitfulness? America’s white male dominated power elite have taken their country back from diverse democracy. Democracy has fallen in America in lieu of White Supremacy!

What to do. Pray and ask Christ what you should do. Armed struggle against The Pentagon is a BAD idea.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! I Wonder Who Told Heir Mueller To “Work Slowly & Leave The Trumps ALONE?”” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! I Wonder Who Told Heir Mueller To “Work Slowly & Leave The Trumps ALONE?”

Beloved America, are you wondering like I am who ordered Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III to “work slowly and leave Trump alone?” You are! Me too. Are you wondering why Mueller started his investigation looking into the ancillary issue of obstruction of justice and waited a year to begin examining the grave issue of treasonous criminal collusion with Putin? Doesn’t Mueller’s strategy seem ASS BACKWARDS to you? Me too. Wouldn’t you have started investigating collusion because you wanted to protect America from a treasonous traitor who is the illegitimate President of The United States of America? Me too.

Why did Mueller fail to proceed wisely? Somebody told him to work slowly and to leave Trump, his family and business alone. Who gave the order? My guess is The Donald and or Jefferson Beauregard Sessions and or Rod Rosenstein gave the order. Trump, Sessions and Rosenstein colluded criminally to fire former FBI Director James Comey. Right? Right. It’s possible someone in the Pentagon also spoke to Mueller, because Mueller probably doesn’t fear Trump, Sessions and Rosenstein enough to cast away the facade of Mr. Integrity.

Why are the Pentagon, DIA, CIA, NSA, FBI, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party colluding to cover up Trump’s criminal collusion? The good ol’ boys are taking their damn country back criminally and by political force. They have taken back control, the slogan of The United Kingdom Leave Movement. The Silent Military Coup of 2016 was a white male supremacy power grab and democracy takedown. Whoa.

What to do? Pray earnestly for Christ to pull the cover off the worst political conspiracy of All Time. The good ol’ boys are Nazis like their forefathers who foresook The Lord Jesus Christ in 1876 for white male supremacy. As you recall, The Compromise of 1876 killed Reconstruction in the south as well as a host of uppity Negroes. Their forefathers also conspired to study the reproductive health of African Americans from 1932 to 1972 in The Tuskegee Study. When The Tuskegee Study ended, abortion on demand began with eighty percent of abortion clinics in minority communities. Today abortion is the leading cause of death for African Americans, outpacing ALL other causes of death combined. About 250,000 to 500,000 black babies die via abortion per year. Surprisingly, the number of white babies aborted is about the same as the number of black babies aborted yearly. Yet whites outnumber blacks 4.5 to 1 (63/14). This startling statistic says blacks are 4.5 times more likely to abort unwanted pregnancies than whites.

The forefathers of today’s Nazi Party also stole healthy cells from a dying African American women named Henrietta Lacks and have illegally shared her cell line with the nations. The question is begged, what would a Nazi want with an African American female’s cells. What would a Nazi do with information gleaned from studying African American cells. The answer is obvious. Genocide. Not the old fashioned way, but the new Nazi high tech way. Pharmaceutical and consumer goods perhaps design to do harm to the African American on the cellular genetic level. I suspect covert mass sterilization of minorities has been occurring since Eugenic research and development began one hundred years ago.

Finally, America’s modern Nazis have forsaken true DEMOCRACY for white male supremacy. They went through dangerous and risky extremes to do so. They hired the Russians to provide cover for their covert operations on American soil.

The great news is, we are still here! The bad news is, the high tech Eugenic Nazis are still here too, and they just took their damned country back. So The Lord Jesus Christ is calling us to prayer. All hands on deck! Watch and pray and do what the Bible says. Do what The Holy Spirit says. Fear not, ONLY BELIEVE. Preach yourself to death like King Jesus did. Engage the culture with The Word of God. Be fearless!

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late. We are in the midst of judgment day. I believe Christ is going to save the flock of slaughter.


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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! The Fall Of Trump, The CIA & The Pentagon Is Near!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! The Fall Of Trump, The CIA & The Pentagon Is Near!

Beloved America, King Jesus said the CIA is going to fall. My guess is The Trump Administration and Organization will fall simultaneously. The Pentagon will fall from grace as well because they conspired together to defraud American voters in November 2016. They conspired, accomplished and covered up the greatest election fraud of our generation. They used Trump’s Russian connections via the Russian Jewish mob to provide cover for CIA and Pentagon mischief.

Now that The House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff has given up on pursuing Trump’s collusion, as The Lord said he would, the way is clear for King Jesus to do something to reveal the truth. I am not sure what the Lord is going to do or when, but the end result will be the fall of Trump, the CIA and Pentagon.

Will the CIA and Pentagon cease to exist as we know it today. I doubt it. The fall of both may result in restructuring of each organization or changes in Congressional oversight.

Trump’s fall on the other hand will probably result in jail time for he and some of his family members. After all Trump is a crook. Lol.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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Fake news? No, Mueller report shows journalists mostly got it right on Trump, Russia – Chicago Tribune

Heir Mueller & America’s State Run media agreed on all CIA talking points. Heir Mueller lied about Cohen, Ivanka, Don Jr & Al Weisselberg going 2 Prague 2 meet w/ Putin Administration. He also lied about Trump telling Cohen to lie to Congress.

Heir Mueller came out as a Nazi!