THE ORIGINAL! Trump Was Afraid James Comey Would Unilaterally Talk About The Collusion Probe! (First Published May 9, 2017).

Beloved America, I am very skeptical about the recent revelation of Trump’s original draft letter that was going to be used to justify firing former FBI Director James Comey. I am concerned Trump has planted misleading documents in the mist of the recent 40,000 pages of documents that have been submitted to Congressional Intelligence Committees and Special Counsel Robert Mueller III. Reportedly, Trump has a history of seeding misinformation about himself into the public square.

In recent days, I have seen revelations in the media about emails to junior Trump aides saying Putin wanted a meeting with Trump’s team. Reportedly, Trump’s campaign consistently rebuffed efforts to meet with Putin and his associates. Also, the Trump Tower Moscow revelation is saying to us, Felix Sater may have “engineered” the entire Trump Russia collusion operation. I don’t believe these email revelations are consistent with the large number of revelations about Trump’s team actually meeting with Russians and trying to cover up said meetings. Trump’s team did not have a problem meeting with Russian officials at any point in the presidential campaign. Also, Felix Sater would not have been needed to engineer Russian collusion because Michael Flynn was directly engaged with Putin shortly thereafter. I suspect Trump planted misleading documents in his submittal to Congress and Mueller. Recently, Trump attempted to mislead investigators and the public by spinning the purpose of the Trump Jr meeting with Russian agents on June 9, 2016.

Getting back to the firing of James Comey, The Lord Jesus Christ told me Comey was fired because he was a loose cannon, a “showboat.” Comey was not loyal to Trump and he had a short history of unilaterally speaking to the media about investigations. Trump was apparently worried Comey would go public with facts related to Russian collusion. We saw Trump confess the true reason he fired Comey when he sat for an interview with NBC anchor Lester Holt. Trump said to the entire world, the Russia story was at least part of the reason he fired Comey. Since Trump was not under investigation at that time, he should not have been afraid of the investigation assuming his innocence. Trump knew Comey may have found out incriminating things about him as a result of the FBI investigation. Trump could not trust Comey to keep quiet about the investigation.

The other interesting thing about Comey’s firing is Trump told representatives of America’s number one global enemy, Sergei Lavrov and Sergei Kislyak, firing “nut job” Comey took “a lot of pressure off” him. What pressure? Trump was not yet under investigation! If Trump is innocent, there would be no pressure on him. We all know how self centered Trump is. His statements to Russian agents are incriminating.

Finally, I find it strange that a day or two before Special Counsel Robert Mueller III was hired by Rod Rosenstein, Mueller interviewed for the FBI Directorship. Then Mueller took the Special Counsel assignment. The Lord told me Mueller is a freemason like Trump. Freemason’s are known to pervert justice for their brothers. Mueller is also discrete and does not leak information to the media.

I agree that Mueller’s investigation looks credible based on media reports. I am concerned though about the Trump Mueller interview that appears to have resulted in Mueller becoming Special Counsel.

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The Pressure is taking a toll of Trump Sr. So many things to hide!

Trump breaks down under the pressure of his criminal conspiracy with Putin to get elected in 2016 and his past business practices with organized criminals from America, Russia and elsewhere. Christ is applying the pressure which takes a toll over time.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump Has A Near Break Down As Trump Russia Collusion Pressure Continues!

The Lord Jesus has been saying to me for several weeks now, “Break Down.”  I have therefore been living in expectation that another firing spree is coming to America as Trump fights to stay above the Russian collusion swamp’s water that continues to fill with his own sins and indiscretions.  Robert Mueller III is being eyed by Trump because Trump’s family financial sins are under scrutiny in The Trump Russian Collusion Probe.

The fact is Donald Trump is trapped and has no hiding place.  His sins are being investigated and leaked to the media.  His kingdom is falling and there is nothing he can do about it. Nothing!  King Jesus Christ has watched Trump for more than three decades.  Christ has seen all of Trump’s sins.  Christ set up Trump through Putin and his oligarchs who talked him into running for president.  Christ let the Russian interference campaign succeed so he could take Trump down for good.    Christ is exceedingly brilliant!  The end of Trump as president is near.  Death throws are upon us.  It’s hard to watch.  It is instructive for young people.  Don’t cheat in life.  It will eventually catch up to you because of King Jesus.

THE ORIGINAL! King Jesus Is Conducting A Sting Operation of Putin & Trump!

I recall Christ telling me to be quiet about Donald Trump’s obvious organized crime associations during the Republican primary season. I could not for the life of me understand why Christ wanted me to be quiet about this glaring problem with a man who was running for president. I also wondered why the media was not reporting daily on the same concern. I was baffled at Trump’s success during the primary. I was shocked when he won the general election.

Since November 8, 2016 Christ has told me Trump colluded with Putin to get elected. Christ told me Trump is in fact a mob associate. Christ told me Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen did go to Prague, Czechoslovakia in August or September of 2016 to arrange for plausibly deniable cash payment of Russian backed hackers inside and outside of Russia. Christ told me there were shams in the actual election of 2016. About 600 county voterdata system servers where successfully hacked by Russian hackers prior to the election. Mega voter registration rolls were manipulated to undoubtedly suppress Democratic votes to facilitate Trump’s success on election night. I believe these voter database cyber intrusions are what Christ called Peter’s shams and Peter’s anomalies. I suspect Peter may be famed Russian hacker Peter Levashov who may be incarcerated in America as I write.

Also, I believe a number of third party candidates in certain states, like Jill Stein, may have been used to take Clinton votes to help Trump. You recall Jill Stein attending Russia Today television’s ten year anniversary gala in Moscow in December of 2015, and sitting at the head table with Putin and Michael Flynn.

So why would The Lord command me to be quiet about crooked Trump during the primary and general election campaign? I believe Christ has set up Donald Trump for a fall at the end of his life. I believe Christ has watched Trump’s wicked business practices down through the years with patience because He saw this day coming. Trump is totally exposed as president of the United States. There is absolutely no where for Trump to hide. He is stressed out about skilled investigators of all kinds digging into his personal and business life. He doesn’t want us to find out he colluded with Russia to get elected. Yet, Trump is trapped. If he fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller, there will be undesirable consequences. If he doesn’t fire Mueller, there will be undesirable consequences. The US Government has been investigating Trump and his campaign since the summer of 2016. We are aware of at least one FISA warrant that was approved for Carter Page, former campaign adviser for Trump. Undoubtedly the FBI has been watching Trump Organization for many years.

Christ set Trump up for a colossal fall. Putin also. Stay tuned and stay loyal to Christ. Pray without ceasing. Ask Christ to pull the cover off the goings on in Washington and Moscow. Ask Christ to pull the cover off voter registration roll hacking, Peter’s shams and Jill Stein’s roll in the election.

THE ORIGINAL! Is America’s First Russian President Crazy Enough To Fire Special Counsel Mueller?

Exactly one week after former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates testified in an open hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee, alongside former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper on Monday, May 1, 2017, America’s First Russian President Donald Trump up and fired the Director of The FBI James Comey. Yesterday, Thursday, June 8, 2017 former FBI Director James Comey also testified before an open and closed session of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Did Mr. Comey say something that made Trump nervous. Maybe. I heard Comey refer several questions on the Trump Russia Collusion Probe to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Sally Yates did the same thing during her testimony. She referred several questions to former FBI Director Comey.

Now beloved ones, The King of kings Jesus Christ told me Trump fired Comey because Comey was not afraid to unilaterally speak publicly about former or current FBI investigations if pressed to do so. In addition, Trump could not get Comey to pledge loyalty to him meaning, Comey was out of control. This week we learned Trump could not get Comey to leak a true story to the media about Trump not being currently under investigation in The Trump Russia Collusion Probe. Also, Comey was not able to let go of the FBI’s investigation of former Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. I suspect the last straw for Trump occurred when the FBI interviewed Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump reportedly about matters unrelated to the Collusion Probe on Sunday, May 7, 2017. The very next day Trump fire Comey, a rare occurrence in Washington.

Now, as far as the criminal probe of Trump Russia Collusion is concerned, all eyes are focused on Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Did Trump hear something from Comey yesterday that raised an eyebrow? I am sure he did. Will Trump panic again and pull the trigger on Mueller if the pressure rises again. If Mueller publicly announces he is expanding his investigation to include Trump, his adult children and or their spouses, will Trump instruct Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to fire Mueller. If he does, he may have to fire Rosenstein too if Rosenstein is not loyal to Trump. Stay tuned and pray without ceasing.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump Is Passing Data From Treasury, Defense, Trade, ETC to Russia Covertly!

The Lord Jesus Christ told me the Russians don’t need to employ traditional espionage protocols to extract information on America because Donald Trump’s Administration is leaking classified data dealing with Trade, Treasury, Defense, State Department, etc.  The Lord revealed Jared Kushner wanted to download trade data to the Russians via a covert communications channel located at the Russian Embassy in America.  This is espionage which is punished by the death penalty.  Pray for America.  Pray the Lord will protect America from foreign and domestic enemies.