The Truth Is Powerful And Prevails. The Trump Russia Dossier Will Be 100% Confirmed Some Day Says The Lord Jesus!

The Lord Jesus has been telling me allegations in the Trump Russia Dossier are being confirmed on an ongoing basis. The public is not hearing about these confirmations because the FBI and Mueller Investigation are tight lipped. Nevertheless, silence about confirmation of the Dossier’s allegations should not lead us to believe the memos are fake news. To the contrary. the allegations that have been publicly confirmed lend credibility to Mr. Steele’s work. Keep in mind, Mr. Steele as a great reputation with American Intelligence Officials.

The revelation that the Dossier was funded in part or whole by the DNC and Clinton campaign makes a lot of sense since Mrs. Clinton was running against Trump. It is interesting to note Mrs. Clinton did not use any of the allegations in the Dossier during the campaign as far as I am aware.

On the other hand, the Dossier correctly alleges Trump and Russia had ongoing information exchanges during the campaign. Trump Jr’s meeting with four Russian agents being one of them. Peter W. Smith’s attempts to get Clinton’s emails from Russian hackers with help from Michael Flynn, Trump’s campaign adviser, would be another. Cambridge Analytica’s Director’s email to Wikileaks requesting Clinton’s missing emails would be another. Paul Manafort’s offer to brief Putin on the progress of the Trump campaign via Oleg Deripaska would be yet another. Also, we have knowledge of more than twenty and approaching thirty contacts between Trump campaign aides and surrogates with Russian officials like Sergei Kislyak (Ambassador), Sergei Gorkov (FSB & banker), Konstantin Kilimnick (GRU), Natalia Veselnitskaya (Russian agent), Rinat Akhmetshin (Russian Agent and Coordinator of Computer Hacking), Irakly Kaveladze (Russian Agent and Money Launderer), etc.

The Dossier also correctly alleges the role Paul Manafort played in the collusion. The Department of Justice has threatened to indict Mr. Manafort as a part of Mueller’s investigation. If the Dossier is truthful with respect to Mr. Manafort, would the allegations about Michael Cohen’s role be amiss. Not according to The Lord Jesus who said Michael Cohen did go to Prague Czechoslovakia in 2016 to meet with Kremlin surrogates. Reportedly Cohen went to Prague to discuss plausibly denial payment mechanisms for computer hackers and to develop contingency plans to cover up the scandal. Like the contingency plan that Cohen was at a baseball camp with his son instead of in Prague.

More salacious than Trump’s collusion with Russia is the collusion of the RNC with Russia. This scandal is too salacious even for liberal media to touch. We have only a sliver of public evidence at this point. Paul Manafort’s cryptic notes taken during Trump Jr’s meeting with four Russian agents reportedly tell us there is “Active Support” for the “RNC” from someone. It is reasonable to assume the support comes from the Russian government whose plausibly deniable representatives were meeting with Trump Jr, Kushner and Manafort when Paul typed meeting notes into his cell phone. Who else could the support come from, Rob Goldstone, Emin Agalarov’s publicist or Anatoli Samochornov the interpreter? I suspect Aras Agalarov may be acting as a surrogate for Putin to slip covert funds to the RNC. Reportedly, Paul Manafort called Reince Preibus shortly after the Trump Jr meeting. Salacious as Hades.

The Lord Jesus said Russia has slipped billions of covert bloody rubles to the RNC in recent years. The Lord also said 24 House Republicans got help from Russia’s Guccifer 2.0 to get elected in 2016. Wicked as Hades.

Why would Republicans receive help from Russia, our former enemy, to win elections. Apparently there are slightly more Democrats in America than Republicans. In other words, the demographic. Republican’s have been having trouble winning the White House and majorities in the House and Senate. So they have teamed up with Putin, a pseudo global white nationalist and kleptocrat, to take their country back. Wicked.



Vladimir Putin Purchased The Republican Party And Donald Trump! There Is “Ongoing” Active Support For The Republican Party From Russia. Quid Pro Quo!

Paul Manafort’s cryptic notes taken as he attended a meeting with four Russian agents, Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner and possibly Donald Trump Sr helps to explain why the Republican Party has no desire to address crucial national security issues with respect to Russian interference and aid electing Trump Sr.  On June 9, 2016 in Trump Tower, NYC, while Trump Sr was in the building just one floor above the location of the meeting, Paul Manafort typed into his cell phone something like, “Active Support,” “RNC.”  The active support was realized and is ongoing.  At least three Russian American emigres who are close to Russian oligarchs who are intimate with Vladimir Putin gave a reported total of $2 million dollars to the RNC during last years campaign.  We watched the RNC then turn and do something strange with their platform one week prior to the Republican National Convention in July 2016.  The RNC went soft on Russia with respect to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.  The RNC reversed its’ position and decided not to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine to help them fight off Russia.

With every passing day, the New Nazi Party or the former Republican Party delay crucial actions needed to protect America’s Democracy.  They have a better idea.  How about we rewrite The US Constitution to enshrine one party rule or white supremacy with a chaser of kleptocracy.  Let’s get rid of human rights and civil rights and voting rights.  Let’s dissolve the Congress and lock up Hillary and the Democrats in our private prisons.  Let’s crush people of color.  Let’s take our country back by any means necessary.  Let’s get help from Russia.

Does this scenario ring a bell?  It is a picture of the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany in the 1930’s.  The rise of Hitler and the rise of far right wing treachery in America are similar.  Hitler was far right politically.  Hitler and the Nazis fomented street fights between Nazis and Communists in Germany with complicity of the police.  American law enforcement have allowed many such street battles between far right wing Nazis and the American public recently.  The Battle of Charlottesville, Virginia is a notable example.   The police allowed the people to beat hell out of each other for a good while before sending the combatants home. Just like Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

Trump is just like Hitler in many ways.  Trump uses racism like Hitler used antisemitism to build a political constituency.  Hitler was incendiary in his public discourse creating chaos and division.  Trump likewise.  Trump has an advantage over Hitler though.  Trump has psycho-graphic analysis of the America people to guide which buttons of chaos he pushes.  The rise of the American Nazi Party is underway with “Active Support” from Vladimir Putin.

Putin is reportedly a leader of global white nationalism or supremacy.  He is probably using white nationalism to destroy Democracy.  He certainly doesn’t care about white folks in Russia.  If he did, Putin would not hoard all their wealth and crush them for protesting about.

The Lord Jesus told me Putin has given billions of bloody rubles to the Republican Party in recent years.  Start looking for the money transfers around 2012 when President Obama was re-elected.  Perhaps as much as $5 billion dollars has been given to the RNC by Putin thus far.  The support is ongoing!  Therefore nothing is being done to plug the dike; the cyber security dike.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to King Jesus. Don’t fear, pray!


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THE ORIGINAL! The Russian Overthrow Of American Democracy Proceeds With Active Support Of The GOP By Russia! White Supremacy & Kleptocracy With Feigned Democracy! Jesus Saves!!

The Republican Party has received billions of dollars from Russia as active support for their cause says The Lord Jesus The Christ. There cause is the age old old boys network of systemic white American male racism and dominance.

Our former President Barack Obama was a huge problem for the old boys network, because he could never be a member. They couldn’t let Obama in on the sources and methods of systemic white racism. Obama was not “all” white. He was excluded from the network. The network still functioned on some level but Mr. Obama fought against it. Mr. Obama’s Justice Department fought against the lynching cops, and the lynching police departments in America. Mr. Obama did not look the other way with respect to institutional racism. So the old boys network was not happy!

In response to the democratically demographically inspired challenge to the old boys network, the Republican Party got in bed with Russia whose leader is a known global white supremacist of sorts. The Lord Jesus said billions of dollars have been given to the Republican Party to help them win elections. It’s just a matter of time before this comes out publicly. I believe Republicans are planning to suspend the US Constitution and Bill of Rights to install kleptocracy and White Supremacy in America with feigned democracy like Russia. They have already gutted The Voting Rights Act of 1965. They know Trump colluded with Russia. They are pretending to investigate the matter. They intend to absolve Trump and move on as if nothing salacious happened.

Troublous times are upon America because of 120 years of pride and rebellion against Christ Jesus. Hang on. It’s gonna get rough. It’s Judgment Day. So pray!


THE ORIGINAL! Has Putin Paid For Trump’s Legal Fees By Donations To The Republican Party? It Looks Like It.

Beloved, reportedly The Republican National Committee (RNC) has “Active Support” from Russia. Paul Manafort’s cryptic notes of the Trump Jr meeting with three Russian operatives on June 9, 2016 tell us so. Today I read more on this subject. Apparently three American citizens of Russian birth and intimately connected to Russian citizens who are intimately connected to Putin gave contributions to the RNC in 2016. One of these Russian Americans gave a reported quarter million dollars to Trump’s Inauguration fund. You recall, the least well attended inauguration in world history, lol. The Russian American contributors are just one person removed from Vladimir Putin because of their connections to Viktor Vekselberg and Oleg Deripaska. Vekselberg and Deripaska are both billionaire oligarchs of Putin. They have to submit to Putin for all things to go well for them in Russia.

Next, reportedly Donald Trump’s legal fees are being paid in part or in entirety by the RNC. Either Trump is broke or he likes spending other peoples money. I would guess the latter. In this case though, Putin’s money via Vekselberg and Deripaska and then via Russian American cut outs may be paying for Trump’s legal fees. For me this arrangement adds insult to injury. First Russia tramples on an American presidential election in various well thought out ways, and then they pay for Trump’s legal fees as King Jesus Christ leads prosecutors to criminal collusion pay dirt. So I am offended with Putin, Trump and the RNC for perverting our election for the sake of Republican or White Supremacy or American Elite rule of the land. It appears the demographic shift in America forced base tendencies to arise in the Republican Party. Apparently, wealthy white Americans are taking back what demographics stole from them with an assist from none other than Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Putin would love to see Kleptocracy in America. He is also a sponsor of global white supremacy when convenient for business purposes.

Stay tuned and pray to King Jesus only to do something about king Putin and the illegitimate king Trump. Ask Christ to cause America to Return to Him.


THE ORIGINAL! Have The Russians Given Billions of Dollars To The Republican Party? I Think So!

Beloved, reportedly a key person in Trump’s orbit made a contribution to the Republican National Committee. We learned this from Paul Manafort’s notes taken at Trump Jr’s meeting with Russian spies, a hacker and a money launderer. Aras Agalarov was a key player in the background of the Trump Jr meeting as was Yuri Chaika. Yet, Trump has many wealthy associates who may have contributed to the RNC in this instance.

The key player may have been an American, but King Jesus brought up Aras Agalarov before anyone knew his employee Ike Kaveladze attended Trump Jr’s meeting. If an American contributed to the RNC it would not be a crime. If a Russian billionaire contributed to the RNC we have a major scandal.

The Lord Jesus also brought up Analytics with reference to this meeting. I assume voter registration data analytics was involved in Trump Jr’s meet.

Beloved, I am concerned The Republican Party may have come off its’ hinges in a quest to take their country back after eight years of President Obama. I am concerned the Party resorted to the “by any means necessary” doctrine of Malcolm X. If the Republicans have consorted with Russia, as clearly some within their ranks have, and if they have accepted monetary support from Russia to help take America back, we have a monumental scandal with far reaching and long term impact. Our nation will be shaken to the core if my assertion here is proven to be true. Our Democracy will be damaged and our social fabric disturbed. My assertion in this article would explain a lot of queer Republican behavior recently.

If Republicans are in bed with Putin, they probably did it to retake the country politically and to reassert white hegemony over the nation at whatever cost. In my view many of them are not above it. We can see their callousness in their efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare. They have forgotten that King Jesus resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. Truthfully, White hegemony over America did not fail under President Obama.

Stay tuned and pray to King Jesus without ceasing. Ask Him to turn America back to Him.


Trump and The Republican National Committee Colluded? I Think So.

Beloved, this article reveals the possible collusion of not just Donald Trump and Putin, but the entire Republican National Committee and Putin’s Russia. I broadcast a few days ago a revelation The Lord Jesus gave me about 24 House Republicans who are “Trumps” meaning they got elected in collusion or with help from Russia. I find this article consistent with everything Christ has been saying to me.

Why would the RNC collude with Russia. There can be only one possible explanation, Demographics and White Supremacy. The Republicans have not won a popular vote for president in 6 of the last 7 presidential elections. That means there are more Democrats than Republicans nationally. It means, the Democrats if left unchecked would dominate the Federal government for the foreseeable future. That means non whites will have great power to advance their agenda, some of which I object to myself. It means white power may be a thing of the past.

Beloved, consider this also, there are 34 Republican governors and about as many Republican led State legislatures. Yet there are more Democrats than Republicans in America today as is witnessed by presidential popular votes. How could there be so many Republican governors and Republican led State legislatures when the nation’s demographic is predominantly Democrat. Something is fishy.

THE ORIGINAL! Will Phone Records & Intercepted Calls Of Trump’s Inner Circle & Russians Be Released?

Incriminating evidence from reliable sources is coming to The Trump Russia collusion scandal. It may come in the form of the release of transcripts of redacted phone or email records obtained via intercept by the United States Intelligence Community. Trump has boasted that there is still no evidence of his collusion with Putin’s Russia after one year of scrutiny by The FBI. Yet, the Intelligence Community may have the evidence in a form that could reveal sources and methods. If so, they will not quickly share the information with the public to protect lives and modes of operation.

However, when it becomes clear that the only way to remove a Russian agent from America’s Presidency is to risk revealing highly sensitive information in redacted form, for the sake of the Motherland, the Intel Community may do it.

Also tonight, there is another huge scandal that has been obscured by the massive Trump Russia collusion saga. There is open source information that reveals Russian Military Intelligence via Guccifer 2.0 released to at least one Republican Consultant, hacked documents belonging to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. A GOP Consultant in Florida named Aaron Nevins intentionally interacted with Guccifer 2.0 in order to get documents detailing the Democratic Party’s get out the vote plan for Florida. There was information about who and where “soft” Democrats were in the state. Soft Democrats are potentially sway-able if exposed to the right kinds of propaganda or psyops. Guccifer 2.0 also released DCCC documents for the states of New Hampshire, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina and Pennsylvania based on open source information.

The Lord Jesus Christ told me there are 24 Trumps in the House of Representatives. A “Trump” is a person who was elected with help from Russia and knew it. When the House voted recently to harden Russian sanctions, only 422 members voted. Thirteen members did not vote on the legislation. I find this interesting given the high profile of the legislation and the patriotic overtones that accompanied it.

Stay tuned. Pray without ceasing to the only one listening, King Jesus Christ. Pray for America to return to Christ quickly. Judgment is upon the land.