The Lord said today, “End,” “Raid,” and “Indicted.”  I put this together with previous context clues, and I get the end is near for the Trump Administration.   Someone is about to be indicted, and the raid on Paul Manafort’s home may have provided evidence of a crime or crimes.

Stay tuned and pray unto Christ for help for America.  Ask Christ to turn the hearts of American’s back to himself.



Attorney General Jeff Sessions Shows More Moral Weakness By Condemning White Supremacy While Facilitating It At The Same Time. Jeff Is A Small Man.

Jeff Sessions has been talking a pretty good game concerning Charlottesville, but his actions speak more loudly. He is an enemy of civil rights of all kinds. He is a white supremacist. The Lord Jesus Christ told me as I watched a live broadcast of the chaos in Charlottesville on Saturday, The White House and Justice Department were responsible for the violent confrontation. The rally brought together a combustible mixture of belief systems without police intervention. The police were there, but they did not intervene to stop people from beating each other senseless. After the violence the police ended the festivities. I see this as a dereliction of their duties. They were responsible to stop the initial carnage. If they had maybe, just maybe Heather Heyer would still be alive.


Oh The Treachery Of The Far Right Wing! They Are Throwing Away The Poster Child Of White Supremacy, Segregation, Immigration, The War On Black America and Voter Suppression, Jeff Sessions, In Order To Get At Special Counsel Mueller! WOW! Trump is Terrified!

If Sessions leaves, a new DOJ sheriff could rein in or ax Mueller

Read is Fox Con article:


On November 29, 2016 I Broadcast A Word From The Lord Jesus About Division Of The Police. I Believe Trump Is Going To Divide The Department Of Justice.

THE BROADCAST! Butchered at Ohio State! A Mountain of Trouble from Mount Zion! Division of Police!!

If and or when Trump fires Jeff Sessions and possibly Rod Rosenstein, he will be able to appoint one or more useful idiots to lead the Department of Justice. As we know, Trump’s nominee for FBI Director is Christopher Wray. Wray is potentially compromised because his current law firm, King & Spalding, provides legal services for Rosneft and Gazprom, Russian oil and gas giants. Rosneft was in part or in whole stolen from its former owner and given to Putin’s friend Igor Sechin. Gazprom is rumored to have connections to Russian mob boss of bosses, Semion Mogelivich. Chris Wray is suspect therefore. In addition, this week we learned Trump has nominated Brian Benczkowski to lead DOJ’s Criminal Division. Benczkowski has admitted to performing legal services for Russia’s Alfa Bank. Alfa Bank is connected to Russia’s kleptocrat Vladimir Putin. The Russian Dossier by Christopher Steele alleges Alfa Bank was involved in interfering in the 2016 Election. Finally, Trump would nominate far right wing loyalists to replace Sessions and possibly Rosenstein if they are purged.  Robert Mueller’s Russian Investigation might be hindered or halted as a result.

The Division of The Department Of Justice slash FBI may occur as follows. Department staff who are typically apolitical and loyal to upholding The US Constitution may fall out with Trump loyalist who are not focused primarily on upholding the rule of law and justice. Trump’s softness toward Russia and his obstruction of the Trump Russia Collusion Investigation may rub many at the Department the wrong way. I am sure it already has. At the same time, The Department slash FBI may have staff aligned with Trump. Division of The Police is coming to America says The Lord Jesus Christ. He would know.


THE ORIGINAL! Trump Wants To Pardon All Traitors In The Trump Russia Collusion Scandal! That’s Big Of Him.

Pardon me, excuse me, pardon me says the cartoon character Bugs Bunny as he walk through seated patrons in a theater. Trump on the other hand, not yet up to the level of a cartoon character, asks his private counsel if he can pardon all the traitors in the Trump Russia Collusion Scandal including himself. Bugs Bunny would not ask such a question.

Trump realizes he is trapped and He knows it is just a matter of time before, not just America, but the world knows he criminally colluded with Putin’s Russia to get elected in 2016. He is looking for a soft landing for himself, his family and aides. Yet, there must be consequences for wrong doing or there will be no deterrent moving forward. Consequences are the way of Christ who is the Righteous Judge of Heaven and Earth. Though Trump looks for a parachute and tries to quietly exit stage left without consequences, the crime of the century will require penalties. If man does not judge Trump and his team properly, King Jesus will.

THE ORIGINAL! Incriminating Evidence Of Trump’s Collusion Is Coming Via A Leak!

The Lord Jesus Christ told me this very day that incriminating evidence of Trump’s collusion slash conspiracy with Putin’s Russia is coming to America via a leak. Yesterday, I broadcast the following title, “Trump Has A Near Break Down As Trump Russia Collusion Pressure Continues!” Tonight we witnessed near panic by the Trump Administration as Robert Mueller’s investigation zeros in on Trump’s finances and fifty year career as a mob front man. Buckle up and hold on tight. It’s going to get interesting from here.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump Has A Near Break Down As Trump Russia Collusion Pressure Continues!

The Lord Jesus has been saying to me for several weeks now, “Break Down.”  I have therefore been living in expectation that another firing spree is coming to America as Trump fights to stay above the Russian collusion swamp’s water that continues to fill with his own sins and indiscretions.  Robert Mueller III is being eyed by Trump because Trump’s family financial sins are under scrutiny in The Trump Russian Collusion Probe.

The fact is Donald Trump is trapped and has no hiding place.  His sins are being investigated and leaked to the media.  His kingdom is falling and there is nothing he can do about it. Nothing!  King Jesus Christ has watched Trump for more than three decades.  Christ has seen all of Trump’s sins.  Christ set up Trump through Putin and his oligarchs who talked him into running for president.  Christ let the Russian interference campaign succeed so he could take Trump down for good.    Christ is exceedingly brilliant!  The end of Trump as president is near.  Death throws are upon us.  It’s hard to watch.  It is instructive for young people.  Don’t cheat in life.  It will eventually catch up to you because of King Jesus.