Humiliating A Man Who Colluded With You and Putin Is A Bad Idea. Also What Does Trump’s Abandonment Of Sessions Say To Michael Flynn?

This video was first published live on May 8, 2017.


THE ORIGINAL! Can An Illegitimately Elected President Pardon Anyone? No! Election Fraud!

Beloved, I confess I am not a lawyer.  I am a preacher of righteousness and a chemical engineer.  I don’t know the law in great detail.  I can’t defend you in court.  However, I do have common sense, and at the age of 54 years (next month) I discern from whatever understanding of the law I have that a fraudulently elected president can not pardon anyone, because he is illegitimate.  He does not have lawful authority to reign as president over America because of election fraud.

Beloved, listen, Christ Jesus, The King of Heaven and earth told a nobody like me that Trump colluded with Putin’s Russia to get elected in 2016. Therefore I boldly assert like many House Democrats, that Trump is illegitimate.  I am not a Democrat and I am not a Republican.  I am a Christian.  I am aligned with King Jesus politically.  Whatever judgment Christ gives on an issue becomes my position on that issue.  Nevertheless, House Democrats that boycotted Trump’s inauguration were correct. Trump is illegitimate.  He is a bastard president.  An abortion of a president.  Therefore, I conclude, until advised otherwise by a competent fair-minded lawyer, Trump can not pardon anyone for any reason especially for colluding with Russia to defraud the American electorate in 2016. Enough said.


THE ORIGINAL! Something New, Something Big, A New Crisis Is Coming For Trump Because of Collusion! (First Published On June 14, 2017)

Donald Trump Jr’s foolish meeting with at least four Russian born persons looks like the fulfillment of Christ’s Word to me on mid-June 2017.

THE ORIGINAL! Some Of Trump’s Current Or Former Team Members Are Going To Start Talking! Jeff Sessions Tomorrow.

The Lord Jesus said, about one month ago, that some of Trump’s current and former campaign team members are going to begin to talk. The Lord mentioned Jefferson Beauregard Session and Carter Page. Since that time Carter Page has appeared on CBS News, and he did not do well. He did not reveal much, but he looked as guilty as a cat with a mouse in its’ jaws. Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 13, 2017, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is coming before the Senate Intelligence Committee, partly because he does not want to face certain Democratic Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senators like Minnesota Senator Al Franken and Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy who have called for Sessions to resign because he lied under oath during his confirmation hearing.

The Lord gave me the words “break down” a few days ago. I am not sure what He means, but I won’t be surprised if Jeff Sessions has a break down and says too much tomorrow. Stay tuned and pray without ceasing.

THE ORIGINAL! Let’s Review Circumstantial Evidence of Trump’s Collusion With Putin!

There’s so much circumstantial smoke emanating from The Trump Russia Collusion Probe we can’t see the fire yet.  Let’s talk about what we know thus far.

THE ORIGINAL! Some Of Trump’s Current Or Former Team Members Are Going To Start Talking!

The Lord Jesus Christ told me some of Trump’s current and former aides are going to begin to talk.  In my mind, these individuals are going to reveal incriminating details of Trump’s collusion with Russia.  Two names have been given to me thus far; Jefferson Beauregard Sessions and Carter Page.  Yesterday I learned Carter Page wants to come before the House Intelligence Committee to give testimony.  Stay Tuned!



THE ORIGINAL! Some Of Trump’s Current Or Former Team Members Are Going To Start Talking Says The LORD Jesus!

Trump’s team is about to start breaking down and coming clean about Trump’s collusion with Russia.  Stay tuned and pray without ceasing.  Pray for America to come back to Christ.  Pray for the truth to come out concerning Trump’s collusion with our adversary Russia.