The Holy Spirit said to me that Someone is “RTing” or watching Russia Today Disinformation Television. The Trump Administration has their ear open to Russian Intelligence TV. It’s Information Warfare, Propaganda and Fake News like President Obama and UK Intelligence wire tapping Trump. Crazy!


The Lord Jesus Christ reaffirmed Trump colluded with Putin to get himself elected. Astonishing for you and me. King Jesus Christ will deliver America from this puppet of Russia.

THE ORIGINAL! As Trump Consolidates His Kingdom, King Jesus is Planning to Push His Button!

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon want to deconstruct the administrative State which is the same as deconstructing Democracy and the American way of life.

THE ORIGINAL! Russia Makes War on America via Hacking, Wikileaks, Info War, Propaganda & Fake News!

THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s Fall from power doesn’t depend on the Department of Justice but upon Chief Justice Jesus Christ!