Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Heir Mueller Came Out As An American Nazi Party Member! It’s The Fourth Reich Arising!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Heir Mueller Came Out As An American Nazi Party Member! It’s The Fourth Reich Arising! PRAY!

Beloved ones, Heir Mueller lied about at least three issues in the Trump Russia collusion scandal and therefore he came out a Nazi. He lied about Cohen going to Prague. He said in his 448 page report that there was no evidence Cohen went to Prague. Yet they have lots of direct evidence of Cohen going to Prague. The airline Cohen flew on to get to Germany provides evidence. The rental car company in Germany provides evidence. The Czech Republic has direct evidence the Cohen crossed the border and called Felix Sater for directions to the meeting location. Czech Republic intelligence may have an audio recording of Cohen’s conversation with Sater.
Cohen, Ivanka Trump Kushner, Donald Trump Jr and Allen Weisselberg attended the Prague meeting with Putin Administration officials held at the Ursa Insulation Company says The Lord Jesus. Mueller knows these facts.

Mueller also lied about Trump commanding Cohen to lie to Congress. Cohen still works for Trump today. They pretend to fight with each other. Mueller is protecting Trump from legal liability.

Finally Mueller and Don McGahn lied about Trump’s desire to fire Mueller. Mueller was a part of the cover up plan. Trump interviewed Mueller after firing James Comey and prior to Mueller being appointed Special Counsel. Trump may have been the one who told Mueller to go slowly and to leave Trump and family alone.

Mueller also came out of the closet a Nazi, because his investigation was conducted upside down. He spent a year investigating obstruction of justice and about ten months investigating collusion. The order should have been reversed since collusion with an enemy to win the White House is a much greater threat to National Security that obstruction of justice.

The Lord Jesus Christ said Mueller is a 33rd degree freemason like Trump. A 33rd degree freemason reportedly bows the knee to Lucifer or satan to get the degree. In other words, a 33rd degree freemason is a satanists or luciferian. You can’t trust a luciferian!

In April 2017, I broadcast on Facebook Live a message from The Lord Jesus titled, “The Appointment Of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller Is A Freemason Sham.” The Mueller Report confirms the Word of Christ.

The next question is, why all the lying and cover up? The American Nazi Party is on the rise in America. That’s why. They are not quite ready to come out of the closet yet. They will have to reveal their true intentions at some point. When they outlaw the Democratic Party, then everyone will know who they are.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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Fake news? No, Mueller report shows journalists mostly got it right on Trump, Russia – Chicago Tribune

Heir Mueller & America’s State Run media agreed on all CIA talking points. Heir Mueller lied about Cohen, Ivanka, Don Jr & Al Weisselberg going 2 Prague 2 meet w/ Putin Administration. He also lied about Trump telling Cohen to lie to Congress.

Heir Mueller came out as a Nazi!


Watch “THE ORIGINAL! What Happened To Mueller’s Indictment Of Roger Stone? What Of Carter Page & WikiLeaks” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! What Happened To Heir Mueller’s Indictment Of Roger Stone? What About Carter Page And Julian Assange?

Beloved America, The Lord Jesus Christ has revealed the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was forced to wrap up his investigation of Trump’s unambiguous collusion with Putin before he was finished. Mueller dropped his investigation of Roger Stone prematurely. He never got around to indicting Carter Page or Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. He never addressed Cambridge Analytica and Robert Mercers relationship with illegal psychological operations. Mueller did not address the Trump Tower Meeting, the Prague, Czech Republic meeting and Jared Kushner’s back channel request with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak. He never touched Michael Cohen, Ivanka Trump Kushner or Donald Trump Jr’s role in the scandal. He did not address voter registration roll hacking and it’s impact on the election of 2016. He did not address the issue of National Rifle Associations financial ties to Russia. He did not address Republican Party collusion with Russia as was evident by their going soft on Russia with respect to stealing Crimea from Ukraine. Yada, yada, yada.

There is ongoing collusion between Trump and Putin, the Pentagon and the Kremlin. That’s why Mr. Integrity stopped short of an integrous investigation. As I broadcast on Thanksgiving Day 2018, Mueller could not stand up to the CIA and Pentagon.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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New York City declares health emergency over measles in Brooklyn

The Nazis at the National Institutes of Health want to inject your children NYC. They’re are eugenisists probably. The measles outbreak is a pretext.

Christ’s Messenger

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Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Is There A Recording Of The Prague Meet Between Trump’s Camp & Putin’s Administration?” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Is There A Recording Of The Prague Meeting Between Trump’s Campaign And Putin’s Administration? If So, Why All The Lying?

Beloved America, Christ said Michael Cohen called Felix Sater when he arrived in the greater Prague area with Ivanka Trump Kushner, Donald Trump Jr and Allen Weisselberg. Trump’s inner circle went to Prague to meet with Putin Administration Officials to discuss plausibly deniable means to pay cash to American/Russia led hackers of the DNC, DCCC and the Clinton Campaign. The Meeting was also about preparing contingency plans to lie about the conspiracy per Christopher Steele’s Russian Dossier. The Lord said Steele’s Russian Dossier will be corroborated one hundred percent some day.

Felix Sater is a long time US Government informant. He set up the meeting in Prague says King Jesus The Christ. Did Sater inform the US government of the location, date and time of the meeting? If so, did US or allied intelligence agencies eavesdrop on the meeting? Was there a recording of the conversation? If so, why is the government saying there is no evidence of collusion? Why would The Obama Administration cover up the scandal?

If an audio or video recording was obtained, what does it reveal? Inquiring minds want to know. The bottom line is, what does the US government know and when did they know it?

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of the Lord Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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“The Lord Jesus has revealed the following:”

The Lord Jesus has revealed the following:

Trump’s inner campaign circle including Michael Cohen, Ivanka Trump Kushner, Donald Trump Jr and Allen Weisselberg attended a meeting with Vladimir Putin Administration Officials in the Prague Czechoslovakia area held at the URSA Insulation Company location in the Prague Area. Per Steve

THE ORIGINAL! Did U.S. or Allied Intel Agencies “Successfully Intercept” Trump Jr’s Phone Calls To Agalarov? What Do You Think!

Beloved, did US or Allied Intelligence Agencies successfully intercept Donald Trump Jr’s cell phone calls with Aras and/or Emin Agalarov? I would think so, because Aras is an oligarch who cooperates with Putin as necessary to advance Putin’s agenda. Aras received the Order of Honor of the Russian Federation some time after he hosted Trump Sr’s Miss Universe Pageant in 2013. Aras paid Trump Sr several million dollars for the event, and connected Trump to all the wonderful people in Moscow. Aras is called the Trump of Russia. I would not be surprised if Aras and maybe his son Emin were under surveillance by US Intelligence by June 2016 since Russia was known by then to be boldly moving in to help Trump win the election.

The Lord Jesus said “Aras” a few days after the New York Times published an article about the Trump Jr meeting with four suspected Russian agents. I still don’t know why The Lord brought up Aras, but I suspect his role in the meeting before, during and after is very significant.

If US Intel has transcripts of conversations between Trump Jr and the Agalarovs, something Trump Jr and Emin simply can’t recollect, then the end is near for Trump Sr’s presidency, assuming criminal collusion occurred. The Lord Jesus randomly said a few months ago, “Intercepted Successfully.” I still don’t know what The Lord is referring too, but Trump Jr’s calls with the Agalarovs comes to mind. The Lord also said, “The End” and “The Fall is near.” I think He is referring to Trump Sr’s presidency.

You may be asking yourself why Trump Sr would collude with Russia and get his kids involved. My guess is Trump Sr agreed to try to import kleptocracy to America using white supremacy as a wedge. Trump Sr may feel this is the best way to take his country back. You know, to make America great again.

Civil war is on the horizon for America says The Lord. I suspect the reason is the need to maintain white supremacy and white ethnic purity, whatever that means. Yet Christ is taking America another way, and no one can stop Him.

Stay tuned and pray to Christ without ceasing. Ask Christ to cause America to Return to Him. Ask Christ to judge the gods of America!!