THE ORIGINAL! Did U.S. or Allied Intel Agencies “Successfully Intercept” Trump Jr’s Phone Calls To Agalarov? What Do You Think!

Beloved, did US or Allied Intelligence Agencies successfully intercept Donald Trump Jr’s cell phone calls with Aras and/or Emin Agalarov? I would think so, because Aras is an oligarch who cooperates with Putin as necessary to advance Putin’s agenda. Aras received the Order of Honor of the Russian Federation some time after he hosted Trump Sr’s Miss Universe Pageant in 2013. Aras paid Trump Sr several million dollars for the event, and connected Trump to all the wonderful people in Moscow. Aras is called the Trump of Russia. I would not be surprised if Aras and maybe his son Emin were under surveillance by US Intelligence by June 2016 since Russia was known by then to be boldly moving in to help Trump win the election.

The Lord Jesus said “Aras” a few days after the New York Times published an article about the Trump Jr meeting with four suspected Russian agents. I still don’t know why The Lord brought up Aras, but I suspect his role in the meeting before, during and after is very significant.

If US Intel has transcripts of conversations between Trump Jr and the Agalarovs, something Trump Jr and Emin simply can’t recollect, then the end is near for Trump Sr’s presidency, assuming criminal collusion occurred. The Lord Jesus randomly said a few months ago, “Intercepted Successfully.” I still don’t know what The Lord is referring too, but Trump Jr’s calls with the Agalarovs comes to mind. The Lord also said, “The End” and “The Fall is near.” I think He is referring to Trump Sr’s presidency.

You may be asking yourself why Trump Sr would collude with Russia and get his kids involved. My guess is Trump Sr agreed to try to import kleptocracy to America using white supremacy as a wedge. Trump Sr may feel this is the best way to take his country back. You know, to make America great again.

Civil war is on the horizon for America says The Lord. I suspect the reason is the need to maintain white supremacy and white ethnic purity, whatever that means. Yet Christ is taking America another way, and no one can stop Him.

Stay tuned and pray to Christ without ceasing. Ask Christ to cause America to Return to Him. Ask Christ to judge the gods of America!!



Did US or Allied Intelligence Agencies “Successfully Intercept” Trump Jr’s Phone Conversations with Aras and/or Emin Agalarov? I Think So.

Beloved, when the New York Times published the initial article about Trump Jr’s meeting with the Russian Agent Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Lord Jesus Christ began to speak to me about the meeting. The first thing He said was “Aras.” You know, Aras Agalarov, the Trump of Russia who received the “Order of Honor of the Russian Federation” from Putin after Trump Sr’s Miss Universe Pageant was held in Moscow in 2013. Reportedly Trump was paid several million dollars for that deal. Aras is the father of Emin Agalarov who Trump Jr may have talked to via cell phone prior to scheduling the June 9, 2016 meeting with at least four Russian agents. It is also possible Trump Jr spoke directly with Aras at that time. Apparently three calls were involved.

Beloved America, what are the chances the phone conversations, which Trump Jr and Emin can’t recall, were successfully intercepted by US and or Allied Intelligence. I would think the probability of intercept would be high in June of 2016 because Russian interference in the election had already been detected. Also, Aras Agalarov is probably no boy scout when it comes to Russian Intelligence operations. I suspect he and his son were under surveillance. A few months ago and seemingly unrelated to Trump Jr’s meeting, The Lord Jesus randomly said “Successfully Intercepted.” I am still not sure what He is talking about, but if He is referring to Trump Jr’s calls to the Agalarovs, the plot thickens. If so, American officials have transcripts of each conversation. Potentially incriminating stuff. In fact, proof of criminal collusion may be wrapped up in these three cell phone calls alone.

Also, I noticed something beloved. Rob Goldstone’s email language is occasionally what seems to me to be “broken” English. Rob is an Englishmen though. The iPhone used to send the emails translates messages into many languages. With Russian Intelligence in the back drop of the entire meeting, it could be someone other than Rob sent the emails.

The other thing Christ said about this meeting is, “Analytics.” You know, data analytics. Jared Kushner was Trump’s Data Analytics coordinator. We know US officials are concerned Russian Intelligence may have had American help to target American voters with psychological operations or propaganda campaigns in 2016. We also know Trump’s team had access to a powerful voter data database through the Republican National Committee’s data firms, Deep Root Analytics and Data Trust. Also, Kushner reportedly worked with Robert Mercer’s Cambridge Analytica which is reportedly a subsidiary of SCL Group of London. SCL Group has been accused of having ties to Russia.

Matthew 10:26 says, “Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.” (Holy Judaeo Christian Bible)

Luke 12:2 says, “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.”

It’s just a matter of time. Remember Richard Nixon’s audio tapes. To comfort those who just can’t wait for the conclusion of this matter, Christ said “The end is near.”

The following article presents some of Trump Jr’s efforts to save the family farm and to protect dear ol’ Dad.

THE ORIGINAL! Did The Russians Buy Voter Data From The Republican National Committee Through The Trump Junior Meet? Maybe!

Why? I can’t figure out why several Republican Congressmen in influential positions are fighting the Trump Russia Collusion Scandal investigation. I am starting to believe the Republican Party is dirty with respect to collusion with Russia. Recently, we learned Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, took smartphone notes of the Trump Jr meeting. There were cryptic notes like “donate” and nearby “RNC.” Maybe just maybe this explains why certain influential Republicans are trying hard to suppress the truth in unrighteousness. The Lord Jesus said Trump colluded with Putin, and Putin delivered for Trump. Also, the Lord Jesus told me 24 House Republicans got help from Russia to get elected in 2016 via Guccifer 2.0 downloads. Finally, The Lord Jesus said “Analytics” had something to do with the Trump Jr meeting on June 9, 2016. Did the Republican Party sell their massive voter data database to Russia in exchange for Russian support to help Trump Sr? I think The Lord is going to bring it out into the light.






A very disturbing quote from the attached article is given below. America’s Executive Branch has been overthrown by Russia, but the cyber coup is going to fail. The quote deals with a startling revelation that Rex Tillerson’s State Department will not accept allocated funds to combat Russian disinformation among other things.

“The article added that R.C. Hammond, a Tillerson aide, “suggested the money is unwelcome because any extra funding for programs to counter Russian media influence would anger Moscow, according to a former senior State Department official.”

By this reasoning, the U.S. Secretary of State has made a conscious decision not to counter Russian disinformation because he believes Russia wouldn’t like it.”

Read the article and then view the video.

THE ORIGINAL! Putin & Trump’s Failed Cyber Coup Hastens To Its’ End!

Beloved, I believe The Lord Jesus Christ just revealed to me reliable sources of information are going to bring to light incriminating evidence of Trump’s guilt in the Trump Russia Collusion Scandal by August 9, 2017. That’s eight days or less before Trump’s concealing of his collusion with Russia will end in utter failure.

Then I suppose America will cry Impeach, Impeach. Yet, if a political party’s candidate commits federal election crimes up to and including treason, impeachment is not the answer. The answer would be an unprecedented change of plans. Such a change of plans would probably involved repealing and replacing Trump’s entire administration with a Hillary Clinton administration. After all, she won the election minus Russian interference with Trump’s help.

Stay tuned and pray to King Jesus without ceasing. Ask Christ to turn the hearts of Americans back to Himself.


THE ORIGINAL! A Reliable Source Is Going To Leak An Incriminating Tape Recording of Trump!

Over the weekend, The Lord Jesus revealed to me a tape recording of Trump has been concealed, but not for much longer.  A reliable source is about to leak an incriminating tape recording of Trump and or his current or former aides.  They are not going to conceal the tape recording any longer.  At some point America will be forced to Repeal and Replace the entire Trump administration because of collusion with Putin which in this instance was election fraud.  Stay Tuned and Pray to Jesus Only to Save America.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s BIG RUSSIAN DEAL To Be Revealed! There Is Collusion says King Jesus.

Christ said Trump colluded with Putin to get elected. Christ can not lie. He is Holy. It’s impossible for Him to lie.

Trump on the other hand lies in his sleep. He is a professional liar. The Bible says, “The Devil is a Liar and the Father of it.” John (Yochanan) 8:44 KJV

Don’t look for the truth of Trump’s criminal collusion to to be acknowledged by Trump and his associates. King Jesus will and is pulling the cover off Trump’s fifty year run of crime, including collusion with Putin, America’s number one enemy.

Matthew (Mattityahu)10:26 KJV, “Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.”