THE ORIGINAL! The Trump Russia Collusion Scandal Shifts Focus To Voter Registration Roll Hacking!

Russian hackers penetrated voter registration rolls on a massive basis on the county level. Counties are strapped for cash and computer servers are probably rather old and vulnerable to expert hackers. Russians probably targeted swing counties in swing States that had plenty of Republican voters. They probably deleted and altered registration data for Democrats in such counties. They caused confusion on election day and disenfranchised enough Democrats to allow Trump to eek out a vary narrow margin of victory of 77,200 votes in three States. That’s how you can swing an election to a ridiculous candidate like Trump!

Trump is America’s first Russian President. Now that we know, we have to peacefully remove Trump via a Federal Court. Repeal and replace Trump for collusion and voter fraud. Trump paid the hackers per the Russian Dossier which is growing in credibility. Repeal it. Repeal Trump’s Administration for a Clinton Presidency. I am not a Democrat and I am not a Republican. I am just sayin’.

Finally, I don’t think this is the first time Republicans have benefited in this way. The Russians have been courting the Right wing globally. I’m just sayin’. Stay tuned and pray without ceasing.

THE ORIGINAL! Something New, Something Big, A New Crisis Is Coming For Trump Because of Collusion!

Beloved, I believe the something big, something new is going to involve proof Michael Cohen and three colleagues did in fact travel to Prague, Czechoslovakia in August or September of 2016 to talk with senior Russian officials to discuss paying the hackers of the 2016 Election. As you know, Michael Cohen is Trump’s personal lawyer or consigliore. I also believe based on Christ’s Word to me that Donald Trump Junior went to Prague with Cohen. Additionally, I believe the Lord has shown me Ivanka Trump Kushner was involved with paying the hackers. Stay tuned and pray without ceasing.

THE ORIGINAL! Did Jefferson Beauregard Sessions Also Meet With Russian, Italian and Singaporean Businessmen At The Mayflower Hotel on April 27, 2016?

Two Senators on the Senate Intelligence Committee both asked Jeff Sessions if he met with any Russian businessmen in 2016. I find that interesting because James Comey went before the Senate Intelligence Committee in closed session after an open session. During the open session Mr. Comey intimated that he knew of other reasons why Jeff Sessions oversight of the Trump Russia Collusion Probe would have been problematic. In closed session, did Mr. Comey tell Senators about additional meetings between Sessions and Russians? I believe he did.

Remember, the Mayflower Hotel event on April 27, 2016 was sponsored by a Russian Think Tank named the Center for National Interest, and the main speaker Donald Trump has extensive business ties to Russians that were known to the FBI. I believe the FBI was all over that event and captured all significant activities of Trump’s team on video, audio and still photos. Did the FBI observe Mr. Sessions talking to known Russian businessmen before, during or after Trump’s speech that day. Did The NSA intercept phone conversations of Russians talking to Russians about Mr. Sessions? The Lord said Mr. Sessions is going to talk. I believe if Mr. Sessions got in trouble at the Mayflower Hotel that day, the FBI will use this situation to squeeze Sessions for more information on Trump’s collusion with Russia. Stay tuned and pray without ceasing.

The following is an interesting article I found as I was seeking to confirm the date of the Mayflower Hotel event. I am not sure if this article is credible, but it is very interesting in light of today’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing.

Follow the YouTube video below as well for more insight.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump & Putin Have Smitten America With An E-Sword By Hacking Voter Registration Rolls!

Beloved, The Lord Jesus told me a week or two before the election of 2016 Hillary Clinton had pure grace to be the president of the United States. I broadcast on Facebook Live on November 7, 2016, the day before the election, Hillary was going to win the election. To my shock and yours, she lost. Yet the Lord told me at least three times before the election and also after the election, Hillary had God-given grace to rule. What happened? Well a few weeks after the election The Lord Jesus began to open up The Trump Russia Collusion Scandal to me. The Lord told me there was interference in the election of 2016. I thought the interference was information warfare, propaganda, fake news, trolls, bots and hacking of the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and John Podesta’s emails. These Russian efforts helped Trump to draw within 7 points of Hillary Clinton by mid October 2016. FBI Director James Comey’s transgression eleven days before the election helped Trump draw 2.5 points shy of Clinton’s polling numbers on election eve. The polls were correct as far as the popular vote was concerned, but Trump eeked out a electoral college victory by about 77,000 votes in three swing states, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. What happened? Well apparently, Russian led hackers hacked into voter registration systems in about 20 States with 100% success. The hackers may have deleted a certain number of Democratic voters from the rolls in those States. Reality Leigh Winner helped America realize this situation. I believe Reality is a Winner and will some day be an American hero. I believe the reality of the matter is the Russians got us good by hacking voter registration rolls in about 20 States. The Russians may have been doing this for years seeing there are 34 Republican Governors out of 50 and State Legislatures are dominated by Republicans in a majority of States.

Near the end of November 2016, Christ told me Vladimir Putin DELIVERED for Donald Trump and Trump knew about it. This implies an agreement between Trump and Putin. A covenant, a deal. The Russian Dossier on Trump alleges Trump paid for the hackers and Putin directed them. This is yet to be proven collusion. The Lord told me there were Peter’s SHAMS and Peter’s Anomalies. Peter may be Peter Levashov, renowned Russian hacker. Stay tuned.

THE ORIGINAL! Is America’s First Russian President Crazy Enough To Fire Special Counsel Mueller?

Exactly one week after former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates testified in an open hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee, alongside former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper on Monday, May 1, 2017, America’s First Russian President Donald Trump up and fired the Director of The FBI James Comey. Yesterday, Thursday, June 8, 2017 former FBI Director James Comey also testified before an open and closed session of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Did Mr. Comey say something that made Trump nervous. Maybe. I heard Comey refer several questions on the Trump Russia Collusion Probe to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Sally Yates did the same thing during her testimony. She referred several questions to former FBI Director Comey.

Now beloved ones, The King of kings Jesus Christ told me Trump fired Comey because Comey was not afraid to unilaterally speak publicly about former or current FBI investigations if pressed to do so. In addition, Trump could not get Comey to pledge loyalty to him meaning, Comey was out of control. This week we learned Trump could not get Comey to leak a true story to the media about Trump not being currently under investigation in The Trump Russia Collusion Probe. Also, Comey was not able to let go of the FBI’s investigation of former Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. I suspect the last straw for Trump occurred when the FBI interviewed Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump reportedly about matters unrelated to the Collusion Probe on Sunday, May 7, 2017. The very next day Trump fire Comey, a rare occurrence in Washington.

Now, as far as the criminal probe of Trump Russia Collusion is concerned, all eyes are focused on Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Did Trump hear something from Comey yesterday that raised an eyebrow? I am sure he did. Will Trump panic again and pull the trigger on Mueller if the pressure rises again. If Mueller publicly announces he is expanding his investigation to include Trump, his adult children and or their spouses, will Trump instruct Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to fire Mueller. If he does, he may have to fire Rosenstein too if Rosenstein is not loyal to Trump. Stay tuned and pray without ceasing.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump Is Passing Data From Treasury, Defense, Trade, ETC to Russia Covertly!

The Lord Jesus Christ told me the Russians don’t need to employ traditional espionage protocols to extract information on America because Donald Trump’s Administration is leaking classified data dealing with Trade, Treasury, Defense, State Department, etc.  The Lord revealed Jared Kushner wanted to download trade data to the Russians via a covert communications channel located at the Russian Embassy in America.  This is espionage which is punished by the death penalty.  Pray for America.  Pray the Lord will protect America from foreign and domestic enemies.

THE ORIGINAL! Jared Kushner Planned To Download Trade Data Via Russian Covert Channel!

The Lord Jesus Christ told me today Jared Kushner planned to download America’s Trade Data to Russia via a covert communications channel located at the Russian Embassy.  The Lord also told me Kushner is a Mob partner as well and even a MADE MAN of the mob. Shocking.  Kushner is connected to Global Organized Crime just like his father-in-law. Russia is a leading Organized Crime State.  Some how certain Russian and American Jews are connected also. Stay Tuned! Pray without ceasing!