THE ORIGINAL! Trump Needed to Distance himself from Russia and his Russian connections!

THE ORIGINAL! The FBI Sting Operation of Trump’s Team Continues Says The LORD Jesus Christ!

The LORD Jesus Christ said today, “Sting.” I believe the FBI is carrying out a sting operation of the Trump Campaign, Transition and White House. I surmise the FBI already knows Trump colluded with the Russians. They are simply gathering all the players into their net. Good!

It won’t be long before we repeal and replace Trump’s Administration in lieu of a Clinton Administration. After all, she won the election by about 2.8 million votes.

THE ORIGINAL! Will Michael Flynn Submit a Proffer to Congressional Intel Committees Tomorrow?

The Lord Jesus said tonight, “he proffered.”  I believe The LORD is talking about Michael Flynn’s effort to get Immunity from criminal prosecution in exchange for ratting out Donald Trump.  Stay Tuned!

THE ORIGINAL! The Lord Jesus said “ENOUGH!” Trump’s Support begins to ERODE! Thank Christ!


Even Trump Supporters are going to begin to get sick about his Russian connections. The truth is, Trump colluded with the Russians and Putin to get himself elected according to the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Proverbs 12:3 says, “A man shall not be established by wickedness: but the root of the righteous shall not be moved.”

Proverbs 8:14 KJV says, “Counsel is mine, and sound wisdom: I am understanding; I have strength. 15 By me kings reign, and princes decree justice. 16 By me princes rule, and nobles, even all the judges of the earth.”

The Holy Spirit said to me that Someone is “RTing” or watching Russia Today Disinformation Television. The Trump Administration has their ear open to Russian Intelligence TV. It’s Information Warfare, Propaganda and Fake News like President Obama and UK Intelligence wire tapping Trump. Crazy!

Civil War is underway in America through assassinations of non whites in America. It’s the far right wing against America’s strength which is tribal diversity. Tribal diversity is America’s greatest strength and her greatest weakness if racism and separatism endures!

THE ORIGINAL! As Trump Consolidates His Kingdom, King Jesus is Planning to Push His Button!

Trump and Putin are working together to destroy American Democracy. They are warring against The State Department and CIA, two pillars of American strength. Pray! THE ORIGINAL! The Lord Jesus said Trump has Delivered for Putin Again!!!!

THE ORIGINAL! Russia Makes War on America via Hacking, Wikileaks, Info War, Propaganda & Fake News!

THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s Collusion with Russia is Consistent with Racism! Yet the Color Line is Falling!