The Fall of America Proceeds!

You can blame President Obama for failing to respond appropriately with respect to Russia’s cyber coup in the 2016 election, but I see an angry God in Heaven allowing America’s number one adversary to get the best of us and place a Russian agent in the White House because America has been proud and rebellious against Christ for three generations or 120 years. How long do you think Christ will put up with our wicked ways. Mr. Obama did exacerbate the divide between Christ and America by promoting homosexuality and abortion. But America’s government had forsaken Christ long before Obama.

I will never forget what Christ revealed to me in 2009 as I lay in bed with a minor sickness while watching Mr. Obama’s first inauguration. I laid there and said “Obama’s nation.” I immediately thought about how my statement sounded like Abomination which means something disgusting. Mr. Obama had plans to change America into a nation that sanctified or made holy homosexuality. Homosexuality is something God calls and abomination. God has the desire and power to heal homosexuals or bisexuals or any kind of sinner from their sin sickness. God will not tolerate sin, He desires to fix the root cause of sin which is inner demons and evil spirits. However, man does not want to be rule over by God’s only begotten Son Jesus Christ. So healing is not attainable for those who reject Christ. So instead of humbling ourselves before Christ and receiving healing from our depraved sin nature, we in America have sanctified sin, even abominable sin and endeavored to make room for it in our social framework.

As a result Christ let America go in November 2016. He let America fall into Russia’s plan. Even though Russia has not gotten everything they want from Trump’s administration yet, they would have to be well pleased. The Russians think they are very clever. But Christ allowed America to be duped by Russia because of our many longstanding national sins. The worst sin of all is that after many rebukes from Christ like 911, stock market collapses, marketplace massacres, an anemic economy and federal government paralysis, America still REFUSES to RETURN to Christ. The worst sin of all is that after Christ has repeatedly confronted the nation about our sins with serious rebukes, we have only gotten worst from His perspective.

The solution for America is to quickly return to Christ. I hope we will. If not more trouble.

Psalm 9:17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

PS – On August 11, 2017 the Lord Jesus said He has released America to fall further than we already have. He said He is letting go of His supportive hand and giving America up to our ways and desires. This will lead us to ruin to be sure. On August 12, 2017, Charlottesville, Virginia experienced what looked like a low intensify Civil War with one death and 19 injured persons. The entire violent episode in Charlottesville was not necessary. There should not have been a counter protest against a group of people spoiling for a fight. It appeared to me that elements on both sides were spoiling for a fight. Worst yet, the police allowed the skirmishes. The police allowed both sides to beat hell out of each other. As a result, things escalated to the point where a 20 year old white Nazi killed a 32 year old white woman from Charlottesville. Both individuals should have stayed home.




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