Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s Jim Crow Is Coming To Michigan A Nazi Territory! Small Again!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s Jim Crow Is Coming To Michigan A Nazi Territory! Small Again!

Beloved America, The Lord Jesus Christ said the great state of Michigan is planning to become a Jim Crow state and Nazi Territory! Alarming but consistent with a Word The Lord gave my about one year ago. The Lord said Trump’s Nazis party plans to take America back to the days of Jim Crow. Trump intends to make America great again by return to the days of great smallness. Racism is small. It’s puny. Yet men like Trump dream of such days when a white man was king and everyone else was his victim.

King Jesus has a more excellent plan for America. He has rejected the far right wing value system of white male supremacy because it’s cruel and bloody. It’s cruel to white and non-white men and women. It’s pride on steroids. Pride being a lack of fear of God The Father of King Jesus Christ, and a refusal to keep His righteous commandments.

Trumpians dream of the good old days and fear a future of ethnic diversity. They fear a future that they can’t manipulate and control. They fear retribution from those whom they have crushed in times past. They fear economic insecurity. They intend to maintain power and control for generations to come.

One of many things we humans can’t do is go back to our past. We can only move forward. The problem with moving forward is, the future is not completely under our control. If we strive to make the future just like the past, we will fail, because the circumstances of the future will be different. We have to chart a course for the future that accepts present realities. If we reject present realities while planning for the future we will have to apply pressure to change present realities to resemble the past. Injustice will surely be necessary to nullify present realities in favor of those of the past. Wicked people are okay with perpetrating injustice so they can have their way.

Financial security is a major issue for Trumpian elites requiring social and political control. Yet times are a changing. Demographics shift, attitudes change, values evolve as Christ steers the world towards His second coming to earth. Men may try to usurp control over Christ’s sovereign will, but we will always fail making a huge mess in the process.

So the western world white boy revolution is doomed to fail assuming Christ says otherwise. I believe He has a better plan. The doomed revolution may run its course though. My prophetic radar tells me any genocidal plans will not prosper this time around. Evil war is coming though with the anticipated loss of life

It’s interesting to note that while Hitler murdered about six million out of nine plus million European Jews, he also was responsible for the deaths of over seven million Germany soldiers. I am sure civilian casualties were high in Germany as well.
I have seen an estimate of World War 2 deaths of about forty million. The war Hitler started was not exclusively because of racism, but full of it none the less.

Lord save America from our sins and the evident calamitous course we are on in Jesus name. Thank you Lord.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late.


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Are Influential Black Men Under Attack In America? As Usual.

Beloved ones, I need you to watch and pray about the attack on influential black men of means in America. Men like:

Bill Cosby

Nipsey Hussle

Perhaps R Kelly

Perhaps Jussie Smollet

Perhaps OJ Simpson

NBA Players

NFL Players

MLB Players

Authentic Civil Rights Activists

I discern an attack from the powers that be on influential black men. Men who endeavor to build the Black community and combat the ravages of White supremacy on the Black community.

Will influential black women be targeted. Yes if they are pillars of the Black community.

It appears to me at this time that influential black women are more concerned with feminism and usurpation of authority over their men to be much use to the Black community.

Yet white supremacy fears the Black or non white man! So feminism is the enemy of the community because it pits a man against his wife. Abusing women is also the enemy of the community and is intolerable. Love your wives and be not bitter against them.

Watch and pray for the Black men who find their manhood through supporting and building their own community, and then they help others. Charity begin at home.


Pharaoh is anxious!

Michigan is going to become Nazi Territory and Jim Crow Territory says The Lord Jesus Christ!

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THE DAILY BROADCAST! A Divided Republican Party, Steve Mnuchin, ObamaCare and Cyber Bullying

The Lord Jesus appears to have set “AMBUSHMENTS” against the Republican Party. He appears to have set neighbor against neighbor. They are publicly divided and a Party divided against itself can not stand. Does America have three political parties today. Looks like it.

The more significant issue is, American Government has for three generations or 120 years been disrespecting The LORD Jesus Christ and refuses to return to Christ. As a result, Christ is troubling America and will continue to do so more and more until America returns to Him or is altogether destroyed. What are the sins of America against Christ?

1. Racism, Sexism, Classism
2. Darwinism and Evolution
3, Atheism, Gnosticism, Kaballahism
4. Satanism, Paganism, Occultism
5. La Cosa Nostra or Mafia, Organized Crime, Drug Dealing & Gang Banging
6. Satanic Secret Societies like Illuminati, Skull & Bones, Freemasons, Eastern Stars, Knights Templars, Knights of Malta, Knights of the Rosy Cross, Knights of Columbus
7. Greek letter Organizations like Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Alpha
8. Eugenics which is genocide or racism on steroids
9. Abortion which Richard Nixon said was “about the Blacks.”
10. Sodomite Marriage or Sodomite Pride (Homosexual Pride)
11. Apostate Christianity
12. Vain and False Religions (Idolatry & Occultism)
13. Free Love, Drugs and Rock & Roll (Occult Revolution)

THE ORIGINAL! Definitive Proof of Trump’s Collusion with Putin is Coming Soon!

King Jesus knows the end from the beginning.  He told me by His Holy Spirit that there is collusion between Trump and Putin to get Trump elected.  Putin wants several favors in return such as the deconstruction of the administrative state and the lifting of sanctions.  King Jesus is going to disappoint Trump and Putin and push their buttons. Concrete proof of collusion is coming to America soon.

THE ORIGINAL! Money is Pouring Into the Coffers of America’s Russian Backed President!

Money is pouring into Trump Organization via Emoluments at times.  China issued 38 new Trademarks recently.  Mexico has issued Trademarks.  A new Golf Course in Dubai, etc, etc.  These are violations of the US Constitution’s Emoluments Clause.