THE ORIGINAL! Will Michael Flynn Submit a Proffer to Congressional Intel Committees Tomorrow?

The Lord Jesus said tonight, “he proffered.”  I believe The LORD is talking about Michael Flynn’s effort to get Immunity from criminal prosecution in exchange for ratting out Donald Trump.  Stay Tuned!


THE ORIGINAL! The Lord Jesus Christ Confirms Trump Colluded with Putin to get Elected in 2016!

After all the dust clears of FBI probes, House and Senate Intelligence Committee investigations and media exposes’, The LORD Jesus simply told me Trump and Putin colluded to defraud America in the election of 2016.  The amazing thing is, they have thus far succeeded. SMH.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s DEEP THROAT is Coming, and is Jared Kushner America’s First Oligarch?

The Lord Jesus Christ has informed me He is going to push Donald Trump’s button in some way and fashion.  Jared Kushner may be on Christ’s List too.  Christ does have a LIST! You don’t want to be on Christ’s Judgment LIST.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s Collusion with Russia is Consistent with Racism! Yet the Color Line is Falling!

THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s Organized Crime and Money Laundering Ties Begin to Leak Out! Also, War with Russia!

THE DAILY BROADCAST! The Russian Backed American Coup and Trump’s Covenant with Putin!

THE ORIGINAL! Sean Spicer, Mike Pompeo, Devin Nunes & Richard Burr Promote FAKE NEWS for Trump! Sad! Very Bad!