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THE ORIGINAL! The Lord Jesus Christ Says, “Pentagon, Stop Your Covert Eugenic Genocide Program!”

Beloved, The Lord Jesus said it again today. He said “STOP!” About nine months ago The Lord rose up from his Throne in Heaven and told me to, “Tell them to STOP killing people!” At the time I thought The Lord was talking about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and possibly Seth Rich & Peter W. Smith.

Nine months later, The Lord Jesus has revealed the Pentagon’s covert global high tech biotech Eugenic genocidal Nazi program. The Lord has revealed The Beast to me. The fourth Beast in Daniel chapter 7, and the first & second Beast in Revelations chapter 13. I believe the first Beast of Revelations 13 is White Supremacy. It’s not clear to me yet when White Supremacy was spawned from the pit of hell, but the European Renaissance may be near the beginning of this false belief system. During the European Renaissance world history and church history were thoroughly whitewashed. The false belief system of White Supremacy must have been spawn before the whitewashing of history by DaVinci and Michelangelo.

The second Beast of Revelations 13 appears to be Darwinism and Eugenics which combine to produce a BEAST called Social Darwinism. The second Beast causes the world to worship the first Beast. Social Darwinism or Eugenics teaches its’ foolish adherents that some people are born well and others are ill born or defective Disgenics. Disgenic people should be exterminated for the good of mankind. When you marry white supremacy with social Darwinism you have established a pretext for global genocide of 88% of humanity or all non Aryans. Some Aryans may like this beastly construct, but King Jesus ain’t gonna allow it to prosper.

The Lord revealed on yesterday night that Sigma-Aldrich Chemical and Biotechnology Company manufactures a product called LOPAC. LOPAC is a Nitric Oxide Synthase inhibitor. Nitric Oxide Synthase is an enzyme in cells that catalyses the formation of Nitric Oxide a cell signalling molecule or a cell messenger molecule. Nitric Oxide is very important for cells to function properly. It promotes proper immune system function, blood vessel dilation and insulin secretion amongst other things. Blood vessel dilation or relaxation helps lower blood pressure and improve blood flow. Insulin secretion is essential for blood glucose uptake by cells. Glucose can’t penetrate the cell wall without the help of insulin. Diabetes results when there is insufficient insulin secretion for glucose uptake by cells. Glucose accumulates in the blood, and the body begins to burn fat from vital fatty tissue organs like the brain.

Covertly adding substances like LOPAC to food, water, milk, beverages, seasonings, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations and other consumer goods is a means to introduce disease into targeted populations. Global nonwhites are the target populations for such mischief.

Another means of affecting covert global eugenic genocide is with viral vaccinations. Polio virus, Measles virus, Malaria virus vaccinations are undoubtedly responsible for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency or HIV AIDS. Ebola virus was undoubtedly propagated by viral vaccinations. WHO killed Africa! The World Health Organization Nazis.

Food aid seems humane, yet if substances like LOPAC powder are added to the food, death is in the pot. DEATH is in the pot for global people of color who rely on Western or Russian food aid. Sinister. Starving people won’t turn down a pot of death.

Why do people of color keep falling for the Nazi okie doke? Because until now, people of color have not understood the mindset of a Nazi. People of color in the Western world countries can’t imagine their government covertly carrying out high tech biotech eugenic genocidal operations against them using their tax dollars to do it. My recommendation is don’t become a Nazi, but acquaint yourselves with the mindset of a Nazi. Know yourself and your enemies.

Healthcare products and pharmaceuticals are another means to implement high tech biotech genocidal operations against targeted populations like African descendents. Feminine products, birth control pills, prenatal vitamins, abortion, etc for targeted communities are very successful tools of genocidal Nazis. Even the lubricant on condoms cannot be trusted in light of these Christ given revelations.

Finally, The LORD Jesus Christ revealed a shocking truth a few days ago. The Pentagon covertly brought a Nazi war criminal to America after World War II. His name is Dr. Hans Delmotte. The Lord said Hans is still alive at the age of 102 years old. Reportedly Hans committed suicide by gun while in US Army custody. Yet Hans is still alive.

Why Did the Pentagon bring Hans to America secretly? To help America’s covert global eugenics genocidal program. My guess is America also brought research data from Nazi death camps to America. There may have been other Nazi scientists who worked for the Pentagon after the war.

Reportedly, Adolf Hitler committed suicide too. I wonder.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late. It’s judgment day for America the beautiful.


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The Jilting Of Christ By America!

Beloved, you don’t want to jilt King Jesus. He will do you great harm if you jilt Him.

Also, Christ remembers the Rwanda genocide that Bill Clinton presided over. Bill is guilty.

Yemen appears to be Trump’s Rwanda. Central America may also suffer the white wrath of Trump.

It’s a truth that white supremacy is the one political party in America!


When I become your next President I will :

1. Outlaw Tribal Supremacy.

2. Outlaw Genocidal Foreign Policy Positions.

3. Win America’s Evil Enemies Over By Loving Them To Life.

4. Outlaw Satanism in America.

5. Outlaw Satanic Secret Societies, etc

THE ORIGINAL! The Pentagon Believes Russia is the Number One Threat to America, yet Trump loves Putin. Nasty! Nasty! Nasty!