The Lord Jesus Christ Said Trump Colluded With Putin To Get Elected In 2016!

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The Truth Is Powerful And Prevails. The Trump Russia Dossier Will Be 100% Confirmed Some Day Says The Lord Jesus!

The Lord Jesus has been telling me allegations in the Trump Russia Dossier are being confirmed on an ongoing basis. The public is not hearing about these confirmations because the FBI and Mueller Investigation are tight lipped. Nevertheless, silence about confirmation of the Dossier’s allegations should not lead us to believe the memos are fake news. To the contrary. the allegations that have been publicly confirmed lend credibility to Mr. Steele’s work. Keep in mind, Mr. Steele as a great reputation with American Intelligence Officials.

The revelation that the Dossier was funded in part or whole by the DNC and Clinton campaign makes a lot of sense since Mrs. Clinton was running against Trump. It is interesting to note Mrs. Clinton did not use any of the allegations in the Dossier during the campaign as far as I am aware.

On the other hand, the Dossier correctly alleges Trump and Russia had ongoing information exchanges during the campaign. Trump Jr’s meeting with four Russian agents being one of them. Peter W. Smith’s attempts to get Clinton’s emails from Russian hackers with help from Michael Flynn, Trump’s campaign adviser, would be another. Cambridge Analytica’s Director’s email to Wikileaks requesting Clinton’s missing emails would be another. Paul Manafort’s offer to brief Putin on the progress of the Trump campaign via Oleg Deripaska would be yet another. Also, we have knowledge of more than twenty and approaching thirty contacts between Trump campaign aides and surrogates with Russian officials like Sergei Kislyak (Ambassador), Sergei Gorkov (FSB & banker), Konstantin Kilimnick (GRU), Natalia Veselnitskaya (Russian agent), Rinat Akhmetshin (Russian Agent and Coordinator of Computer Hacking), Irakly Kaveladze (Russian Agent and Money Launderer), etc.

The Dossier also correctly alleges the role Paul Manafort played in the collusion. The Department of Justice has threatened to indict Mr. Manafort as a part of Mueller’s investigation. If the Dossier is truthful with respect to Mr. Manafort, would the allegations about Michael Cohen’s role be amiss. Not according to The Lord Jesus who said Michael Cohen did go to Prague Czechoslovakia in 2016 to meet with Kremlin surrogates. Reportedly Cohen went to Prague to discuss plausibly denial payment mechanisms for computer hackers and to develop contingency plans to cover up the scandal. Like the contingency plan that Cohen was at a baseball camp with his son instead of in Prague.

More salacious than Trump’s collusion with Russia is the collusion of the RNC with Russia. This scandal is too salacious even for liberal media to touch. We have only a sliver of public evidence at this point. Paul Manafort’s cryptic notes taken during Trump Jr’s meeting with four Russian agents reportedly tell us there is “Active Support” for the “RNC” from someone. It is reasonable to assume the support comes from the Russian government whose plausibly deniable representatives were meeting with Trump Jr, Kushner and Manafort when Paul typed meeting notes into his cell phone. Who else could the support come from, Rob Goldstone, Emin Agalarov’s publicist or Anatoli Samochornov the interpreter? I suspect Aras Agalarov may be acting as a surrogate for Putin to slip covert funds to the RNC. Reportedly, Paul Manafort called Reince Preibus shortly after the Trump Jr meeting. Salacious as Hades.

The Lord Jesus said Russia has slipped billions of covert bloody rubles to the RNC in recent years. The Lord also said 24 House Republicans got help from Russia’s Guccifer 2.0 to get elected in 2016. Wicked as Hades.

Why would Republicans receive help from Russia, our former enemy, to win elections. Apparently there are slightly more Democrats in America than Republicans. In other words, the demographic. Republican’s have been having trouble winning the White House and majorities in the House and Senate. So they have teamed up with Putin, a pseudo global white nationalist and kleptocrat, to take their country back. Wicked.


THE ORIGINAL! The Trump Russia Dossier Will Be 100% Corroborated Says King Jesus The Christ!

The Lord Jesus said the Trump Russia Dossier will be corroborated 100% in the future.  We have other witnesses also of Trump’s collusion with Putin.  A number of European Intelligence Agencies witnessed Trump’s campaign team meeting with Russian officials during the campaign.  We have the CIA telling us they intercepted communications in 2015, prior to Trump declaring his candidacy, between Russian officials talking about meetings they had with Trump advisers and business associates. We have the witness that Russia almost single handedly saved Trump Organization in the past 20 years or so.   We have the witness of Trump’s unusual affection for Putin who he has yet to criticize for any reason.  We have the witness of Trump failing to implement recently promulgated Russian sanctions in a timely manner.  We have the witness of a significant number of Trump campaign aides who are Russian agents. People like Michael Flynn and his son, Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner and Carter Page.  We have the witness of the Trump Jr’s meeting with four Russian agents.  We have the witness of Trump dancing to the beat of Russian active measures during the campaign.  We have the witness of Paul Manafort’s cryptic notes taken during the Trump Jr meeting that reportedly read, “Active Support,” “RNC.”  We have the witness of Peter W. Smith working with the Trump campaign to collude with Russian hackers to try to locate Clinton’s missing emails and get them to Michael Flynn, Trump’s campaign adviser.

Clearly the Dossier is the most damaging document concerning Trump’s collusion with Putin.  Eight or nine months ago, The Lord Jesus told me Paul Manafort was lying when he said he had no contact with Russian Intelligence agents during the campaign.  We now know, Manafort was intimate with a suspected Russian Military Intelligence agent, Konstantin Kilimnick, who Manafort asked to tell Oleg Deripaska, a Putin confidante, that Manafort would provide briefings on the progress of the Trump campaign.  Mr. Manafort wanted to use his connection to Trump to get whole with Oleg Deripaska.

The Lord Jesus said Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer, did go to Prague Czechoslovakia in August or September 2016 to meet with Kremlin surrogates.  The Lord Jesus said Trump colluded with Putin, and Putin delivered for Trump as far as the election is concerned.


Trumpian’s Desperate Attempts To Gain Legitimacy Will Ultimately Fail Because Trump Colluded With Putin Says The Lord Jesus!

“Uncovering information as Steele did (and so many other intel services!) of a Russian intelligence operation, and then reporting it to the proper authorities is not the same thing as meeting with Russian intelligence officers so as to collude in secret to support their covert action to undermine and alter the US election,” veteran CIA operative Glenn Carle said in an email.

What about all the other Intelligence Agencies that watch as Trump colluded with Russia? Lol.



Beloved, I have noticed the very media who viciously attacked Trump earlier this years, beginning to hedge their bets as to whether Trump is guilty of criminal collusion with Putin. After all, there is no evidence right. This is probably the result of nervous uncertainty as to Trump’s guilt. News agencies might have a lot to lose if they take the wrong stand. They don’t have insight as to whether Trump is guilty or not. They have data and information but not insight to go with the information. News agencies seem to be sitting on the fence waiting to see what Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III finds.

On the other hand, The Lord Jesus told me in November and December 2016 Trump colluded with the Russians to get elected. A few days ago Christ told me the Russian Dossier has been 100% Verified by American officials. Even partial verification could derail Trump’s illegitimate presidency.

I have noticed media sources giving Russia a lot of credit for shrewdness. They say the Russians left bread crumbs everywhere, a sign that they were misleading us and trying to get investigators to run down empty rabbit holes. The vast number of shocking revelations that have already surfaced, not as a result of bread crumbs, but through Divine intervention and good work done by American and Allied Intelligence agencies, causes the bread crumb theory to fall flat. It could be the Russians took for granted American and Allied Counterintelligence capabilities. Remember, we know The Intelligence Community intercepted many communications involving Trump’s criminal collusion, but we don’t know the totality of what was said or revealed by those intercepted communications. It may be the Intelligence Community is reluctant to reveal too much at this point because of the need to protect sources and methods.

We know there were American and Allied nation sources inside the Kremlin and the Russian Federal Security Services (FSB). We know of dead Russians and incarcerated Russian hackers. What are the incarcerated Russian hackers saying? Why were some of the Russian Dossier connected Russians killed. Why are four men incarcerated in Russia today for treason, men connected to cyber operations at the FSB.

My guess is the Russian government was a bit sloppy because they are desperate and in trouble because of The Magnitsky Act and Crimean Sanctions. The kleptocrat’s security blanket is in jeopardy as the result of targeted sanctions. I believe the Russians were so bold in their attack against America’s election because they had to be. I believe Putin and his inner circle are in jeopardy.

I also believe Russia’s boldness is an indication they have declared war upon America. I think the Russian leaders envy America’s global position especially since the Soviet Union failed miserably. I think they are at war with America passive aggressively.

I think Trump is a man with deep seated animosity toward America for several reasons. I think America’s Elites don’t think much of a man that got rich working for the mob. I think American financiers rejected Trump because he refused to repay them. I think America’s rejection of white supremacy has angered Trump, a man with reported family ties to the Klu Klux Klan. Christ told me Trump is a White Knight himself. I think America’s media has failed to pander to Trump’s ego, with the exception of the far right media.

I think Russia found a friend in Trump who loves money and is a Russian agent according to King Jesus. The Holy Judaeo Christian Bible says, the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. I think Russia, an organized crime state, found a friend in Trump because Trump has an affinity for organized criminals and organized crime. I think Russia’s government and leaders are perfect for a man like Trump. In fact, The Lord Jesus told me Trump is just like Putin.

So, I believe Christ. Trump colluded with Putin. They both hope evidence of their conspiracy does not come to the public light. They are both going to be disappointed. The Holy Bible says, there is nothing hidden that shall not be uncovered, nothing secret that shall not be made known. It is just a matter of time and both Trump and Putin will fall.

Finally, The Lord Jesus told me an indictment is coming perhaps related to the raid of Paul Manafort’s home. You remember Paul don’t you. A man that served Trump in a very limited capacity for a very short time as campaign chairman.

Maybe, Michael Flynn is going to be indicted. You remember Mike don’t you. A retired American Lt. General who strangely seems to have fallen in love with Putin’s Russia. Mike was not too good to take Russian and Turkish money. You know, Turkey, that is linked to Russia. All this while Mike knew The Pentagon considers Russia the number one threat to America!

Stay tuned and continue to pray to King Jesus on America’s behalf. Ask Christ to make America great again as the result of America Returning to Christ not Jim Crow.


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On November 29, 2016 I Broadcast A Word From The Lord Jesus About Division Of The Police. I Believe Trump Is Going To Divide The Department Of Justice.

THE BROADCAST! Butchered at Ohio State! A Mountain of Trouble from Mount Zion! Division of Police!!

If and or when Trump fires Jeff Sessions and possibly Rod Rosenstein, he will be able to appoint one or more useful idiots to lead the Department of Justice. As we know, Trump’s nominee for FBI Director is Christopher Wray. Wray is potentially compromised because his current law firm, King & Spalding, provides legal services for Rosneft and Gazprom, Russian oil and gas giants. Rosneft was in part or in whole stolen from its former owner and given to Putin’s friend Igor Sechin. Gazprom is rumored to have connections to Russian mob boss of bosses, Semion Mogelivich. Chris Wray is suspect therefore. In addition, this week we learned Trump has nominated Brian Benczkowski to lead DOJ’s Criminal Division. Benczkowski has admitted to performing legal services for Russia’s Alfa Bank. Alfa Bank is connected to Russia’s kleptocrat Vladimir Putin. The Russian Dossier by Christopher Steele alleges Alfa Bank was involved in interfering in the 2016 Election. Finally, Trump would nominate far right wing loyalists to replace Sessions and possibly Rosenstein if they are purged.  Robert Mueller’s Russian Investigation might be hindered or halted as a result.

The Division of The Department Of Justice slash FBI may occur as follows. Department staff who are typically apolitical and loyal to upholding The US Constitution may fall out with Trump loyalist who are not focused primarily on upholding the rule of law and justice. Trump’s softness toward Russia and his obstruction of the Trump Russia Collusion Investigation may rub many at the Department the wrong way. I am sure it already has. At the same time, The Department slash FBI may have staff aligned with Trump. Division of The Police is coming to America says The Lord Jesus Christ. He would know.


The Pressure is taking a toll of Trump Sr. So many things to hide!

Trump breaks down under the pressure of his criminal conspiracy with Putin to get elected in 2016 and his past business practices with organized criminals from America, Russia and elsewhere. Christ is applying the pressure which takes a toll over time.