THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s Collusion With Putin Is A La Familia Affair! Repeal and Replace Trump!

Well, well, well!  An hour after I ended the attached broadcast, The Washington Post broke the story that Top White House Adviser and son-in-law of The Illegitimate President Trump, Jared Kushner reportedly asked Russian Ambassador and Spy Sergei Kislyak to open a secret communications channel between Trump and Putin.  Reportedly, Kushner wanted to use Russian Diplomatic facilities in America to do this.  If true, this is treason and evidence of collusion between Trump and Putin.  It’s a family affair. Stay tuned.




THE ORIGINAL! The Lord Jesus Christ Confirms Trump Colluded with Putin to get Elected in 2016!

Donald John Trump made a covenant or agreement with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to work together to exalt Russia and undermine America and Europe by getting Trump elected.  Putin delivered on his end of the bargain using information warfare, propaganda and fake news.  Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager and confidant is a key player in this treasonous plot.  Trump and Manafort are worthy of DEATH for the crime of TREASON!

Trump has been delivering for Putin by undermining The State Department and The Intelligence Community as well as beginning the process of deconstructing the administrative state or American democracy.  King Jesus is not going to let Putin and Trump succeed.  Give King Jesus ALL THE GLORY for saving America from American traitors and our arch enemy Vladi boy.