THE ORIGINAL! More Incriminating Evidence Of Trump’s Collusion With Putin Is Coming Related To Prevezon & Prague!

The Lord Jesus said “Prevezon” and “Prague” in the last two weeks. I believe incriminating and yet unknown evidence of Trump’s collusion is coming with respect to the recently settle Department of Justice (DOJ) court case against Denis Katsyv’s Prevezon. I would not be surprised if a quid pro quo caused Jeff Session’s DOJ to settle the case for a song as a favor to Putin. Also, Christ told me Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen did in fact go to Prague, Czechoslovakia in August or September 2016 to meet with Kremlin surrogates. I suspect Cohen has multiple passports like Paul Manafort and Carter Page.

Either of these coming revelations will confirm Trump’s collusion with Putin and Russia with respect to the election of 2016. Christ told me in November and December of 2016 that Putin delivered for Trump and Trump knew about it. At the same time He said “An Unprecedented Change of Plans Is Coming.” This may mean Clinton will rule in place of Trump because he criminally colluded with Putin.

Already this week we have yet more and previously unknown revelations about Trump Jr’s multiple communiques with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks and Assange are enemies of America and sycophants of Russia per CIA director Mike Pompeo and others. Trump Sr loved WikiLeaks and said so during the closing weeks of the campaign. There was collusion.


PS — Stay tuned and keep praying without ceasing to King Jesus that America would return to Him. It’s judgment day in America. Christ is smiting the land over and over again because of our sins in the hope we will return to Him. A great awakening is upon the land of America. King Jesus is pouring out His Holy Spirit upon the forty eight contiguous states in the midst of judgment.

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Trump And The Alt Right Are At War With America And Her Institutions, Just Like Putin!

Donald Trump is sincerely and persistently waging a campaign against America and her societal pillars. He has been unwavering in his denigration of the Intelligence Community, the Judiciary and the Media. He is contemptuous of both political parties.  For me these institutions are not perfect, but are far more perfect than anything Trump desires them to be. Trump desires authoritarianism for his illegitimate presidency so he can single handedly make America great again. He plans to make America a great transgressor of human rights, civil rights, voting rights, legitimate democracy, racial harmony, etc, etc. Trump wants to make America great again at apartheid, discrimination, race hatred, sexism, a racist perversion of Christianity, white terrorism, white rightness, white supremacy and the love of money earned by any means necessary, or kleptocracy. Trump wants state controlled television and news that glorifies him. He wants a judiciary that is in his back pocket. He wants the Intelligence Community to serve him not American interests. Sound familiar. This sounds like Kim Jong Un’s regime. It sounds like Vladimir Putin’s Russia. It is authoritarian, white supremacist, kleptocratic and satanic. It is the Fall of America.

The Lord Jesus said on yesterday, “Empires rise and fall.” I hope He is talking about Trump’s financial empire and not The Great Nation Of The United States of America. It is clear to me that America is in trouble right now on many fronts. Marketplace massacres are plaguing the land. Fire storms are consuming large swaths of our western states. Massive hurricanes afflicting the south and south west. Also, America has its’ first Russian-backed President who is not ashamed to publicly kiss Putin’s rump. King Jesus said America’s Republican Party has been purchased and compromised by Putin as well because of his active financial and propaganda support for them. Twenty-four House Republicans were elected or reelected in 2016 with help from Russia’s Guccifer 2.0 or Russian Military Intelligence says The Lord Jesus. This all while Putin is trying to figure out how best to destroy America because we outlasted the Soviet Socialist Republics, the government Putin loved.

The solution for America is to Return to King Jesus Christ in all sincerity. I fear this is a ridiculous notion for a nation that suffered an Occult-Secular Revolution in 1962 via the separation of Church and State.

What does it mean to Return to Christ? First, believe in Him and his vicarious death, burial and resurrection for the salvation of humanity from the sin that separates mankind from a Holy and Loving God. Second, obey Christ with respect to His laws, statutes, justice and judgment. Third, follow Christ as individuals, communities and a nation. Christ has a God-given purpose and destiny not just for individuals, but communities and nations.

If America fails to return to Christ our nation will change into sometime undesirable like Hitler’s Germany or like Stalin’s Russia. Modern technology will make genocide of large populations possible. I am hopeful we will return to Christ. Many American’s love The Lord.


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THE ORIGINAL! Trump Blames Everyone But Himself For His Decision To Collude With Putin, America’s Chief Enemy! Whiner!

Beloved, we have all made many mistakes in life. To err is human to forgive is commanded by Christ. Mr. Trump appears to be a small man. He is not able to own up to his mistakes. He seems to always find a scapegoat. There was Jeff Sessions who recused himself. There was Trump’s communications team that allowed the “Fake News” media to portray Trump in a bad light and to control the daily narrative. There was weak little Reincy who could not control the chaos in the White House and who refused to punch Scaramucci out. Recently we have Jared Kushner who apparently twisted Trump’s arms so much so that Trump asked Michael Flynn for his resignation for crimes against the State. In addition, Jared apparently forced Trump to fire James Comey, the former FBI Director, who had the gall to investigate Russian interference in a presidential election, and to try to determine if Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia. It’s all Jared fault, a young man who has no business doing what he has been doing. Trump has the best people working for him. People who don’t have a clue.

It’s time for Trump to man up and fess up to human failings known to all of us. Nobody is perfect except King Jesus. Nobody is good except God. Stop whining Donald. Stop scapegoating. Stop obfuscating.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to King Jesus Christ for the cover to completely come off the Trump Russia Collusion scandal. We need hard evidence to surface publicly. We need to start preparing to over turn a fraudulent presidential election. Collusion is criminal in this case and it is election fraud. Repeal and Replace Trump with Madam President!


Vladimir Putin Purchased The Republican Party And Donald Trump! There Is “Ongoing” Active Support For The Republican Party From Russia. Quid Pro Quo!

Paul Manafort’s cryptic notes taken as he attended a meeting with four Russian agents, Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner and possibly Donald Trump Sr helps to explain why the Republican Party has no desire to address crucial national security issues with respect to Russian interference and aid electing Trump Sr.  On June 9, 2016 in Trump Tower, NYC, while Trump Sr was in the building just one floor above the location of the meeting, Paul Manafort typed into his cell phone something like, “Active Support,” “RNC.”  The active support was realized and is ongoing.  At least three Russian American emigres who are close to Russian oligarchs who are intimate with Vladimir Putin gave a reported total of $2 million dollars to the RNC during last years campaign.  We watched the RNC then turn and do something strange with their platform one week prior to the Republican National Convention in July 2016.  The RNC went soft on Russia with respect to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.  The RNC reversed its’ position and decided not to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine to help them fight off Russia.

With every passing day, the New Nazi Party or the former Republican Party delay crucial actions needed to protect America’s Democracy.  They have a better idea.  How about we rewrite The US Constitution to enshrine one party rule or white supremacy with a chaser of kleptocracy.  Let’s get rid of human rights and civil rights and voting rights.  Let’s dissolve the Congress and lock up Hillary and the Democrats in our private prisons.  Let’s crush people of color.  Let’s take our country back by any means necessary.  Let’s get help from Russia.

Does this scenario ring a bell?  It is a picture of the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany in the 1930’s.  The rise of Hitler and the rise of far right wing treachery in America are similar.  Hitler was far right politically.  Hitler and the Nazis fomented street fights between Nazis and Communists in Germany with complicity of the police.  American law enforcement have allowed many such street battles between far right wing Nazis and the American public recently.  The Battle of Charlottesville, Virginia is a notable example.   The police allowed the people to beat hell out of each other for a good while before sending the combatants home. Just like Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

Trump is just like Hitler in many ways.  Trump uses racism like Hitler used antisemitism to build a political constituency.  Hitler was incendiary in his public discourse creating chaos and division.  Trump likewise.  Trump has an advantage over Hitler though.  Trump has psycho-graphic analysis of the America people to guide which buttons of chaos he pushes.  The rise of the American Nazi Party is underway with “Active Support” from Vladimir Putin.

Putin is reportedly a leader of global white nationalism or supremacy.  He is probably using white nationalism to destroy Democracy.  He certainly doesn’t care about white folks in Russia.  If he did, Putin would not hoard all their wealth and crush them for protesting about.

The Lord Jesus told me Putin has given billions of bloody rubles to the Republican Party in recent years.  Start looking for the money transfers around 2012 when President Obama was re-elected.  Perhaps as much as $5 billion dollars has been given to the RNC by Putin thus far.  The support is ongoing!  Therefore nothing is being done to plug the dike; the cyber security dike.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to King Jesus. Don’t fear, pray!


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I Believe The Trump Campaign and Cambridge Analytica Helped Russia Target American Voters in 2016.

The Lord Jesus told me Trump colluded with Russia, and the Trump Jr. meeting held on June 9, 2016 with four Russian agents was partly about Analytics. I theorize Jared Kushner connected in some way with Rinat Akhmetsin, a man accused of coordinating computer hacking for Russian interests, to facilitate a flow of voter targeting data analytics to the Russians from Cambridge Analytica. The same Jared Kushner who desired and maybe later obtained a secret back channel or covert communication channel to Russia for the purpose of passing secret American trade data to the Russians.

The Lord Jesus brought up the name of Aras Agalarov after the initial revelation of the Trump Jr meeting, but before the email chain that set up the meeting was published. I am not sure why, but Paul Manafort’s cryptic notes of the meeting reportedly said among other things “Active Support for RNC.” Since Paul Manafort was taking notes of a meeting with four Russian agents, I assume the active support for the RNC is coming from the Russian government or their proxies like Aras Agalarov. In fact, King Jesus told me billions have been received by the Republican Party from the Russian government to help Republicans take their country back. The US demographic is against Republican domination today, so wickedly clever means have been employed to help Republicans get their country back. This turn of events is as much about American Elitism as it is about white supremacy. Yet the ol’ white boys network was threatened during the Obama era.


PS: Take a look at the following article on Cambridge Analytica.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump Continues To Cripple America By Isolating The Nation From Our Allies For Russia’s Sake!

Trump keeps making America small again while Russia and China step up their games.  Collusion.


THE ORIGINAL! Trump Colluded With Russia And So Did The Republican Party! Morons!

King Jesus Christ told me Trump colluded with Putin way back in November and December of 2016. Recent revelations from Christ have implicated The Republican Party as well. They have been acting funny for a good while now. There is apparently active ongoing support from Russia for the Republican Party. This is criminal and salacious to say the least. The Lord Jesus told me billions of dollars have been spent by Putin to procure the Republican Party. We all saw the possible quid pro quo with respect to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine at the Republican National Convention in July 2016. The RNC went soft on Russia one week prior to the convention. Paul Manafort’s cryptic cell phone notes of the Trump Jr meeting held on June 9, 2016 reportedly read, “Active Support for RNC.” Paul, Jared and Don Jr were talking to Russian agents when Paul wrote this note. Aras Agalarov, a front man for Putin, may have promised active ongoing support for the RNC for a few small favors. Favors like abandoning Ukraine, and lifting Crimean related sanctions and letting Prevezon off the hook. Morons! What goes on in the dark will always come to the light sooner or later because of King Jesus.