THE ORIGINAL! Putin Is Behind Trump’s Move To The Left And Possibly The U.S. U.N. Compromise On North Korean Sanctions! Is Putin Leading The World?

The Lord Jesus told me Putin is behind Trump’s move to the left recently.  Reportedly, Trump worked with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on the recent budget deal.  I am not sure what Putin wants from Trump’s move.  It could be Trump has plans to try to build a third political party in America.  It could be Putin wants Trump to put some distance between himself and the Republican Party which Russia aided to win the White House and 24 House seats in 2016 according to King Jesus.

We also see Putin influencing UN sanctions policy toward North Korea.  Apparently, Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the UN was forced to compromise on America’s sanctions proposal.  Russia and China worked in concert to protect North Korea from the more severe US sanctions proposal.

Finally, is Putin ruling the world?  Trump is a Russian agent according to Christ, and Jinping is not as assertive globally as Putin in my opinion.

Pray for America to Return to Christ.  We have entered a time of judgment with The Lord.



THE ORIGINAL! Is Putin Behind Kim Jong Un’s Bravado? Yes. Is Trump In On It? I Think So. (First Published on April 23, 2017)

The relationship between Putin and Kim Jong Un is becoming more transparent to the American public. The Lord Jesus told me a few months back that Putin was pulling strings in Pyongyang. The article link below gives more detail on recent developments. The video below was first published on April 23, 2017 and gives a Christ given revelation on this subject.


Russian Sanctions Are Appropriate But They May Lead Us Closer To War!

Russian sanctions are a positive thing for the entire globe because Russia is a Mafia State and the Russian people are their government’s victims. Nevertheless Christ said ten years of war are coming with Russia. I hope it’s just a cyber war, but I don’t think it will be. As the sanctions take a strangle hold on Russian Kleptocrats and their associates, Russia’s government will fail. So war may be necessary to try to shake off the Western world’s rebukes. Also, the sanction will help recoup some of America’s lost esteem due to our illegitimate treasonous President.


THE ORIGINAL! A Navy Fight Is Coming!

The Lord Jesus said to me last weekend, “Remember the Maine.” “Maines, Maines.” If you recall your American History, The USS Maine (ACR-1) was an American naval ship (2nd Class Battleship) that sank in Havana Harbor during the Cuban revolt against Spain, an event that became a major political issue in the United States. America entered the Spanish America War thereafter on the side of Cuba. The Maine sank after it exploded while sitting in Havana Harbor under circumstances that were largely hidden from the American people at the time.

The Lord Jesus may be saying American naval vessels are about to be the targets of enemy attacks. Pray for our naval forces around the world.

THE ORIGINAL! Is Putin Behind Kim Jong Un’s Bravado? Yes. Is Trump In On It? Maybe.

The LORD Jesus Christ has shown me there is a relationship between North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Russia’s Vladimir Putin that may explain North Korea’s provocative behavior with respect to America and our Illegitimate President Donald John Trump.  Does Trump, who Christ said colluded with Putin and Russia to get elected, know about Putin’s North Korean operation? He may indeed be aware of it.  The crisis with North Korea may be designed to distract the nations from the investigation of Trump’s collusion with Putin in the election of 2016.  There is only one problem.  The LORD said a Navy Fight is coming.  If a naval battle occurs near the Korean peninsula, it would be hard to believe Trump colluded in such a plot.  Nevertheless, Trump may be complicit in Putin’s Korean operation. After all, he is complicit is stealing the election of 2016 with the help of an adversarial foreign power says The LORD Jesus.

THE ORIGINAL! The Trumps Trample on Ethics as Money Pours in!

Lots of Russian and Chinese money coupled with political engagement with nations that are filling your bank account add up to conflicts of interest or ethics violations.  America prides itself as having an overtly ethical government.  The Trumps are trampling on America’s ethical demands.  A confrontation looms.

THE ORIGINAL! Money is Pouring Into the Coffers of America’s Russian Backed President!

Money is pouring into Trump Organization via Emoluments at times.  China issued 38 new Trademarks recently.  Mexico has issued Trademarks.  A new Golf Course in Dubai, etc, etc.  These are violations of the US Constitution’s Emoluments Clause.