Vladimir Putin was infuriated by the promulgation of the Magnitsky Act in 2012 so he stopped allowing Americans to adopt Russian orphans. The Russian people stood up to Putin in protests because of what they called “Herod’s Law.” Apparently, the Russian orphans given to Americans had serious special needs and were condemned to sure death by Putin’s action. So about 100,000 white collar protesters stood up to Putin in the aftermath. Putin blamed Hillary Clinton, but not Clinton alone. He was also angry at America’s State Department.

Is the disarray within The State Department today a mere coincidence, or is Trump providing Putin with revenge. We know Trump repeats Russian propaganda, quickly. We know that Russia repeats Trump’s propaganda too. Would The Donald provide Putin with joy by undermining America Diplomacy? Don’t intelligence agents cover their true intentions by posing as diplomats? Is Trump undermining American intelligence operations by harming The State Department? Will America have to employ the stick in foreign policy because there are no carrots available?

Also tonight, Remember The Maine. Are American naval vessels being intentionally rammed, or are there a lot of accidents happening. When I was growing up, if the little sister started crying too frequently in the care of older siblings, our parents would say, there better not be another “accident.” Is America at physical war and we don’t yet know it? If the accidents pile up, I would say so. After all, guided missile destroyers are not a dime a dozen.

On May 12, 2017 The Lord Jesus Christ said to me, “Remember The Maine and Maines, Maines. The USS Maine was a naval vessel that exploded and sank in Havana harbor on February 15, 1898. America then engaged in war with Spain as Spain fought to suppress a Cuban revolt. It seems to me the USS Fitzgerald and USS McCain are modern day Maines with the exception being they did not sink. Like the USS Maine, the circumstances surrounding recent collisions of US naval vessels is strange.

Pray for America to Return To Christ quickly. The hedge of protection from Christ is broken down. It may be nonexistent.



Trump and Putin are working together to destroy American Democracy. They are warring against The State Department and CIA, two pillars of American strength. Pray! THE ORIGINAL! The Lord Jesus said Trump has Delivered for Putin Again!!!!