THE ORIGINAL! The Swamp of Trump Russia Collusion Continues To Rise! Guilty Says King Jesus!

If a foreign government offers you help to incriminate your presidential campaign opponent, just say NO! If a adversarial foreign power asks to help you defeat your presidential election opponent, just say hell NO!

Water in the swamp of the Trump Russia Collusion Scandal just keeps on rising. It’s filling with alarming revelation after shocking revelation. Why so much Russia. Aren’t there other countries besides Russia. What is the attraction to Russia. Could it be kleptocracy. Kleptocracy being a government ruled by a thief and thieves. Beloved, as hard as it may be to believe, some people are attracted to thieves, murderers and organized criminals. Russia’s government is currently led by organized criminals, some of whom have intelligence backgrounds. We are hoping and praying for better for the beautiful Russian people. They deserve better.

Beloved, Trump is treading water in the Trump Russia Collusion swamp. He will run out of gas sooner or later unless someone saves him. Yet Christ said Trump colluded with Putin during the election campaign and since he has been in the Oval office. Trump’s money, his star status, his associates, his mob ties, his family and his friends can’t drain the Trump Russia Collusion swamp. Trump has a very notable adversary, Jesus The Christ! Christ has plugged the swamp’s drain and He continues to fill it with incriminating revelations and information.

Chickens have finally come home to roost for Donald John Trump Sr. No one told Trump to become a mob associate slash front man. No one told Trump to become a idolatrous freemason. No one told Trump to become an occult wizard. No one told Trump to accept Russian money from Russian government criminals. No one told Trump to pledge his loyalty to Vladimir Putin. These things are not our fault. These are decisions Donald made. So the chickens have finally found their way back home. What to do? Come clean and ask for mercy because treason can carry the death penalty. If your beloved children followed you into the land of treason, they may be condemned to death also. Very sad stuff.



THE ORIGINAL! The Trump Russia Collusion Smoking Gun Signals The End Is Near!

The end is near for Trump’s election fraud with Putin as Trump Jr lawyers up with a known mob lawyer Alan Futerfas.

THE ORIGINAL! Did Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort Pass Analytics To Putin’s Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya? I think so!

The Lord Jesus said “Analytics” to me after I posted a video yesterday about Trump Jr’s meeting with a Kremlin operative, Natalia Veselnitskaya.  I believe the Lord is saying Jared Kushner, Trump’s data analytics guy, passed some sort of data analytics information to the Kremlin.  I am not sure what data Jared may have passed, but I suspect voter data analytics were passed because Russia operatives successfully hacked American voter registration rolls in key counties in 2016 says The Lord Jesus.  Stay tuned and pray to King Jesus without ceasing.  It’s heating up again.  The Trump Russia Collusion Scandal that is.  Christ said Trump colluded with Putin to get elected. End of story.