Watch “THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s Former Aides Will Talk After Other Former Aides Are Found Dead!” on YouTube

THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s Former Aides Will Talk After Other Former Aides Are Found Dead!

Beloved, on May 8, 2017 I broadcast a Word from The Lord Jesus Christ titled, “Some of Trump’s current and former team members are going to start talking.” Two years later Trump is commanding former aides to defy Congressional subpoenas in violation of the rule of law.

Some are going to start talking though when they here that other former Trump team members are being found dead. To view the message broadcast on May 8, 2017 please follow the link below.

Stay tuned and continue to pray without ceasing to God The Father of King Jesus Christ for America to Return to Christ before it is everlasting too late. It’s judgment day.


Please watch the video below.


America, King Jesus has released you to a Fall! (Recorded February 4, 2015!)

On the day former President Barack Obama gave his sixth State of The Union address to Congress, Tuesday, January 20, 2015, The Lord Jesus spoke to me several times saying, “I release you” and “Covenant” and “Restore the relationship.” Days later The Lord commanded me to confront cancer which I later learned was American Pride. I was not fully aware of what The Lord was talking about until I read Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s book titled, The Mystery of the Shemitah. The Lord revealed to me that He was releasing America to a Fall because of American Pride. American Pride manifests as “No Fear Of Or Reverence For God” The Father of The Lord Jesus Christ.

The Fall began quietly.  First, on Friday June 26, 2015 The Supreme Court of The United States of America decided in Obergefell v. Hodges to sanctify homosexual marriage nationally by legalizing the same.  A few days earlier on Tuesday June 16, 2015, Donald Trump announced he was running for president of the United States.  These two events quietly confirmed the Fall of America.

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, Donald Trump shocked America by winning the presidential race against favored Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.  More shocking was the fact that Vladimir Putin helped Trump win with computer hacking, hacked email leaks, information warfare, propaganda and fake news.  Putin employed trolls and computer bots to deliver on his arrangement with Trump to get Trump elected in exchange of course, for a few things. The fraudulent election of Trump is a not so quiet sign of America’s Fall.

Additional evidence of America’s Fall are clearly evident.  The inability, thus far, of The Republican Party to forsake partisan politics and their coveted legislative agenda in order to confront the nasty reality that their presidential nominee colluded with a foreign enemy to get elected, is indicative of America’s Fall as well.  The Republican Party who were formerly hawkish with respect to Russia went soft on Russia with respect to Ukraine in their National Convention’s platform at Trump’s request.  Certain Republican’s like Representative Devin Nunes have since worked sacrificially to deflect, hinder, delay and distract the American people from the most serious issue facing the nation, Trump Russia Collusion in the 2016 Election Campaign.  Most Republican Congresspersons are complicit with Trump’s ongoing treason through silence.  They are waiting to see if Trump will survive this storm of fall by the way side before speaking out.  Unpatriotic cowards they are.

Further evidence of America’s Fall is the dogged adherence of Trump’s base to a illegitimate President that openly undermines their well being through Obamacare Repeal, Trump’s proposed budget and so-called Tax Reform.  The loyalty of Trump’s base is mystifying.

More evidence of America’s Fall can be seen if we examine the multiple investigations into Russian election interference and Trump’s collusion therewith.  The investigations are thus far all SHAMS according to The Lord Jesus.  The FBI investigation has been decapitated by James Comey’s firing, and the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel.  Mr. Mueller has a glaring conflict of interest in that he is a friend and former employee of the WilmerHale Law Firm.  WilmerHale Law provides legal services to Jared and Ivanka Trump Kushner and Paul Manafort, each persons of interest (to say the least) in The Trump Russia Collusion Probe!  While Mr. Mueller reportedly hasn’t done any work for the Kushners or Manafort, his association with WilmerHale cries out Recusal!  Furthermore, former FBI Director Comey was an out of control person who was not afraid to speak to the public about matters traditionally kept quiet by the FBI.  Comey presided of a leaky organization.  Mr. Mueller in contrast is very discreet, limits public comment about past, present and future investigations and works hard to plug all leaks.  Trump could not have selected a better special counsel, whom he can fire at will if he fails the loyalty test.

Additionally, the House and Senate Intelligence Committee investigations are also SHAMS.  The Republican leaders of both committees have not made a serious effort to conduct a thorough investigation to date.  As mentioned above, Rep. Devin Nunes has all but sacrificed his political career to obstruct the House Investigation.  Richard Burr, who provided anonymous source to refute a New York Times story published on February 14, 2017 related to repeated contacts between Trump associates and senior Russian Intelligence officials, presides over a very slow moving poorly staffed investigation of perhaps the worst scandal in America history.  Mr. Burr also functioned as an adviser of some sort for the Trump campaign. Umh. SMH.

Finally, I think, Mr. Trump has quickly removed America from her famed Leader of The Free World status through several intentional moves.  He pulled America out of the Trans Pacific Partnership.  He has boldly alienated Mexico and Canada, and has opened NAFTA for renegotiation.  He has begun the process of undermining America’s relationships with seventy year old allies by offending NATO partners, The G7, and by pulling out of The Paris Climate Accord.  The Lord Jesus Christ told me Trump pulled out of the climate accord to aggravate America’s allies and to produce further separation from the same.

In conclusion, Donald Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to Putin’s Russia.  To overcome Trump’s treason and the Fall of America, The Nation will have to come back to King Jesus as fast as possible.  Repent America and receive The Gospel of Jesus Christ again!!! Please Return!!

Isaiah (or Yeshayahu) 30:15 “For thus saith the Lord GOD (Yehovee Adonay), the Holy One of Israel (Yisrael Qadosh); In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength: and ye would not.” King James Version (My Notes)

THE ORIGINAL! An Unprecedented Change of Plans is Coming to America while Russia Attacks Ukraine!


An Unprecedented change of plans is coming to America according to The LORD Jesus Christ.  The REPEAL and REPLACEMENT of the ENTIRE Trump Administration because of collusion with Putin’s Russia.  Stay Tuned.

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Adam Schiff is causing a nervous breakdown for The White House.  Trump wants the spotlight on someone else.

THE ORIGINAL! An Unprecedented Change of Plans is Coming to America while Russia Attacks Ukraine!

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